Unreal Engine 4 Animation Tutorials

I am trying to find a really good animation tutorial for Unreal Engine 4 that covers how to do things like have the character react to where objects are and what is happening like when falling, picking items up, uneven ground, and other more complicated aspects to animations in games. I mostly make shooters and have I think a good grasp of animation blueprints. I’ve looked all over for tutorials on YouTube and Udemy but all of them simply cover blend spaces, anim offsets, and the event graph and animation blueprint. I have all of this down and have created a fully fledged blueprint that works for a third person shooter, it looks decent but looks really basic and not dynamic. Here’s an example of what I want to learn to do: Example. It looks dynamic with things like the body bending as he runs, grabbing ledges, vaulting, and ragdoll physics when he fell into a truck. It all looks fluid and not like a bunch of free looping animations from the marketplace which is what my game looks like. The feel of a game I’m going for is something like Squad incase that helps with any answers but I mostly just want to learn more about animation in UE4 so if you could recommend a tutorial to help with this that would be awesome, thanks!

How one would go about making their own YouTube video recommendation engine? [closed]

I’m looking into the possibility of creating a website that would serve as an alternative to YouTube’s video recommendations, attempting to recreate the old experience of getting lost in YouTube before the algorithm drastically changed and became what it is today.

What are the hurdles that one has to go through when building such a project? How would one pull the necessary information to use? What is the common approach when building recommendation engines? Is it even allowed by Google?

Self-research was already done, yet no sufficient answers were found.

How to change Alt+Drag and Shift+Drag shortcut in Unreal Engine?

As a 3DS Max user, the ALT/SHIFT commands are reversed in Unreal, and for the life of me, I cannot easily switch between these differences. I always try to copy an asset by Shift+Click+Dragging it, and end up panning with it instead. The alt key is supposed to deselect, and instead it duplicates in Unreal.

I’ve looked everywhere in the General – Keyboard Shortcut settings and don’t see those keybinds.

Discover People by Phone Number – Should You Use a Reverse Phone Trace, Search Engine

The short answer is that converse telephone follow administrations or opposite mobile phone queries are the most effective of the three hunt techniques. At the point when you have to find somebody with their telephone number, the primary response is to go to the web crawlers and interpersonal interaction locales and either run name follow or number follow. Mobile Database Yet, in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, this is just about the most wasteful way to deal with attempt and discover individuals by telephone number. Most likely, the web indexes will run an extensive rundown of results, however the better piece of the rundown is excess with disconnected data you needn’t bother with. You will likewise need to know the name, epithet or number to follow the individual, As we as a whole know, not every person utilize their genuine names on these locales which actually makes scanning for the genuine character troublesome.

Utilizing open telephone indexes could likewise present challenges for your undertakings to discover individuals by telephone number. You have to initially characterize the sort of telephone numbers you are following. On the off chance that you are searching for proprietor data ashore lines, you will show signs of improvement results with the free open telephone catalogs as land lines are open space and thus naturally turns out to be free open data. Be that as it may, should you be looking for versatile number subtleties, you won’t get any outcome from open telephone indexes. This is basically because of the way that these are not arranged as free open data. To follow hand telephone numbers, you will require the opposite mobile phone queries.

So since you know the motivation behind why you have not been fruitful you would at long last understand that the best strategy is to utilize the converse telephone follow. The administration basically permits you to enter a number into the inquiry box and the framework will run a match with its database to create a full report for you on the hand telephone proprietor subtleties. Any legitimate assistance ought to have the option to give the necessary data in practically no time and not need to make you hang tight 24 hours for it. There is a little expense when you join the enrollment which actually costs not exactly a decent feast.

2 Super Easy Ways To Save Money On Paid Captcha Services When Using GSA Search Engine Ranker

Many GSA Search Engine Ranker Users are making use of 3rd party captcha solving services which they have to pay for the number of solved captchas. If you are running allot of GSA SER projects with multiple tiers then paying for these paid captchas  can be very expensive, very quickly.

So since we all can do with saving a bit of money where possible, i will show you 2 very easy ways you can reduce the cost of captchas your paid captchas. Some of you might already be aware of these methods and many of you are not aware of them, so read further to see how to save money with your paid captchas and GSA Search Engine Ranker.

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Cozshopping.com Price Comparison Site and Shopping Search Engine

Why are you selling this site?
I need quick cash for emergency family reason

How is it monetized?
Affiliate programs (cj.com and shareasale.com) and also Amazon associates.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
Since 2015

What challenges are there with running this site?
Hosting fee. Cozshopping.com need good vps or dedicated server to run it to the max.

Daz genesis8 with custom bodyparts export Unreal Engine

Hi i am trying to attach some custom mesh to a daz genesis 8 character, and export it into Unreal Engine. I use a downloaded scripts (namely: goldenpalace ), it works well and it export both mesh and morphs… but it creates a small gap between the two body parts. I tried different body parts, but it creates the same problem.
-As far as i got, i founded out if i am setting the "tools" option from "Geometry editor" to "node selection" the gap goes away, but than at the export it creates a duplicated mesh from the extra body part, and the morphs wont export at all.
duplicated mesh]1 gap between body parts Does anybody have any suggestion, or solution for the issue?

SERocket Lists | GSA Search Engine Feature

I am attempting to set up SERocket lists utilising the GSA Search Engine Feature. I have followed the SERocket Guide for this very carefully: http://serocket.net/linklistmember/SEguide.pdf. I cannot get it working.

I have reached out to SERocket support. Pathetically slow response times aside, their answers so far have only confused me. 

Their instructions CLEARLY say:

Attention: Make sure you don’t use any other Search Engine in your projects other then custom SERocket!!!

As instructed, I disabled all search engines and added the SERocket search engine, by adding the custom URL provided by SERocket and creating the stated settings. I’ve checked and rechecked it all. The setup has been done correctly (according to their instructions).

SERocket support says:

You have no link list enabled or search engine enabled. Please add the Search engine and enable it.

My understanding is that the custom URL is supposed to feed the link list (verified) straight to GSA SER. That’s the point of the whole exercise. 

I am new at this and am prepared to accept that I’ve completely screwed this up. I’m prepared to accept that the instructions are deficient and I’ve missed something important. I’m also prepared to accept that this product does not work as advertised and is a complete waste of time and money.

Looking for guidance, please.