Extracting a section of a string using regex with repeating ending words

I am attempting to extract some some raw strings using re module in python. The end of a to-be-extracted section is identified by a repeating word (repeated multiple times), Current efforts always captures the last match of the repeating word. How can I modify this behavior?

A textfile has been extracted from a pdf. The entire PDF is stored as one string. A general formatting of the string is as below:

*”***Start of notes: Collection of alphanumeric words and characters EndofsectionTopic A: string of words Endofsection”*

The intended string to be captured is: “Collection of alphanumeric words and characters”

The attempted solution used in this situation was: ” re.compile(r”*{3}Start of notes:(.+)\sEndofsection”)

This attempt tends to match the whole string rather than just “Collection of alphanumeric words and characters” as intended.

One possible approach is to split with Endofsection and then extract the string from the first section only – this works, but I was hoping to find a more elegant solution using re.compile.

‘date’ on a command issued before midnight but ending after midnight. Today or tomorrow date?

I will be launching today a zip command naming the new file with the current date (date+\%Y\-%m\-%d.zip). The compression will probably end after midnight. Do you think the zip will be named with today’s date or tomorrow’s?

Command is:

zip -9 -m -o /path/file_name`date +\%Y\%m\%d`.zip /path/tmp/*  

git: Change line ending for specific files in history

Similar to Rewrite git history to replace all CRLF to LF?

But just for a couple files in history like: “/path to file/file name with space.txt” and “otherPath/other files.txt”

The answers to the linked question change every file in the repository to LF I just want to do it to very few files (3-4 files).

If possible I prefer to use only git tools (because I’m in Windows) like in the answer to the previous question:

git filter-branch --prune-empty --tree-filter 'git add --renormalize .' -- --all 

Extracting text from a textfile starting with one word and ending on a different line with a different word

I need to extract text from a text file starting with the order number(eg. Order1) and ending with an empty line with all other lines between the order number and the empty line extracted as well for a query. Really have no idea how to go about this so any help is greatly appreciated!

Scheduling job operations so that the ending time of the last batch is minimized

A plant has $ m$ machines. For processing the entire batch, it must go through different processes in each of the individual $ m$ machines. Each batch must be processed in order $ o_{1}$ ,$ o_{2}$ $ o_{m}$ . The plant must process $ x$ batches of the product. Processing batch $ i$ in machine $ j$ takes $ S_{ij}$ amount of time. (The entire S matrix of size $ (x\times m)$ is given.) We need to find the LP formulation of the problem in order to minimize the ending time of the last batch.

How can I hotlink an mp3 in Google Drive with a URL ending in .mp3?

I would like to obtain a link to an mp3 hosted in Google Drive that has the format filename.mp3, so I can link to it from sites that provide in-line audio players when linking to mp3 files.

I have searched the web and different SE sites, but the closest thing to a solution I have found is obtaining a direct download link for the file or advice on hosting it elsewhere. However, for (future) convenience I would prefer to host and link directly from / to Google Drive.

Can anyone provide some insight or point out why this might not work?

Can a bulette ignore the rule about ending a turn in occupied space after using deadly leap?

The bulette can use it’s deadly leap ability to jump onto it’s targets and possibly knock them prone if they fail their saving throw. But having done so it will be sharing the same space as them. The rules state you can’t willingly end your turn in the same space as another creature but I can’t see a good reason why a bulette would try to move away assuming they still have movement left.

Question: WordPress URL estensions ending with “/” or “.php”?


I am planning to move an offline .PHP static site to WordPress. I will do my best to keep my old .php URLs, but… a problem has arisen:

What extensions are WordPress pages? .PHP?

Because most of the time when browsing blogs, I see no extension, but merely "/" at the end of the URL.

Example – my current static .PHP pages look like this:

But blogs, which I read all lack the .php/.htm extension:


Question: WordPress URL estensions ending with "/" or ".php"?

Post URL ending with feed

I am getting report from Moz under “Top Pages On This Site”




What does it mean? Why I am getting this? Should I do something on this? If so, what to do?

I am technically zero.