How to get Wi-Fi entry dialogue box to appear on MacBook

I’m having trouble connecting to the hotel WiFi. It is unlocked and not secured, but when you try to connect, usually a dialogue box opens and tells you to input a password and then you will be connected to the Internet. This box is not showing up anymore.

The first time I tried using Terminal and the command ifconfig and changing the MAC address by one digit. However this stopped working. I am getting the response

ifconfig:ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): device power is off.

I have done this following the steps to turn Wi-Fi off. Then opened Terminal, then put in the code, then turned Wi-Fi back on.

Do you have any suggestions?

Is it allowed to spend a night in the first entry country before moving to the main destination?

I have booked to spend a night in the first entry point which is Germany. Then in the second day I’m going to move to the main destination (Switzerland), where my visa has been issued, by car.Is that illegal and I have to have a flight to the main destination at same time?

Generate a new table entry in one sheet from another

I have a numbers file with 2 sheets: sheet1 and sheet2.

On sheet1 is where I am entering some data in some cells. On sheet2 there is a transactions table with different entries.

Is it possible to have a button or something in sheet1, where I can enter some information in some cells sheet1, and when I press that button, it adds a new entry in the transactions table in sheet2 with some values from sheet1?

Its straight forward to use values from one sheet into another by using a format like SHEETNAME::TABLENAME::CELL in a formula, but I don’t know how I can (or if I can) achieve the above.

Leaving the US on a foreign passport with no entry stamp/visa? For dual citizens

I am a dual citizen MEX/US. So I have a US and a Mexican passport. My US passport needs to be out of commission for a matter of weeks, and I need to exit the US during that time for travel. I am wondering if I can leave the US on my Mexican passport although it has no stamps in it currently

Will ret2plt technique, where libc address is leaked by e.g. puts, not fail if the .got entry contains 0-bytes?

Will ret2plt technique, where libc address is leaked by e.g. puts, not fail if the .got entry contains 0-bytes?

In the ret2plt technique, puts is used to e.g. output its own .got entry after it has been resolved.

But won’t this technique fail if e.g. the .got entry stores the address 0xffff00ff?

In this case, puts would only output 0xff? Have I misunderstood something?

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Remote Keyless Entry physical access to FOB

I know RKE’s that can have their codes stolen. However, this requires some setup. I am curious of what is the risk of actually handing over ones fob to valets and car washes. From what I have learned of security, physical access is always a very large risk.

Additionally, valets and such could also be able to glean house address information from documents stored in vehicle. i.e. Where the vehicle resides.

Return to UK as a tourist on multi entry business standard visitor visa

I hold a multi entry 6 month UK business visa (Standard Visitor Visa) and have already returned from the UK after the business trip.

The visa is still valid and I would like to return as a tourist.

Should I apply for tourist visa again? Or will I be allowed to enter the UK as a tourist.

I know I should ask the embassy but how do I get them to give me a written confirmation?