Enable all profiles for Google Analytics API

I am wondering if what I am attempting is plausible. We have 7 Google accounts, each with their maximum of 100 domains (profiles) attached for Analytics. Now I can go into the Analytics console and enable the Analytics API user (email) on each and every one (profile). But that seems time intensive and feel there’s got to be a better way!

Is there a way to add an the API authorized user to EVERY profile on the account? IE enter image description here

It’s going to be PAINFUL to add that authorized user to EVERY profile manually!

Enable Auto-updates for all plugins using wp-cli? (since wordpress 5.5)

Since WP 5.5 just released and now you can set plugins to auto-update, can this be done via wp-cli? Looking at the documentation, I don’t see a sub-command for it: https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/plugin/

I manage a lot of WordPress sites, most of which are OK to auto-update and would save me a lot of time if they did, as well as reducing security risks.

I’d like to enable auto-updates for plugins across over many wordpress sites. Any solutions?

Does Devil’s Sight enable one to see into Hunger of Hadar?

The hunger of Hadar spell (PHB, p. 251) creates a black void of darkness, which cannot be penetrated by light. This means that no one can see in, and those inside cannot see at all, which is a handy way to damage and control enemies since they don’t know which way is out.

This also means that characters cannot easily attack those inside.

The Devil’s Sight eldritch invocation, however, enables a warlock to see normally in magical and non-magical darkness.

Does this enable the warlock to see into the area of blackness created by hunger of Hadar and attack creatures inside? Are there any other sight mechanics that allow someone to see in or out of the spell?

Does Mirror Image enable Sneak Attack?

This question is related to this other question and builds on that.

From some of the answer provided in the linked question, it would seem that the RAI for proccing sneak attack is that the enemy perceives multiple threats and it has to split the attention among them.

Silent Image’s limitation is that it’s not moving if not using the caster action, so the Arcane Trickster controlling it can’t do both the illusion movement to be perceived as a threat AND the attack action, but it is reasonable if the illusion is moved by someone else.

But what about Mirror Images? Those move

Until the spell ends, the duplicates move with you and mimic your actions, shifting position so it’s impossible to track which image is real.

just like you, so on your attack they also attack, and are perceived as a threat.

So my question is: can I enable sneak attack using my Arcane Trickster mirror images? I’d argue for a RAW no, but I’d like to hear other opinions.

How to enable the option “edit physics shape” in the Sprite Editor?

I can successfully import .png files, create tilesets, and use them in my tilemaps in Unity. Thanks to DMGregory, I just learned that there exists an option to customize the Tilemap Collider 2D in the Sprite Editor, which allows me to set a custom collider for every tile instead of going through them one by one.

The steps I follow while creating a tileset in Unity is as follows.

  1. Import the .png file.
  2. Open the Sprite Editor.
  3. Select the option Multiple for Sprite Mode.
  4. Select Slice from the Sprite Editor.

Then, I create a Tile Palette in a folder, drop and drag my created tiles, and start creating my level.

I have never encountered the option to modify the colliders tile by tile. What am I doing wrong?

Does setting Query Optimizer Fixes to ON enable Scalar UDF Inlining on a database with compatibility level 140?

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. Current Compatibility Level is set to 140 to match on-prem SQL Server 2017 test and development server. I just read this article on Scalar UDF Inlining and was curious if setting Query Optimizer Fixes to ON would enable this feature? I have read several more articles on the topic but none of them address this question.