My players grow Weary of the endless Endgame

My Life With Master’s Endgame (MLWM 37-40) consists of opposed rolls between minion(s) and Master:

minion (LOVE minus WEARINESS) vs.

If the minion succeeds, the Endgame concludes and moves to the Epilogue, but if the minion fails he gains a point of Weariness. This seems problematic, as the manual admits “how protracted [the Endgame] could become if the Weariness of the minion grappling with the Master were to continue to grow” (MLWM 40).

The one time I’ve run MLWM, this protracted Endgame did indeed become a major issue, creating a set of scenes both boring and futile as the minions’ increasing Weariness made it increasingly likely that they’d continue to fail and get ever more Weary. The Master can’t win, but the minions can quickly reach the point where they’re getting repeatedly captured by Townspeople or Outsiders because their Weariness has exceeded Reason (MLWM 35). My players literally revolted after an hour of this, and the game was abandoned.

I was certain we’d read the rules wrong, but I can’t find anything I missed. So I looked at reviews and Actual Play records of the game, and found no reference to frustratingly endless Endgames there either. What gives? Is this a tactical error, a misreading of the manual, an intended feature, or a flaw in the system?

Are endless Endgames a mistake on my part? If not, how have you addressed endless Endgames in your play?

What is the purpose / endgame of this scam?

This scam involves my account. For those not in the US, Home Depot is a chain of very large home improvement / DIY stores.

Background / how I knew my account was compromised:

Yesterday I received 3 emails from Home Depot, followed by roughly 100 spam emails that all made it through the hotmail spam filter. The 3 emails from Home Depot were:

  • Shipping address change
  • Credit card added
  • Order confirmation (about $ 1000 worth of power tools)

I did not have a credit card of mine on file. The credit card added was not mine. The shipping address for the order was a residential address about 10 miles from my address (same zip code).

I contacted Home Depot using the customer service number on their site and explained I had not placed the order. The rep said she thought it came about through someone placing the order over the phone, giving an email address close to mine and a Home Depot rep entering that person’s information into my account. She said she would cancel the order and insisted my account had not been compromised.

At this point I did not make the connection between the deluge of spam mails and the Home Depot order so I considered her explanation plausible. I deleted the address and credit card from my account.

Today the same thing happened again. Another 3 emails from Home Depot (address change, credit card added, order placed, $ 1000 power tools) followed by another 100 spam emails. This made me (finally) realize that my account had indeed been compromised.

This time I changed my password and enabled 2FA authentication. I contacted Home Depot again and the order was canceled (they have a very inane system where the customer cannot cancel an order from their website, they have to cancel it).

Some things to note:

  • Shipping address for second order was a different address, some 20 miles from my location, different zip code but fairly close
  • Credit card used was the same as for the first order, or at least the last 4 digits are the same. I cannot see the full credit card number, just that it was a Mastercard and the last 4 digits

Now to my question:

  • What is the endgame for this scam? The credit card used was not mine. Why use my account to place an order instead of creating a new account? I understand the deluge of spam emails is to try to hide the order confirmation / address change emails, but why? Why not just create a new account at Home Depot, which is free, and place the order from there?

I do not believe the residential addresses used are those of parties involved in the scam / theft. I’m guessing part of the scam is to contact the shipper once the order ships and divert the shipment to either a Home Depot store for pickup, or to a shipping center for pickup.

But I do not understand why bother to do all this through my account

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