How to take screenshots with light filter enabled

The background color of my website is #0062cc. When using flux (blue light filter software) this color gets darker. I want to use this new darker color as a background color.

I took several screenshots (pressing PrtSc), but they all ignored the blue filter, so I can’t know which color corresponds to the darker color.

How to take a screenshot and get the same colors that I see when flux is turned on ?

How can I check if Mint 19 home encryption has been enabled? [on hold]

I wanted home partition cryptography so I installed Mint as Ubuntu no longer has it by default in the installer. I selected the option to encrypt home folder at install time, however on my first boot the system had a weird crash after login (now it boots fine) and I don’t know whether the crypto has actually been put into place, also because on Ubuntu I was asked a crypto key, while here I didn’t put any key or password.

N00b: Did I break my fresh ubuntu 19.04 install while apt-get upgrade -ing with a kali repo enabled?

1Yesterday I installed Disco Dingo and was very pleased with it. I wanted to install the kali tools so I added the kali repo and used katoolin to install some tools. I did not remove the repo. About 1.5 hours ago, I learned that Gnome 3.34 has been released today and I wanted to have the “folder” functionality within the “show applications” grid, so I thought… well, maybe… it’s there in the ubuntu repo. And didn’t think anything of the kali repo still being there.

So I apt-get updated and I apt-get upgraded and I blew my house down! 🙂

Orrr… well, sort of. I let it run. Got all sort of stuff from the kali repo. Rebooted. Got some errors. A bit of the boot process changed, at least visually. And… well… I think I am running kernel 5.0.0 now.

On the one hand I feel “lucky”: kali is quite up to date. And it did upgrade all those packages, and, even though some errors pop up, the system is still functioning. Should I try fixing those errors and continue with the new packages or…. ? New is better, right? If it still functions. This seems to be a frankensystem now. During boot my machine also says it is loading kali. After that the loading ubuntu screen pops up.

However… is this what is considered “breaking” a linux install by messing with repositories and not being carefull enough? Did I just get very lucky that my system is still working? Because it seemed to upgrade an awfull lot of packages.

Should I reinstall? Or should I stop whining, dig into it and fix whatever blubber the system throws at me? It’s linux, everything is fixable, and it would clear me of my n00bness… 😉

Thanks on any advice you could give me on this one… I would like to hear your thoughts. I mean… I’m n00b.

How to customize default enabled EC curves or the curves preference in Azul Zulu JDK

We use Zulu JDK and want to customize the default enabled EC curves. Oracle JRE provides this using jdk.tls.namedGroups system property in

section “Improve the default strength of EC in JDK” describe this for Oracle JDK

Any suggestion?


Error adding file to InfoPath form that is browser enabled in SharePoint

I am having an issue with my “add file” control in InfoPath. When I preview the InfoPath form it works fine; however, when I publish the form to the SharePoint site (browser enabled) I get an error when I try to upload an attachment in the form.

I am using InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010. I have never had this issue before.

The error I get is:

The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Web browser, refresh the page, and try your operation again.

Office 365 Document library Sync option not enabled

I had a team site owner contact me wondering why they can’t sync to a new file library that they’ve created. (See image.)

enter image description here

So I went and did some exploring. They added a bunch of content types, and changed the default content type to a visio file and changed the default template to a visio. I got the document content type to be default and added a word document to be the template. Didn’t make any difference.

They have content approval turned on, I thought that might cause it. It doesn’t.

They have check out turned on to edit, that didn’t matter either.

I thought it might be an Asset Library, it isn’t.

You can still connect to Windows File Explorer up on the Library ribbon. When I copy the library and create a template of it, it still retains the same behaviour.

When I create a new document library in that site, it works fine.

I must be missing something, but I’m running out of ideas. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Macro enabled template doesn’t open Word in SharePoint Online ‘New Experience’

I have created a new document content type and associated a dotm template to it to be used on a document list.

When I’m in the classic experience of the list and select the template from the ‘New’ drop down, Word opens and a new document opens based on the template.

If I switch to the ‘New Experience’ and try the same process, it just creates a new copy of the template as an item in the list.

Test Macro

Macro in List

Can a user be given read only access to all items when Item-level Permissions are enabled?

In a list with these settings:

  • Read items that were created by the user
  • Create items and edit items that were created by the user

Is it possible to grant read only permission to view all items?

End users should only see only their own items, but we have group that should not be able to edit but still needs needs read access to all items.

People Picker Field is not working in Word Template when Modern Authentication is Enabled for SharePoint 2013 Server

People Picker Field is not working in Word Template when Modern Authentication is Enabled for SharePoint 2013 Server. It starts working when we updated EnbleADAL to 0, but this we have to do on every user’s system separately. Can anyone please tell me how we can resolve this?

The strange thing is it is working in out INT and Training environment.