How to display .eps file in the SharePoint picture library?

I have a picture library in which I will have .eps files as a record document.

After uploading the .eps file I am seeing the blank document thumbnail. But, however I want to see the document. Is there any way to see it? I searched over internet but could not find better solution. Are there any third party tool available to view the .eps file?

Unable to import the ‘eps’ file into mathematica

I am trying to import an eps file into Mathematica, but I am getting an error. I tried this

SetDirectory[NotebookDirectory[]]; Import["transition_curves_spring.eps"]  

and the error is

LinkObject::linkd: Unable to communicate with closed link LinkObject["C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica.0\SystemFiles\Converters\Binaries\Windows-x86-64\PDF.exe",108,4]. 

How to overcome this?