How does spending cred work in The Sprawl when shopping for mission equipment?

My players have each bet 3 cred on the assassination mission they’ve taken, for a totally of 9.

During the legwork phase they decide to posion the target, and one of them hits the street to buy a contact neurotoxin. Due to bad rolls, this is going to cost them 8 cred.

Does this cred come out of the cred they have leftover after the mission bet? Or does it come out of the 9 cred they bet on the mission?

If it came out of the cred bet on the mission, does this affect the results of the get paid move at all?

Secure operation of IoT equipment?

In the light of recent events around Mirai not being the only IoT botnet, but being joined by IoTroop / IoT_reaper (see here and here ), I wondered what steps need to be taken to securely operate an IoT device. Obviously, just plugging the device into your public-IP internet connection is unwise. But I don’t feel that this is the usual deployment scenario. My personal setup is a rather typical home-user’s: ISP -> cable modem -> wireless router, and all computers/devices behind this router. This means that there is some firewalling between any given device and the internet. As far as my experience from several companies and universities goes, there is a similar amount of firewalling, if you’d plug your IoT device into any of their company-in-house-network sockets.

So, the first part amounts to the question: What (network) attack vectors need to be considered?

In the above-mentioned setup I regarded the IoT-device as not directly accessible from the internet. This does not seem to be true in the presence of an UPnP-enabled router. On several sites I found that deactivating UPnP increases your security. By my mediocre understanding what UPnP does, this seems very logical, as I don’t want insecure devices to poke holes into my firewall. But the same sites that suggest turning UPnP off, never seem to mention what possible side-effects this might have. (I read that some software like Windows Live Messenger relys on UPnP?)

Without UPnP, and without manually redirecting any ports to my IoT device, it seems that my IoT-device would need to make active connections. I can imagine two reasons to make such connections: Connecting to an automatic firmware upgrade mechanism, and to connect to a manufacturer/third-party service, which allows the device to be available from outside of my LAN (e.g. like the Ivideon service).

So, the second part of the question is: Do these active connections pose a threat? (Given that any accounts on such sites have decent passwords.) Does one need to be afraid of man-in-the-middle attacks on the FW-upgrade mechanism, or maliciously altered FW-images?

But what else am I missing out?

[ Of course, there are two most-basic suggestions, one hears on a daily basis: Change default passwords and apply firmware updates (if the manufacturer even cares to provide them). ]

Can a Skeleton created by Animate Dead use different equipment? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can animated undead wear armor and use weapons? 5 answers

The description of the Animate Dead spell states:

The target becomes a skeleton if you chose bones or a zombie if you chose a corpse (the DM has the creature’s game statistics).

Assuming this means that the skeleton should use the statistics listed in the MM, I’d expect that a skeleton is able to use a shortsword and a shortbow. Would an animated skeleton be able to use any of the following equipment instead? Would it be considered proficient in said equipment if so?

  • A weapon of a different type (e.g. a longsword, longbow, crossbow)
  • A magic weapon of the same type (e.g. a +1 shortsword)
  • A shield
  • Armour

Can you repair magical equipment that has been damaged by a Zorbo?

Zorbos (from Tomb of Annihilation, p. 41) have the following Destructive Claws attack (emphasis mine):

Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (2d6+1) slashing damage, and if the target is a creature wearing armor, carrying a shield, or in possession of a magic item that improves its AC, it must make a DC 11 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, one such item worn or carried by the creature (the targets choice), magically deteriorates, taking a permanent and cumulative -1 penalty to the AC it offers, and the zorbo gains a +1 bonus to AC until the start of its next turn. Armor reduced to an AC of 10 or a shield or magic item that drops to a 0 AC increase is destroyed.

Is it possible to repair a magical piece of equipment (+X armor, +X shield, ring of protection, etc.) that has been damaged by the zorbo’s Destructive Claws attack?

Best tools and equipment to digitise film negatives with DSLR, without breaking the bank

I am considering buying Lomography DigitaLIZA film masks for both 35mm and 120mm film to use within my digitisation process, however I am unsure of the best methods around the other areas of my process.

I struggle for back-lighting of the negatives mainly. I have an iPad in which I initially used, showing a blank white screen with my film negative on top and a glass/perspex sheet on top to flatten out. However, I found that upon inspecting the photos of my negatives, I could actually see the pixels of the Retina display in the whiter areas. I have gotten better results with no pixels in the background when lifting the negatives up, away from the screen and resting the setup on top of say a cardboard box, however this can sometimes lead into another problem… Making sure everything is level.

I have seen people use copy stands and film viewing light panels, but from what the products I have viewed this can start to incur great cost.

Does anybody have similar experience with digitising film negatives and a way to do it without breaking the bank?

Am I getting out-of-control with buying equipment? [closed]

I started getting serious about photography two years ago before heading to Iceland for a trip. I bought a D40 and a Tokina wide-angle for landscapes for a total cost of about $ 900.

I got some decent shots. For example, Skogafoss

Over the past two years I’ve added a Sigma 70-300mm 4.6f at about $ 250 and a Nikon 50mm 1.8f for about $ 225. Still getting some good shots including these from last month:

Tokina: Sunrise

Sigma: Crabby Patty

Nikon: Sunset

In November, I’m taking a trip to Africa and am considering upgrading. Right now, I’m sitting on the fence between upgrading the body to a Nikon D700 or keeping the D40 and getting a 300mm f/2.8 VRII. Either one of those options means spending as much or more on upgrading gear than on the trip itself.

So my question is, as a hobbyist with some semi-pro aspirations and a desire to enter serious amateur competitions, am I getting out of control with buying gear too early, or should I just keep getting better with what I have right now? Primarily, I just love taking photos. Making money and entering contests will always be secondary. I just wonder with where I am in my current abilities if so much money going into gear will bring an equivalent amount of satisfaction from something that I’m not really doing for the money or notoriety.

What kind of lens, optics, or other equipment was used to take this uber wide angle photo?

The BBC News article UK Antarctic meteorite hunt bags large haul shows this ultra wide angle photo looking straight down to the ground yet capturing copious quantities of blue sky around the edges, and I can’t understand how this can be done. I can’t tell the angular FOV but it’s way beyond 180 degrees.

What kind of lenses, optics, or other equipment are used to do this? How is this done?

enter image description here

Most of the space rocks in collections were picked up in the Antarctic. KATHERINE JOY / UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER

DnD 5e Adventurer’s League 5e Variant Starter Equipment?

I’m making an Adventurers League character. He’s a fighter but I want to start him off with Medium Armor (Scale Armor) instead of Heavy Armor (Chain Mail). With my stats, the only difference between the two sets of armor is the cost and the weight of the armor. So is it within Adventurers League’s rules to be able to exchange the two armor sets? I don’t expect to gain gold from the exchange of armor…

If someone has Reduce/Enlarge Person cast on them, does equipment picked up later (after the initial casting) resize?

The rules for enlarge person and reduce person say “All equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly [reduced or enlarged] by the spell.” Does that happen once at the beginning of the spell for the duration of the spell or do other things picked up later also change in size?

Which one of the two is it, and wouldn’t the latter have really strange consequences, such as if you pick up a friend all their equipment (but not the friend itself) would become while you carry it/him?

Inspired by this question.

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