Can I enter the UK with short term study visa even though my course is over?

I was enrolled in a student exchange program for a two-week internship at a university in the UK, but unfortunately my visa’s processing got delayed, and I received my passport with visa too late and missed the course. I hold a Palestinian passport.

Now I’m thinking to use my visa to enter the UK again this summer ,to attend a conference. I’m afraid that I would get rejected since my visa was approved for study, and the course that I was attending has finished.

Is there a risk in attempting, or I can enter the uk with no troubles? I do have the visa, but it’s a short-term study visa, Type C.

Can’t enter BIOS after drive compression

So I decided to compress everything on my main drive which was a horrible idea.

enter image description here

Now I can’t enter my BIOS anymore. I tried:

  • Pressing keys on startup
  • Running shutdown /s /fw in cmd but I get this error Boot to firmware UI is not supported by this system's firmware.(1)
  • Unchecking the “Compress this drive to save space” checkbox (which took like 24 hours and most of my files still have that blue compressed icon on them, so maybe the decompression failed?)

Any idea what is wrong and how I can fix this so that I can enter my BIOS on startup? I could startup to my BIOS by pressing keys just fine, but after the compression I can’t enter my BIOS anymore. The compression is definitely the problem (I think)

Can my wife join me in the EU immigration queue to enter the UK, or can I join her in the non-EU queue?

I’ve seen this question, but the situation there is (as suggested by the answers) different to mine because the question pertains to an EU national’s girlfriend. The accepted answer states that married couples should join the EU queue, but somebody in the comments states:

The reason for an eu/non-eu married couple going both to the EU line is perhaps more about the fact that the non-eu spouse is traveling under the right of free movement rather than about a policy of not separating families.

I can’t really see if the answer’s assertion is correct, or if it applies to our situation.

I’m British and my wife is from Hong Kong. We’ve been living together in Japan since we got married, and we’re travelling to the UK together for the first time. She doesn’t have any kind of leave to remain in the UK, etc.

Is she able to join me in the EU immigration queue? If not, can I join her in the non-EU queue?

I’m not sure if this will make a difference, but as it’s uncommon in Hong Kong for a woman to take her husband’s surname when they get married, my wife has a different surname to me. If this is a problem, would a photocopy of our marriage certificate suffice?

Save field on enter press (Textarea, input of text) -what is the best approach

I’m building an application where I have an shopping list which have name and description.

The name field is an input field, type of text and description is textarea.

Currently, we manage to update Name and decsription whether the user presses Enter or Escape key, but for me, it’s a bit confusing. Updating the input field on Enter press for me it’s okay. But textarea, where the user wants to make a multiliner message with line breaks it’s not intuitive and confusing and should be done by “SAVE” button.

What’s your opinion??

Editor adds &nbsp on every enter

I’ve got a problem with CKEditor in Drupal 8. I’ve searched related questions like CKeditor adds extra <p> tags, but almost all questions are related to Drupal 7.

So, my CKEditor automatically applies a <p>&nbsp</p> when I hit enter and don’t type anything.


How can I disable this? I don’t want to remove the padding or anything of a <p> tag. I need something that checks if the paragraph is empty and then don’t display it.

Overstayed in Schengen area, came back without issues and have to enter again

I am an Asian research student in UK. I took part in a European project so that I have to attend some short courses and do experiment in Schengen countries for a short period. I spent 2 months in Schengen area using a tourist visa from mid-April to mid of June and my visa was expired in August. I flew back to UK to apply for a new tourist visa then I got a new 2-year visa from August. After that, I went back again to continue my work in Schengen countries and spent another 2 months there. Note that. When I entered again, the border asked me how long I will stay and I said two months (As I thought that the new visa has resetted the 90/180). Then he allowed me to get in without any concerns (He should have been noticed that I will stay more than 90days within the last 180days).

When I finished my work, I came back to UK without any issues. And I just knew about 90/180 from my friend that there is not rule of resetting 90/180. According to the 90/180, I spent more than 90days within the last 180 days. So I’m a little confused that why I did not get a penalty when I passed the border or the new visa can reset the 90/180? Which one is true?

And now it has been 6 months already that I have not entered the Schengen area. What do you think if I enter the Schengen area again as I will have to visit some many strict countries (e.g. Germany, Switzerland etc.) for a meeting in the near future. Who should I contact about my situation? I’m happy to pay the penalty fee before entering the Schengen zone to make sure that I will have no problem to pass the border or with any black stamp on my passport.

Thank you very much in advance

How do I automatically enter sequential numbers without using the mouse in Google Sheets?

I would like to create a series of number in Google Sheets, without dragging with the mouse.

When using the Shortcut Cmd+R (Fill Right) it just copies the value of the first cell.

Initial State: enter image description here

Desired State (achieved by dragging the initial selection via mouse): enter image description here

Outcome using Cmd-R: enter image description here

Any ideas on how to achieve this without using the mouse?