Ubuntu 19.04 – Can’t enable or select Nvidia card as default

I’ve been trying for weeks now to use my Laptop with an MX150 card to run some games in Ubuntu. But for some reason linux doesn’t want to let me use it!

Things I’ve tried:

  • I’ve installed the latest drivers (430)
  • done prime-select nvidia, query shows nvidia as selected too.
  • I’ve also disabled secure boot from the BIOS.
  • I’ve added nomodeset to the grub config, but this boots to a blinking cursos and black screen until i remove that.

WHen i can see the login screen, for some reason I’m forced to login selecting Wayland from the user select screen otherwise it bounces back to the user list.

And I still see in Settings > Details that the system is still using the intel Card. Even thought the nvidia drivers are suggested in the Software app and i have installed the 430 ones.

Also if i run tools like glxgears or glmark2 it uses the intel card instead of the Nvidia card to do the tests :/

I don’t know what else to try to use my graphics card… it seems at this point i will have to go back to Winbugs 🙁

Any other ideas what to do?

Thanks and regards.

Xubuntu 16.04 -> 18.04 media keys don’t work, brightness keys are very laggy to enable

There are other posts on this, but nothing seems to help.

Before when changing volume with media keys, you would see a little overlay (in the color you select in your theme) that shows the adjusted volume.

Brightness keys also had this.

Now in 18.04 upgrade for xubuntu, volume media keys just don’t work, and brightness keys are extremely laggy.

Is this as known bug, or what are possible solutions to this?

My only guess is programs used to do this are disabled, or the polling for these events is extremely delayed, or configs changed.

Any help would be appreciated!

What repos should I enable in yum?

I’m trying to install R in my computer (running elementaryOS) and I’m fairly new to this whole Linux thing.

Anyway, I got this error:

--with-x=yes (default) and X11 headers/libs are not available 

Which then led to me a post in which the solution was to run:

yum install xorg-x11-server-devel libX11-devel libXt-devel 

And now I get an error message saying I should enable repos for yum. This sounds very cryptic to me, I don’t know what to do at all and googling “yum repos” didn’t help me much either because there’s an entire lingo I’m unfamiliar with, so I came here.