R has erased files

The last weeks I’ve been working on two R files. I have a tendency to save my files every minute, so I have done that for sure at least once per day.

Yesterday, while working in R on a (shared) remote desktop connection, R froze. Therefore, I closed the program and opened it again this morning. Now, two .R files that I had opened up are empty, but another .R file that was opened still contains all its code.

Even when I try to restore to an older version in the file explorer, even there the older versions of my files are empty. Furthermore, the R environment that I was working with is still in tact.

Who can tell me what has happened and if there is a way to somehow retrieve my files again?

Erased /usr/bin/env on accident. How can I restore it?

I accidentally deleted /usr/bin/env and it causing issues when I want to run

brew install python 

I am getting the following error:

brew install python3 /usr/local/bin/brew: line 91: /usr/bin/env: No such file or directory /usr/local/bin/brew: line 91: exec: /usr/bin/env: cannot execute: No such file or directory 

I know this was a mistake, can anyone help me get this file back?

Is data in an APFS container erased after main partition is reformatted?

I am trying to create a data partition for my user account so as if I need to re-install my computer, I do not lose any data that is on the other partition.

If I had the following layout on my 512GB SSD:

  • macOS partition formatted as APFS + APFS container named MacData – 100GB
  • Shared Data partition formatted as ExFAT – 362GB
  • Bootcamp partition formatted as NTFS – 50GB

If I were to format and reinstall the OS on the partition called macOS, would I lose data on my MacData volume? This is if I erased the macOS container rather than the partition it self?

The databases of an Ubuntu Server are being erased

Good afternoon, it was migrated to an ubuntu server but this is deleting the databases, the first thing I did was suspect the script and check that it does not have any “PROCEDURE” weird that will erase the tables (Confident that there is no procedure or anything apart of the creation of the bd), then look for the logs in var / log / mysql and I looked at the errors, and I get the following “cron”

webserver CRON [6782]: (root) CMD ([-x / usr / lib / php5 / maxlifetime] && [-x / usr / lib / php5 / sessionclean] && [-d / var / lib / php5] && / usr / lib / php5 / sessionclean / var / lib / php5 $   (/ usr / lib / php5 / maxlifetime)) 

which runs every three hours, check the files, but I do not see that affect in the least. The only thing is that in the “phpmyadmin” it says: The storage of the phpMyAdmin configuration has been deactivated. To know why click here. Clicking sends me to another screen where he teaches me the following.

$  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['pmadb'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['relation'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Opciones de relación general: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['table_info'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Mostrar las opciones: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['table_coords'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['pdf_pages'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Creación de los PDF: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['column_info'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Mostrando los comentarios de la columna: Deshabilitado Transformación del navegador: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['bookmarktable'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Consulta guardada en favoritos: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['history'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Historial-SQL: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['designer_coords'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Diseñador: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['recent'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Tablas persistentes utilizadas recientemente: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['table_uiprefs'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Preferencias de interfaz de tablas persistentes: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['tracking'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Seguimiento: Deshabilitado  $  cfg['Servers'][$  i]['userconfig'] ... no recibió el OK [ Documentación ] Preferencias de usuario: Deshabilitado  

I thank you very much for any ideas that help me solve this problem, thank you very much in advance.