How to setup Google emulator for testing application in visual studio?

I recently download Android development with C++ work load for visual studio.I want to test my application.I also have Google Emulator installed.I am using Nexus 5 with Android 9.The same appear on the debuging button in visual studio.Whenever I press it, it say ‘starting emulator’ but it never starts.I tried starting emulator manually but it did’nt work.How to setup google emulator for testing?

Android Emulator on MacOS 10.14 has internet only after restarting machine

I’ve search the internet far and wide for this issue but didn’t seem to have success so far. What I am experiencing:

I’ve set up the following environment:

  1. Android Studio
  2. Android Emulator using API 28
  3. My OS is MacOS 10.14.3
  4. Using it to build a React Native app

At the beginning I didn’t have any internet, so I’ve added DNS of and to my System Preferences / Network / DNS. Also I start my avd and tell it to use those dns settings.

After I start my OS fresh and load up the avd I do have internet, loading pages via the Chrome browser. After a little while, though, maybe a minute or two the internet is dropping. Device shows I’m connected to Wi-Fi but no internet. Also Chrome stops loading pages.

Did someone experience the same problem? I’ve looked through logs and ran avd with -verbose option but nothing legitimate shows up.

What I’m suspecting:

  • Either the number of internet connections is maxed out (read of such a bug somewhere)
  • or file descriptors of the MacOS are maxed out

Nevertheless I don’t know how to find out which is it, or how to fix it.

I’d be very happy if someone might be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

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If I’m trying to learn how to write emulators, and I’ve already completed a CHIP-8 emulator, what should I try next? [on hold]

I’m trying to get comfortable writing emulators to get ready for a slightly ambitious and difficult emulation project which will be completed by me and two of my close friends. I’ve already completed a working CHIP-8 emulator in Java, for which I can link the source code if needed. I was advised by various StackExchange forums and a couple Reddit threads that if you want to get started with writing emulators, CHIP-8 was the way to go for a first project. I did so with the help of this very helpful tutorial and the CHIP-8 Wikipedia article. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot of new things from this and have expanded my knowledge on things I thought I’d had a pretty good grasp on. I’m wondering where I should go from here, as in what computer system I should attempt to emulate next when my only experience is in a CHIP-8 emulator. I do feel like I should try to tackle something a bit more challenging, but I don’t want to dive too deep and write a Nintendo Switch emulator or something like that.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

error with audio in emulator

Install Android Studio with latest updates, create emulator with AVD manager and want to start it. But get started device with following messages in logs: enter image description here

Settings of the device: enter image description here

API of project – 15 (IceCreamSandwich). I ‘ve tried to create other devices, change Graphics to Software – device appears with blackscreen with the same messages.

How can i solve it?

Chrome developer tools giving different dimensions for the same mobile emulator

I'm adding a page to a mobile app. The site is responsive but when this particular page goes through I'm using a layout that doesn't include headers and footers but all the stylesheets, js are the same. That's the easy bit.

When I view the pages in chrome they look really different.

My app version:
View attachment 240209

My responsive version:
View attachment 240210

When I look at the computed styles for the <body> tag I get this


Chrome developer tools giving different dimensions for the same mobile emulator

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Cannot start emulator on ubuntu 18.04

Hi I am trying to start andriod emulator and I am getting the following error. My user has permission to run sudo commands and is in kvm group.But, I get the error Operation not permitted.Can anyone help me please

sudo ./emulator -use-system-libs -avd Pixel_2_XL_API_28 Couldn’t statvfs() path: No such file or directory qemu-system-x86_64: -drive if=none,index=0,id=system,file=/Android/Sdk/system-images/android-28/google_apis/x86//system.img,read-only: Could not open ‘Android/Sdk/system-images/android-28/google_apis/x86//system.img’: Operation not permitted