Can I apply for Schengen visa from German consulate (Germany will be my entry port)though I will be staying for more nights in Poland?

I have booked a package tour for travelling in Europe from Bangalore. My entry port will be Germany where I will be staying for 2 nights and I will be staying in Poland for 3 nights. I want to know if I can apply for Visa from Germany( can apply for Visa in Bangalore) instead of Poland since we have to travel to Mumbai from Bangalore in order apply for Visa.

which data structure is best for income and expense entry and sorting according to the parameters like(date, amount, priority) in c#

i am making a budget tracker application where user will input their income and expense and will keep track of them on daily basis, and user can also sort their income and expense according to the parameter like (date, priority and amount, and categories) which is the best data structures to implement these things in c# windows form.

I am a second year student of cs and have studied in my ds course(arrays, queue, list, linked list, tree, binary tree, heap, binary search tree, graph,bfs,dfs).

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Can I add my Global Entry (Redress) Number after booking a ticket?

I booked my ticket on Expedia and the airline is Qantas. I was in the process of being approved for global entry when I booked the ticket. Now that I’ve been approved, I want to enter my information to avoid any problems.

I’ve gone through Expedia and Qantas booking information and I don’t see where I can enter the number anymore. It had a spot to enter it when booking the ticket on Expedia, but it’s no longer there.

Is this even possible, or do I need to contact Expedia/Qanta support?

I do have my card, so I’m not sure if I even need to enter the information, or just show it at the ticket counter when I’m at the airport.

I will be traveling from Fort Worth, USA to Auckland, NZ

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How can I duplicate a calendar entry on Microsoft Outlook web interface?

How can I duplicate a calendar entry on Microsoft Outlook web interface?

Use case: I had a meeting last week. I want to schedule a meeting for next week with the same information (i.e., same guests, same location, same agenda), just different time.

I don’t want to schedule a reoccurring meeting, and I don’t want to move last week’s meeting.