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Why do people not notice our enormous, prominent, clear and contrasting purple banner?

I’m part of a MediaWiki site called D&D Wiki. Among others, one of our longstanding issues in the public eye was our failure to label clearly enough that certain pages are categorised ‘Homebrew’, as opposed to ‘Official’.

Consequently, we pushed through a solution wherein all pages that are not ‘Official’ are labelled with this lovely homebrew banner. Contrasting with the site’s light, creamy-browns, brazenly displayed is this page-wide, striking black/dark purple/red banner, complete with black-bordered white text that is very largely and clearly displaying the words “Homebrew Page”, with extra minor explanation.

Official pages and homebrew pages have different colour schemes, different fonts, different text sizes, different table layouts, different title schemes, and, notably, a different banner declaring it ‘official content’ that is noticeably different at the shortest glance.

However, I have heard multiple times from reddit, to our chat, to stackexchange itself that, and I quote: “the homebrew banner is inexplicably hard to notice despite being bright purple.”. Somehow people are still getting these two categories of pages mixed up?

I profess my own inability to understand this situation. Did we overshoot human perception? Did we make it so noticeable, so.. obvious, that it could not be seen from within; Like humanity itself being unaware of the entirety of the universe around them?

How do we make people actually notice our banner? Or is there a better way to inform people of the homebrew nature of the content they’re seeing? Are these blind people all weird freaks, or am I somehow off my nut?

enter image description here

EDIT: Thanks all for the interest and helpful responses! For those interested, our subsequent discussion on the matter can be found on the site, here.

Page opened on Firefox Android causes enormous data usage. What could cause this?

I have opened the rather innocuous page on reputable website Quanta Magazine:


using Firefox Android 65.0.1 (with NoScript installed) and left it open.

The data usage rapidly burned through 1 GB of data transfer via the mobile network, which is more than I use in a month in general.

I closed the page, stopping data usage. Reopened it and on it went. It has blown my data usage for the month out of the water.

I have pumped the URL through


just to make sure whether there is known evil in that page but it comes up blank.

What could be going on, and do I find out?

Enormous green disk

When I open a Google Docs document anonymously from my desktop computer (Windows 7 + Firefox esr 52), I always get this enormous green disk at the bottom right:

Big green disk Clicking on it has no effect, except for the smaller white “Explore” button inside. Clicking on that white “Explorer” button opens the pivot table tool.

How can I get rid of that disk so that it won’t reappear in the future when I browse Google Docs anonymously?

I guess it has something to do with the “Explorer” feature, but whoever thought it would be a good idea to make it take a sixth of my total screen space must have been high at the time.


By “anonymously”, I mean “not logged into my Google account”, not “using the Private Browsing feature of Firefox”.

RubĂ©n’s answer implies that it could be done by upgrading Firefox. So I should add that I don’t want to upgrade Firefox. Maybe something about cookies keeping my preferences while browsing Google Docs without being logged in Google?