Entering data fields in a table where rows have a hierarchy

Situation: A store is adding in how much money has been spent on products in their store that week. They can enter the figures either at the individual product level, or at the brand that product belongs to.

So, either at Nestlé level, or at KitKat, Milkybar, Aero…

I want to make sure the user has the flexibility to enter figures at whichever level of hierarchy they want, but also don’t want to end up with duplicate or mismatching figures by someone entering in a value at Parent AND at each Child.

This is fine when they first start – we can just disable the Parent / Child field once they choose which level of the hierarchy for that product they’re using.

enter image description here

HOWEVER, the issue I’m having is how can we allow the user to change which level they’ve been using? For various reasons they may need to change from a global Parent (Nestlé) figure to specifying a value for each product instead (or if they’ve done it at Child level (KitKat) they may want to actually just specify at Parent level instead).

I don’t want to fill the fields with toggle icons as that’s visually noisy. I don’t want to add a global toggle for Parent / Child because there are many brands out there (Coca Cola, Mars etc) and the user may still wish to enter figures at child level for one brand but Parent level for another).

What is a simple method to allow the user to change from one level of hierarchy they’ve already specified up/down to the other level?

The only thought I currently have is that if the user clicks a Disabled field they will be given a prompt asking if they now wish to add figures at Child level, but that seems like an accessibility fail, and it isn’t really that obvious that a disabled field can be clicked.

Entering DispForm.apsx through URL for specific list item

I’d like to enter a SharePoint list element in detail using a Hyperlink. I’ve already figuered out, that it works with something like


But in my Scenario i’d like to enter the detailed view of the list element with only knowing it’s title. For using the title column as a “Primary key” I’ve set it unique. When applying the column title to the Hyperlink it looks like


But then I just get the empty Display Form. Does anyone know how to solve this or has a different Approach for that?

Thanks! Sebastian

How to get list of Employee name by entering Manager Name in SharePoint 2013


We have list of all employee’s in the the excel sheet. We need to export this Employee list in the SharePoint. So whenever we will type Manager name then it should display the list of employees whomever reporting to respective manager.

Condition is “The manager should not contain more than 20 employee, it can be less. If it is more than 20 employee then automatic email should be trigger.”

How to complete this requirement.

Can you share the steps how to implement this requirements?

Entering keys doesn’t work on 18.04 with gnome-tweaks

I have a Hungarian keyboard, here’s the layout.

enter image description here

I’ve just updated to 18.04 (from 16.04) and now I can’t enter [AltGr]+[<key>] and [letter] or [AltGr]+[Shift]+[<key>] and [letter] combinations anymore. What I get is just separate glyphs/character, e.g. instead of an à (a with grave accent), which used to work by entering [AltGr]+[Shift]+[7] and then hitting a, I now get just ´a (acute accent and a)

I have gnome-tweaks installed, and I didn’t know it’s going to override (or rather mess up) entering key combinations. It doesn’t matter if I enable Compose Key in it, or whatever key I set as Compose Key, entering keys doesn’t work. Even the default example (‘compose key followed by C and o will enter ©‘) provided doesn’t work.

Characters, that can be entered in 1 step do work, e.g. [AltGr]+[Shift]+o to get Ø works (see keyboard layout).

But characters where I first need to release keys and then hit another key don’t, e.g. as described above with à.

enter image description here

I don’t care how fancy this Compose Key is, I just want the old way of entering keys (based on my keyboard layout) back, because I rely on it heavily. Do I need to get rid of gnome-tweaks?

Select numerical value with +/- buttons or manually entering?

The design I’m working on has the user assigning a value to each item, then if the value is more than 1, a second dependent attribute appears (as shown). I want the numbers to be large and not default to an ugly and busy text box. However, the only solution I could think of is an even uglier and busier -/+ button combo which is also incredibly space expensive (and, I’ve found, nearly impossible to fit in mobile mode).

Is there a better way to do this?

enter image description here

Pattern to encrypt / decrypt data to / from a server without entering the secret key each time?

The title maybe it’s a little bit confusing but I am certain that what I want to achieve is a common pattern, even if I didn’t found anything on internet.

I’m developing a web app that store encrypted critical user data in a database, through server. User must be able to see decrypted data every time access the app. Nothing of innovative.

What is the best way to store data and retrieve them without inserting every time the secret key for the encryption/decryption in a secure way?

There’s a way to do that without hard coding the secret key in the client-side?

If it’s not possible, what is the pattern used by most famous password services to do something like this?

thanks for any help!