How to force Google search to only return English results?

I’m in France and trying to use Google in English only. My Google settings are set to English everywhere:

enter image description here

I’ve also clicked on the link “use” but when I do a search, it still shows some results in French, and I suspect the results are somehow tweaked for a French audience, which means some important English ones might be missing.

enter image description here

Is there any way to force it to really use only English (except for using a VPN or proxy server)?

Finite State Automata for English regular main verbs

I would like to build an FSA to recognise english regular main verbs. E.g. swim, walk, play, push with following morphological forms: (1) base form, (2) third person singular (-s, -es), (3) present participle (-ing) and (4) past participle(-ed)

I came up with this structure:

enter image description here

where the arc from q0 to q1 represent the verb in base form, q1->q2 is the base form (nothing added); q1->q3 is third person singular, q1->q4 is the present participle and q1->q5 is past participle, and these states then point to q6 the final state.

Is this structure correct to recognize english main regular verbs?

How to set a fallback to English for non-existing language in Magento 2?

I have a i18n folder with 7 csv files which contain keys and translation into 7 different languages.

Then I go into admin panel and in General->Locale options I select a language which is contained in my i18n folder. All works fine and expected (I see correct translation in frontend checkout page).

But when within admin panel I select locale which I don’t have in my i18n folder, then in frontend checkout page I only see translation keys (and not translation them selves).

Is there a way to set a default fallback language to English for example, when the current selected language is not supported?

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Is it possible to set Gmail to an English (Israel) locale

I would like to be able to use Gmail with an English UI, but set other locale settings to the common settings in Israel (see here). Specifically, the first day of the work week should be Sunday, and the date format is similar to the UK (dd/mm/yyyy).

So far I have used the English (UK) locale, but I noticed the snooze button shows the calendar with the wrong work week.

As a side note, in contrast to Gmail, Google Calendar has separate settings for language and country, which seem to match my needs.

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Mojave UI in Chinese but input language will not change from English

The UI is in Chinese, but when I go to type anywhere it is always in English; so then I have to swap the language via command space and select Sogou for input.

I would like to be able to move the English back down the order in preferences, but it won’t move; the minus symbol does not appear for that top language — and when did it go to the top anyway>? I have always had the input language (the top one in preferences) as Chinese. What’s going on, does anyone know?