Configuring the EPSON L455 Scanner on Ubuntu

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Despite being a software engineer at the same time, I’m new here. I recently adopted ubuntu linux (18.04.2 LTS) as OS for my development environment. However I need to keep the use of administrative activities on the same machine and I am having difficulty using the Scanner of my Epson L455 All-In-One.

I can print normally and have installed the EPSON driver Image Scan 3.55.0 (64 bit) to configure the scanner. In Image Scan I can even preview the scan, however, when I put it to scan: it creates the file in the folder I chose with the name I defined; the multifunctional informs that it is scanning, but at the end of the process the file disappears from the folder and I am not finding the file anywhere else.

Has anyone gone through this and have some guidance to help me solve?

Thanks for any tips or good intentions. Thank you.

Epson L130 printer giving out blank pages on Ubuntu 18.04

Please consider this as an emergency and help me. I upgraded my system to Ubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 14.04. My Epson L130 printer was working fine on 14.04 but even though I added the printer to the 18.04, it doesn’t print documents from Libre Office and other PDF readers. The paper just goes inside, the printer head does some motions but the paper comes out blank. I see that I can print test pages from the internet and from the printer, but no documents can be printed. I tried installing the driver and printer utility from the Epson site. Please suggest some things that I can try out to make it work. Any additional information can be given on demand. Thanks in advance!

epson xp 235 driver download mac

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epson xp 235 driver download mac

Epson Scan is not working in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

I am using ubuntu 18.04 LTS . I have a EPSON L220 All-in-One printer ( printer + scanner). I successfully configure the printer setting and printing is done very well. But scanner is not working. I have downloaded the epson scanner driver from, extract the zip file, open a terminal, go to the folder and and run the command ./ from terminal, it simply run the command without any error. But when I open software Image Scan!for linux , then it shows the following error message enter image description here

How to install epson l220 printer and scanner driver in ubuntu 18.04?

I have just installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in my HP laptop. Now want to print pdf with my Epson printer L220. I have tried all the procedure on the page that goes to the epson page and download driver for the printer and install it. But failed. The computer can find my printer but while I want to print a pdf, the printer prints a blank page. Now how to resolve this problem.

Epson Photo 1400. Print deterioration

enter image description hereenter image description hereEpson Printer 1400 has worked fine for past 10 years, but is now producing prints with a reddish colour where shadows should be also dark hair shows as auburn. Also getting vertical lines in red colours. I have cleaned print heads several times and test sheet is perfect. I have changed all cartridges in past few days, but nothing makes any difference. Have always used genuine epson cartridges and Epson glossy paper. Any suggestions of what to try or is it just at end of its life. Any suggestions much appreciated. Many thanks