issue in calling entry of matrix

I have a function that output is matrix as follows:

nth4[n_, m_] :=MatrixPower[DiagonalMatrix[ConstantArray[1, 2 n - 1], 1] + nth3[n],        m] 

Now when i try to call entery (1,2) using this way:

nth4[3, 2][[1, 2]] 

The result will be something like this:

{1, 1 + a, 1, 0, 0, 0} 

So basically return 6 entries from the first row instead one. why this happen. and is there is better way to call entry for this matrix?

Do I need Proof of onward travel when entering India on one-year multiple entry tourist visa as Lithuanian (EU Citizen)?

I am Lithuanian (EU Citizen) and got one-year multiple entry tourist visas for my family.

My entry point will be Kochi (COK) airport from Singapore. I am getting conflicting information in regards proof of onward travel when entering India. I would find it somewhat unreasonable to ask for plane tickets one year in advance.

enter image description here

Do I need Proof of onward travel when entering India on one-year multiple entry tourist visa?

Do I need an entry stamp when returning the the Schengen after a three month absence?

I stayed in Germany for three months, summer of 2018 but my Schengen visa was soon to expire and I needed to exit for a minimum of three months. I went to the UK and was stamped in for 6 months. Then I went to Ireland and was stamped in for 3 months. When I left Ireland and returned to England none of us on the plane went through any passport control leaving Ireland nor entering England. I asked a fellow traveller who lives there and she said it was abnormal. I asked an airport employee and he laughed and said “We let anybody in these days.” I stayed for Christmas and returned to Germany in the Schengen zone after being absent the required three months. Again when I departed England there was no one inspecting or stamping passports and when I arrived in Germany, in a small airport, I was warmly greeted and welcomed by the customs officer but he also did not stamp my passport. Is this usual? Will I run into any problems down the road? Do I need a stamp?

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UK six months multiple entry Visit Visa Validity

My mother have Pakistani Passport and She have UK multiple entries C visit visa of six months validity from 23/07/2018 to 23/01/2019. She stayed in UK for one month July and now she want to travel again for a month on 16th January 2019, what does the law states she can stay until 16th February 2019? or it is getting out of validity which expires on 23/01/2019

Restrict entry to a group of cells based on the value in another cell

I am creating a work schedule where the staff enters their own schedules. I only want a certain number of staff each shift. I already use COUNTIF to show the number of staff signed up for each shift. How can I restrict entry into the staff members’ cell if the COUNTIF cell has reached the maximum number of staff. For example, if I have ten staff members and only need six each day, can I restrict staffing by those other three by blocking entry to those cells?