Need help with enable TLS in Postfix for SMTP Relay connector to Office365

Need help with enable TLS in Postfix for SMTP Relay connector to Office365

I am new to TLS.

I`ve successfully configured my Postfix SMTP Relay to relay emails to my internal Application by using office365 connector on 25 port.

Due to Security concerns need to relay SMTP to port 587 TLS.

PLS any one help me to how to configure TLS in Postfix SMTP Relay from scratch?

SQL Server Enable filestream without having SQL Server Configuration Manager(so via command line only)

I have SQL server 2017 on a Windows Server 2019 Core installation, no GUI. One of our users wants to use Filestream. I tried to follow this setup and this however, since it requires SSCM I can’t complete that part. I can enable in SSMS however, cannot set file location etc, so when executing the stored procedure command on the setup page I get this error:

FILESTREAM feature could not be initialized. The operating system Administrator must enable FILESTREAM on the instance using Configuration Manager.

When I connect to SSCM remotely through the computer management window and try to open the services none will display. I can access the networking options but not the services so maybe those won’t work remotely? The firewall is off between the Core install and the GUI version I am trying to use.

Anybody have a way to remotely enable Filestream and set the needed parameters like you would through SSCM?

Thanks in advance.

How enable HW accelerated video encoders in FFMPEG, Ubuntu 19.04?

How enable HW accelrated encoding in FFMPEG, Ubuntu 19.04 ? (at least _nvenc variants of h.264/h.265 encoders)

Do you know simplified user friendly way, how to do that ? Thank you for any advice.

(my configuration: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2 / nVidia binary drivers version 418.56, nvidia-cuda-toolkit installed)

$   ffmpeg -h encoder=hevc_nvenc 
ffmpeg version 4.1.3-0ubuntu1 Codec 'hevc_nvenc' is not recognized by FFmpeg. 

btw, my cuda acceleration works perfectly in BLENDER CYCLES … so it works in general, but not in FFMPEG

How to enable ‘systemctl hibernate’ without turning off SecureBoot?

This and other questions/answers around the web recommend turning off SecureBoot to get systemctl hibernate to work when encountering the error:

Failed to hibernate system via logind: Sleep verb not supported 

How can I get systemctl hibernate to work as designed (i.e. hibernate/suspend-to-disk) without disabling SecureBoot?

NB: I’d like to avoid pm-utils unless absolutely necessary. SystemD appears to be the way to do it and there are lots of suggestions that pm-utils doesn’t work well together with SystemD.