Enable Labels (via Retention policy) in List: How?

In my SharePoint App, I want to provisioning a document library and set the following list setting:

  • Information management policy settings > Set source of retention to “Library and folders” enter image description here

  • Information management policy settings > Retention policy > Enable Labels, set label to {Version} enter image description here

How this be done via the CSOM API ? I use SharePoint Online

Ubuntu 18.04 Server UEFI Enable Plymouth

So I “converted” Bionic Server UEFI to Mate Desktop UEFI.

One thing that bugs me though is that I cannot seem to enable plymouth.

this is what alternatives is set to:

There are 2 choices for the alternative default.plymouth (providing /usr/share/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth).    Selection    Path                                                                           Priority   Status ------------------------------------------------------------ * 0            /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-mate-logo/ubuntu-mate-logo.plymouth           150       auto mode   1            /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-mate-logo/ubuntu-mate-logo-scale-2.plymouth   149       manual mode   2            /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-mate-logo/ubuntu-mate-logo.plymouth           150       manual mode 

This is what /etc/default/grub is set to:



Text output at boot.

How to enable multilingual typing on stock Android 8.1?

Until recently I had multilingual typing enabled on my keyboard. It was possible to swipe in German and English at the same keyboard without changing languages. The spacebar had “English – German” written on it.

Somehow it got accidentally turned off. Maybe by some gesture on the spacebar?

Now I can’t figure out how to turn that feature on again. The toggle used to turn it on in the keyboard settings is disabled and can’t be turned on.


The hint says that multiple languages have to be enabled. But where can that be done?

On the languages screen there are already two languages. Unfortunately they are also separate keyboards and I always have to switch with the globe button.


How to enable advanced boot options from a console

my windows server 2012 is not booting, I cannot find any system restore points but however I was able to gain access to a console using the recovery disc.

I tried to find a restore point using wbadmin but was not able to.

How can I start windows server in some sort of “fail safe mode” ?

Considering that I do have a console from which I can see the whole system. I read that maybe shutdown /R sould do the trick but for that I assume I need to be logged in the faulty windows

Is there like a way to do something like a chroot to that windows and enable the /R flag for shutdown?

Can’t enable script component on a prefab instance in Unity [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • NullReferenceException in Unity 3 answers

Prefab structure:

 MainObject (parent; prefab instance in the scene)  |-Child  |-Child  |-Triggers      |-Trigger1 

MainObject has: ScriptIWantToEnable (Script) component (Disabled)

Trigger1 has: ScriptThatTriesToEnableIt (Script) component


I’m trying to enable a script component on a prefab instance(MainObject) from a child object script component(Trigger1). For some reason though it doesn’t get enabled. Run-time error shows up and the game breaks. Trigger works fine, up until the “enable” part. I checked it with the Debug.Log(). The MainObject is in the Hierarchy view already when the game starts.


NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ScriptThatTriesToEnableIt.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/ScriptThatTriesToEnableIt.cs:30)

Part of the code in ScriptThatTriesToEnableIt that tries to enable the ScriptIWantToEnable script component of MainObject:

 public class ScriptThatTriesToEnableIt : MonoBehaviour {      public GameObject MainObjectRef; //MainObject prefab instance drag&dropped in the Inspector       void Update() {          // if triggered          MainObjectRef.GetComponent<ScriptIWantToEnable>().enabled = true; //breaks here and throws the error      }  }