Why does a VXLAN offer greater VM mobility and availability in plain English! [closed]

I came across this statement

Since VXLAN is a logical L2 layer network running on top of a physical L3 layer network inside the data center, the latter is independent of the former. In other words, no device of the physical network has its configuration dependent on the configuration of any part of the virtual network. This provides the freedom to locate the computing and/or storage nodes belonging to a particular client in any physical segment of the data center network. In turn, this helps to locate those computing/storage resources based on performance and load balancing considerations. This results in greater VM mobility and availability

ISC2 Official CCSP Student Version p 480

As you can see, how does working at Layer 3 – which I assume is IP tunnelling contribute to this flexibility??

WordPress JSON return unknown characters fo non English characters

for a project i create an endpoint something like wp-json/HSE/v1/reports which return json file everything is okey , also Engligh words , but for non English words i have real problem that its bring back something like \u0645\u0627\u0647\u0627\u0646 \u0633\u06cc\u0631\u062c\u0627\u0646 its confusing me at all .

i also check the wp-json/wp/v2/posts and watch the same problem .English words are fine but non English words are not readable .

what should i do to fix this ? anyone can help me please ?

SEO stumper: site redone in English from French, no change in SERP rankings for English kws

I am relatively new to Shopify, so maybe there is something I am not getting with the backend/crawlability but here goes. In my years of doing web copy and being conscious of on-page SEO, I haven’t ever seen anything like this. I am a copywriter and was brought on to redo/optimize the content for a site that whose original content was in French and that was using a plug-in to translate it to English. The site has 400+ pages of completely new English content, URLs, alt text and a new theme all brought online at the same time.

Key points from before the change:

  • Site content written in French translated to English by plug-in
  • URLs in French
  • Item titles not optimized
  • Duplicate content everywhere (all products in a series had boilerplate content that was the same for every product)
  • NO alt text in any image  

Key points after the change:

  • Site content now natively in English
  • URLs in English
  • Optimized item titles
  • All content is unique for every page
  • Optimized alt text provided for all images  

Here’s the kicker: There has been LITTLE TO NO POSITIVE CHANGE for English keyword rankings in Google after the change. They haven’t gotten worse, but they haven’t gotten perceptively better, either. How is this possible? 

Is English Turing-complete?

Intuitively it makes sense that English is Turing complete since you can talk someone through building a Turing machine. But I also think there might be some operators used in programming that aren’t used in person to person communication, at least in daily life. Also, what level of English is required until it becomes Turing complete? For ex: 1st grade, college level, etc…

Meaning of short English phrases

Fourth generation programming language is more advanced than traditional high level programming language because they use command, which are more like short English phrases.

Question is- English phrase is understood. Why short is added?

What is the basic meaning of short in this context?

Google search English version

I have this problem, I have a multilingual php site, I have set English as the default language, the language changes automatically according to the browser settings. if it is French the site will be seen in French. however in the google search results, even if i have the browser in french, the english language appears in the results. how can i solve?

to be clear I don’t want to use subdomains or urls like www.site.com/fr/ I would like to do like facebook


Is there an intelligent, maybe machine learning C library I can use to parse and process English?

I have a *description character array in a multidimensional binary tree in my small neural network library, I want to process data using a function, so I can do this

*nX = parse("add 30 dimensions to data structure"); process(nX) // takes data and processes the output to description MDMDBT->description = NX `` 

Why is English not a regular language?

Surely any language with a finite longest word can be made regular by having an automaton with paths to 26 states for all letters then having each of those states go to another 26 states etc with states going to a looping non final state whenever there are no possible words to be made beginning the the letters you have already gone through. Then make every state that ends on a word final.

What is the source for 5e defaulting to plain English readings of non-game terms?

In many discussions involving rules interpretations the meaning of words is often called into question. Often, people will claim that if the game doesn’t define the term that it defaults to the plain English reading of the word.

Is this stated somewhere explicitly in the rules or in designer comments? What is the source (or sources) for this claim?