Volunteering in England

Hi I have been accepted to do 4 weeks volunteer work at Kew Gardens. I’ve been informed that I need a Standard Visitor Visa but I have also read that this visa does not allow unpaid work.

I’m heading over from Australia and just need some clarification on what type of visa I need.

Travel (with public transportation) in New England

I am currently in Boston for work and before going back to Europe (I live there) I would like to travel a bit around in New England.

Myself: I’m a 28 yo guy and I’ll be travelling alone;

Period: From the 15th of May for about a week or two;

Transportation: I don’t have a valid driving licence with me, so my only options are public transports or hitch-hiking.

Interests: I would like to avoid big cities and over touristy stuff. Ideally I would like to see some nature and maybe even hike a bit (with the limitation that I don’t have much hiking gear with me) and/or small characteristic towns.

Any recommendation? My main concern is about transportation. Is it doable to reach nice nature places without a car?

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Traveling with 2 passports (German and US) but with a layover in England

I’ve read several great posts about traveling with 2 passports, specifically German and US. I’ll be leaving Boston for Berlin with a layover in Iceland. In Iceland and Germany I will show my German passport. I know that when I am ready to leave Germany, I need to check in with my US passport and then go through exit customs showing my German passport.

My question is the following:

On my return flight from Munich to Boston, I have a layover in London. Which passport do I show them at customs upon entering? And which passport do I use in exit customs?


[ Football (American) ] Open Question : Now that Trump Congratulated New England Patriots for reaching the Super Bowl & not LA Rams, is he wrong or no?

“Congratulations to Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the entire New England Patriots team on a great game and season. Will be a fantastic Super Bowl!” the president wrote on Twitter late Sunday night Trump did not tweet about the Los Angeles Rams advancing to the Super Bowl, which they accomplished with an equally thrilling and controversial win in the NFC Championship Game in New Orleans earlier in the day. President Donald Trump has a history of friendship with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, team owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick. So it’s no surprise that Trump was happy to see the Patriots advance to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year, which they accomplished by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in an overtime thriller on the road at Arrowhead Stadium.

[ Football (American) ] Open Question : Will The New England Patriots (Officially Super Bowl 53 Bound) This 2019 As 3-Time AFC Champions Since 2016 (Or In Super Bowl 2017)?

Yes Kids! Legacies Are On The Line In The 2018 AFC Title Game If The Pats Crushed The Kansas City Chiefs For A Patriots Win And Both Tom Brady And Bill Belichick Will Be In Super Bowl 53

[ Mental Health ] Open Question : Would peace with Adolf Hitler have been the best option for England?

What ever did we fight the Germans for? The slaughter of our European Christian sons could surely have been avoided and Europe wouldn’t have faced the invasion it does at the moment? In May 1940 the Fuhrer offered us an excellent deal and Churchill ruined everything. Tomorrow, one of my serfs daughter a catholic is getting married and I have given them permission to use my grounds providing my groundsman can do Prima nocte with his daughters. Should be a smashing good Jove of fun.