Googke K8s – Stackdriver Kubernetes Engine Monitoring is enabled but cant see logs in Logs Viewer

Google K8S – Master version 1.13.6-gke.6

On my K8S cluster is Stackdriver Kubernetes Engine Monitoring Enabled, Legacy Stackdriver Logging Disabled, Legacy Stackdriver Monitoring Disabled.

PROBLEM: I get monitoring information in stackdriver dashboards but I cant see logs in google Logs Viewer (also nothing with gcloud logging read “resource.type=k8s_container” to this cluster)

If I switch to Legacy Stackdriver Monitoring and Legacy Stackdriver Logging, it works (with resource.type=container).

Cluster use service with permission (Role editor (owner not help))


Permissions for cluster

  • Stackdriver Logging API – Write Only
  • Stackdriver Monitoring API – Full

On every node runing fluentd-gcp-*

What point in Authenticator App 2FA when SMS fallback is enabled

I would like to move away from SMS 2FA (because of Should 2FA over SMS be considered insecure in the wake of recent SS7 attacks? for example).

But some services that provide Authenticator apps actually provide fallbacks mechanisms that go to SMS. For example, LastPass Authenticator gives:

enter image description here

So really, in such a scenario, app 2FA brings no added security to SMS 2FA.

It just brings ease of use I guess, but I’m frustrated to see that. I would prefer to disable 2FA SMS altogether (and rather have backup codes I store in my password manager in case of device unavailability).

Is there something I miss there, or is it really that sad?

Use Nginx to reverse proxy subdomains with SSL enabled [on hold]

I have two servers on my local network at home, and I recently purchased a domain, and I was wondering how I would use Nginx as a proxy to forward the traffic to the two servers based on their subdomains, with both using different Let’s Encrypt certificates on a per server basis. I have never use a reverse proxy or hosted a server with SSL so I am completely lost. Any help is much appreciated.

Not Rooted Huawei Device, Android 4.4.4, Locked Out. USB debugging not enabled

Thanks for your time. I have a huawei phone which isn’t rooted and USB debugging isn’t enabled. Furthermore, I am locked out. Please suggest any remedy. I have searched out the whole internet but there isn’t any solution, as far as I know. And if there is No possibility please suggest me how to access my data by any mean. Even if it’s post hard-reset recovery. Please Help! Thanks!

With gravity enabled, how do you move a RigidBody forwards at a specific speed?

I have a perfectly smooth cube on top of a perfectly smooth plane. I am applying a forward-force of 1 unit per second, using rigidBody.AddForce(new Vector3(0, 0, 1), ForceMode.VelocityChange). I apply this force every FixedFrame(), taking into account Time.fixedDeltaTime, of course.

When the “Use Gravity” checkbox on the RigidBody is not checked, the object behaves as expected; after exactly 3 seconds, it has a speed of exactly 3 units per second.

However, when I enable the “Use Gravity” checkbox, the object barely moves. Both the object and the surface are using Physic Materials with zero friction, and the moving object’s RigidBody has zero drag and zero angular drag.

Why does this happen? And more importantly, how would I apply a force to this object so that it moves forward at, say, exactly 3 units per second, with gravity enabled?

Thank you.

Is security by obscurity / obfuscation a valid option, or do the crawlers have JavaScript enabled?

I’m creating a new website, so I am thinking about how to protect my email address and phone number against crawlers, I actually mean email harvesters (most of which I suppose don’t have JavaScript enabled, but I don’t have any proof of it). What I do now is definitely security by obscurity or obfuscation (I might be confusing the two terms), as I want the email address to be normally visible and clickable by the user.

My question for Security SE as I will be posting the code to Code Review SE shortly:

Is security by obscurity / obfuscation a valid option, or do the crawlers = email harvesters have JavaScript enabled?


var item1 = '@'; var item2 = '.'; var m_clear_text = 'test' + item1 + 'example' + item2 + 'com'; var m_html_item = document.getElementById('m_link'); m_html_item.innerHTML = '<a href="mai' + 'lto:' + m_clear_text + '">' + m_clear_text + '</a>'; 


<span id="m_link">test [a.t] example [d.o.t] com</span> 

My goal was to make even the JS code obfuscated / obscured little bit, I believe this approach might help, but it again depends on whether the email harvesters have JavaScript enabled.

When creating products with POST, images Roles are not enabled (base/small/thumb/swatch), even after a following PUT

When I add a product via the Magento 2 API and then add an image, the image is added and shows up under the “Images and Videos” tab, associated with the correct product. However, none of the Image Roles (Base/Small/Thumbnail/Swatch) are selected, so the image does not show up on the site or the search results in the Magento admin.

I am sending a POST request to:

CURLOPT_URL => $  URL . "/rest/default/V1/products/".$  sku."/media"  $  image_post_data = [                 "entry"=> [                     "media_type"=>"image",                     "label"=> "Image".$  sku,                     "position"=> 0,                     "disabled"=> "false",                     "types"=> [                         "image","small_image","thumbnail","swatch_image"                     ],                     "content"=> [                         "base64EncodedData"=> $  image64,                         "type"=> "image/jpeg",                         "name"=> $  sku."jpg"                     ]                 ]             ]; 

Thinking that it might be an issue with the POST command, I then try a PUT afterwards:

$  requestUrl = ''.$  sku.'/media/'.$  imageid;  $  put_data = [     "entry"=> [         "id"=> $  imageid,         "media_type"=>"image",         "label"=>$  sku,         "position"=> 1,         "types"=> ["image", "small_image", "thumbnail", "swatch_image"]                                     ] ]; 

This also does not enable the image roles/types. I’m not getting an error back and everything looks fine. I can update the position and label using the PUT code successfully.

Any idea what I’m missing?

Is there a kernel with CONFIG_PSTORE_CONSOLE enabled, which is compatible with LineageOS 14?

The device is an S5 (klte).

I’m asking because my device reboots unpredictably, and since pstore is not enabled on the default kernel, I can’t diagnose it (I have no idea when it will happen, which makes it very difficult to get the logs via adb).

Is it recommended to back up the phone before I upgrade? Will apps etc carry over?

Android screen is dark, no USB debugging is enabled, how can I recover contacts?

My phone screen is not showing anything, although the touch detector works perfectly. I hear the sound of the notifications and call and I can answer them but it shows nothing.

What are my options for recovering my log and contacts, I read that I need to root the phone since USB debugging is not enabled for me, is it possible to pull the database files from the phone’s storage and extract the data from them, or are they encrypted ?

PS: (my phone is Samsung J2)