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If you are looking for a professional data entry expert/ virtual assistant so you are in the right place. Basically, I provide assistance with general Data Entry and Management tasks. I also provide lead generation service where I usually build a targeted prospect list and generate targeted email lists for clients from any social media platform.

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Data Entry, Typing Work, And Copy, Paste Work for $5

Do you need a reliable and professional virtual assistant for Data Entry, Web Research or List Building Projects using MS Excel? Yes, you are in the right place. I will do that for you in the least possible time. Please check out my expertise below and the gig extras I’m offering. Expertise: Offline/Online Data Entry Help Microsoft Excel Data Cleaning Web Research Jobs PDF Conversion to Excel/CSV Copy Paste Tasks Companies Emails Research for Marketing and Business Purposes Data Capturing from Websites Mailing Lists Creation

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Perfect data entry internet research for $7

As an expert and experienced person, I assure you that I’ll perfectly complete your project within a short time and a cheap rate. I’m an expert in : TypingMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPointData Management (Online / Offline)Duplicate ManagementData CollectionCalendar ManagementOffice AdministratioImage to PdfExcel to PdfPdf to ExcelPdf to WordWord to PdfOrder Now !!!

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Pass environment variables to .desktop file Exec entry [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How to execute a command with “=” sign in a desktop shortcut? 1 answer

I want to create a shortcut that executes a program with an environment variable set, for example:

[Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Name=Chromium test UTC Exec=TZ=UTC chromium-browser 

The syntax above doesn’t work (the shortcut is invalid) and I can’t find anything about passing env vars in the spec.

Is that just not possible and I need to create a launcher script?

Ubuntu 18.

Data Entry Typing Job From Home for Survey based chineese company for $20

Hey There, We usually do data entry for the largest company and we need some typing specialist who can help us hand in hand to complete our survey form with us. The pay will be based on how many forms you will complete per day. Then we will pay you here through seoclerks.

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I will Do Any Kind Of DATA ENTRY with free ebooks for $1

I am Really Great at data Entry (Visual assistant also) work I have Professional Experiance Of more than 5 years In the feild so i am expert on Ms access databaseMs excel SpreadsheetMs WordMs PowerPointOnline Research Blog Post Commenting Blogsetcso I can Do really advance work for $ 1 you will never find a awesome deal like this so you can get a pro type powerpoint with buttens,links,videos,Photos, articales,Designs,Custom shows speadsheet for classroom or for the Bussiness database for a projectweb page for a small store or something research about some topic(s)comments for Your blog or a post etc,these are some exsamples for my work I am doing these less than a day i can deliver in 10 Hrs mostly so 100% reliable 100% professional so contact me before order

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Malformed entry 61 in list file

I use Ubuntu 18.04 and I literally woke up to this. How come these problems always happen so suddenly? The problem is not such that it makes my computer unusable for various things, making videos/playing games/general internet use/etc but down the road? who knows what kind of trouble it could cause? the error reads E: Malformed entry 61 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list (URI parse)E: The list of sources could not be read. How do I solve this problem?