I will translate 500 words from english to bosnian in 48 h for $5

I have been working as a translator for over 6 years now and have meticulously translated among other things: · Scientific papers · Business documents · Websites (The text needs to be in a Word file) · Instructions · Articles and literary texts · Blogs · Fitness & sports · Health & nutrition · Fashion & beauty texts, etc… I will manually translate texts of up to 500 words written in English or to Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and viceversa for only 5$ . Translation will be finished within 48 hours. Allinformation provided will remain strictly confidential. ****100% GUARANTEED **** If you have any questions or special requests do not hesitate tocontact me! I amavailable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Indian Male Voice over in English with Indian Accents. for $30

I will give an Indian Voice over to your video , ads, podcast etc in English language with Indian Accent. Things i will provide : 1. Voice OVer in English Language ( Young Adult-23 year old ). 2. Indian Accent For What : 1. Youtube videos 2. Ads 3. Podcast 4. Explainer Video Charges : 30$ for 100 words or 1-2 minute voice over Extra : For every extra 25+ words add 5 dollars.

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How to activate spellchecking in LibreOffice Writer for languages other than English?

I started using Ubuntu because I have a potato PC and I hate Windows, but now I’m trying to transition with everything I left behind. I installed a custom dictionary but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I try to change the language of the whole text, but even if it shows up as “Italian” it doesn’t correct anything.

Also, I tried using:

sudo apt install hunspell-en-gb 

To install the British dictionary, but it doesn’t look like I can select it (the USA version is still the preferred, standard language for the program).

I would appreciate any help, thank you.

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“Instant Reply, Instant Service, and Satisfied delivery” is my motto. Services: Get your any English assignments or questions solved.”Teach you English” means I will talk with you english for one day. Communication obviously improves english. Therefore, i kept the charges very cheap.

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Discrepancy regarding AoE point of origin between English and German PHB

I own both the English and German version of the D&D 5e Player’s Handbook. On pages 204 and 205 it talks about area of effect spells and whether or not the point of origin is included in it.

The English PHB states:

A [cone,cube,line]’s point of origin is not included in the [cone,cube,line]’s area of effect, unless you decide otherwise.


A [cylinder,sphere]’s point of origin is included in the [cylinder,sphere]’s area of effect.

While the English version differentiated between two types of point of origin, the German version states the same sentence for all 5 types. Which is a translation of the sentence used in the English version for the cone, cube and line.

Der Ursprungspunkt [des/der] [Kegels,Linie,Sphäre,Würfels,Zylinders] ist nicht Teil [seines/ihres] Flächeneffekts, es sei denn, du möchtest, dass er es ist.

Both the Basic Rules PDF and the System Reference Document use the same wording as the English PHB.

My English PHB says its version is:

Tenth Printing: October 2018.

While my German one says:

  1. überarbeitete Auflage, 2019

Is this a mistake in the translated version? If so, who can I report this too?

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Do you have to translate an English text into Italian but you don’t have enough time to learn it? Then you’ve come to the perfect place. I’m Kevyn and I’m a native Italian speaker with a lot of experience in English translation and transcription, with a C2 Cambridge level. Quick deliver and perfect grammar assured

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I’m an expert translator from either English to German or German English. I have 8 years’ experience translating professionally, for private clients and companies. I’m profound and deliver accurate manual translations, and I offer unlimited reviews until satisfaction. I have translated sports manuals, amazon listings, banking documents, accounting manuals, recipes books, … and more. I’m also certified in Marketing and I’m available for multilingual customer service, email-answering service and (social media) marketing.

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Amazing native language translator of 750 words from PORTUGUESE ENGLISH for $3

If you are looking for a “HUMAN” or “Native” Translation for your document,product portfolio,website content then you are visiting right profile. I’m native language expert for which provides you error free , quality , grammatically accurate translation. with over 6yrs experience in translating Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese. Domain Experience :-Article -Webcontent / Website translation-Technical contents -Legal Documents-Product translation in Amazon / Ebay -Medical -Books translation

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Fast translation of 750 words ARABIC ENGLISH for $3

Hello, I’m pleased to inform you that I’m in into this creative industry of translating ARABIC ENGLISH from past 10 years now.I follow below protocols for execution of any project.- Literal translation is not required original translation makes sense.- I always try to pass equivalent message not equal message- I never “Replace words” but we “Replicate Meaning”.- I try to keep same “Level” of formality or informality.- Creativity – Cultural Sensitivity. ORDER NOW!!!

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