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Looking for researches or case studies on How to move users from engaging / visiting social media to website

Are there any resources, articles, research documents or case studies explains how companies or apps succeed to move users from social media to their website?

On other words: create motivation and building a transitional road map from social media to website

example: Instagram account sells goods, and want to move to e-commerce website but currently exploring opportunities how to do that (fear of the idea that its business is currently based on being a social-based store)

context: I’m currently on secondary research for UX project and I want to explore this specific area in order to get some assumptions to be validated.

Beautiful Shopify Product Page Creation With Engaging Copy for $47

Hey! I’m Ross from the UK. I love creating beautiful, engaging Shopify product pages that convert, and that’s why I’ve decided to offer my services on SEO Clerks. Not only will I make sure your product page is set up to drive sales due to the layout and images/videos, but I’ll also provide engaging copy that converts visitors into customers. I’ll make sure to list all the benefits and advantages of each product, and present it in such a way that the visitor can’t wait to get their hands on the product! I’ll source gifs (when available) and plug them into your product page. I’ll also add reviews and trust badges to make the page look more authoritative. If you have any questions, please let me know. Otherwise, purchase my gig today and I’ll transform your Shopify product pages in no time! PLEASE NOTE: I require to your install Gempages or Zipify to your Shopify store before I can begin work.

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Welcome to my card service! I will create your very own business card design in a minimalistic, simple and professional way! Remember the simpler cards are the ones that SELL best! All I need from you is your logo files and the contents (name, title, position, contact info, address, etc) to include on the card, and I will make a modern and minimalistic card! Remember that if you don’t provide any details to include I will include dummy content for you to fill out later on your own!All cards will be 3.5″ x 2″ (+0.25″ bleed) business card, READY TO PRINT! If you have different specifications please let me know before hand.Have in mind that these are designed in photoshop, and therefore the source file is .PSD format.If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! ……………. You will get: Professional & eye catching Ad Banner in JPEG.Custom design according to your requirements. Unlimited revisionsQuick responseFast delivery (less than one day) Here is what I need to get started: URL of your site if any.Your company name, logo, tagline, list of services or products, images you wish to include on the cover (high resolution), testimonial(s), or any other info you want to be added.Details of the design (such as theme, title, colors, etc.)Exact size in pixels or inches (width by height)

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*DON’T ORDER AGAIN IN 4 DAYS OR LESS* I’m selling: Data about the actual 30 best and most engaging instagram hashtags. Data about the actual 7 best and most engaging instagram usernames to follow. Availables niches: Art. Fashion. Fitness. Food. Fortnite. Gaming. Luxury. Music. Pet. Quotes. Travel. High quality research method. Tell me what is your niche after buying.

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Quality and Engaging SEO Blog Post for $10

High quality, interesting blog posts and articles keep readers on your site and create an informative archive resource that your customers can rely on. Publishing poorly written, repetitive, and dull content can hurt your reputation and diminish your brand. Instead, invest in the best writing that will set your business apart!

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Does NPC engaging in combat remove penalty for re-stealthing?

If a rogue uses ranged sneak attack, then another PC engages in melee combat with the same NPC, Do the NPC essentially lose sight of a ranged sneak attacker? Is it flanking at that point for the ranged rogue on round two? Does he have to re roll stealth?

Scenario Rogue is in room down hall , hiding behind door. NPC passes, gets sneak attack shot with crossbow. Rogue ducks back behind door. Dwarf runs up and hits with axe (melee) Can the rogue next turn perform another sneak attack?

A. If the back is to the hall door where the rogue is. B. If NPC is facing down hall where rogue is (because that’s where dwarf came from).

Would the NPC believe the sneak attack came from the melee attacker?

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Hi!Welcome to Elizabeth Writers gig! In this service, I will write you a highly engaging, SEO-Optimized article or blog post.I am a fluent English Speaker and Writer and I’ve been creating web content for over 11 years now. As we know, high quality article or blog post is the best way to engage with your audiences, improve your brand awareness, draw more visitors, increase conversions and sales. I am ready to help you with the deep research and writing of your article. For this service, you will get: In this Gig, You will get:A well-researched article / blog postGhostwritten. You will have the full rights of your articleFast turnaround (24-48 hours)100% original contentExcellent grammar + coherent content Please inbox me if there is any question. Thank you very much!

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How to GM Realm Management in a Mechanically Engaging and Transparent Way?

I expect the PCs in a campaign of mine to eventually become involved in managing a settlement (in this case, an exoplanet colony, though it’s likely that other formats may come up in more distant future too).

I would like to be prepared for GMing such realm-management in a mechanically engaging and transparent way. I’m looking for a framework that would be conducive for the following properties:

  • an overall amount of structure and detail comparable to the amount found in Conflicts (including a consistent handling of passage of time and an equivalent of an ‘action economy’), but not necessarily turning everything into a reskinning of Conflicts;
  • tangible, understandable choices and trade-offs with a clear representative connection between mechanics and narrative;
  • at least a bit of resource management and prioritisation;
  • personal competence of PCs having some amount of effect on the realm, but not so much as to make the realm’s traits irrelevant;
  • ability to handle settlements of differing sizes, including when they interact amongst themselves, without immediately breaking willing suspension of disbelief.

While I’m acquainted with the Bronze Rule, and with the example of settlement stats from Gods and Monsters, but I found neither to be sufficient in terms of providing tangible structure for the mechanics, as both act more as sources of approximate ideas than as clear frameworks.

I’m seeking any of the following:

  • an existing product (official or otherwise) with a ruleset or rule framework that can be used to model such realm management, or

  • a set of guidelines/tips/etc. that would facilitate building my own framework.

turnkey solution for engaging website visitors with embedded live stream, with call to action and/or chat [on hold]

I need a turnkey solution for a live stream with call to action and/or chat on one page of our wordpress site, which meets the following requirements:

  1. I want all visitors to the webpage to instantly see and hear us speaking to them immediately upon landing on the page. And I want it work on all devices. And no plugins, no need to click anything or “allow” anything. In other words, I need a responsive embedded HTML5 live stream that loads instantly and allows the visitor to see us and hear us without having to click or “allow” anything.

  2. I want to know when a visitor lands on the page so that we can address them live.

  3. I want to be able to engage the visitor with a call to action. Perhaps even allow them to type to us. But at least be able to display a call to action button. Ideally a chat option too, which does not require any sign in or anything to “allow”.

So in short, I need a responsive embedded HTML5 video stream, with call to action and/or chat to be able to engage each visitor as they land on the page. The visitor should not be required to click anything or “allow” anything in order to see us and hear us (nor should they be required to sign in to anything or “allow” anything to be able to chat with us if there is a chat option).

I’ve searched a lot for solutions such as web conferencing, webinars, live chat support, youtube live, etc., but I haven’t found anything that meets our requirements. Anyone know a turnkey solution for what we need? Where we just configure it and then add the embed code to the webpage? Thanks in advance!