parser error: the identifier “gobals: isn’t declared in the current scope”

When I try to use this script in Godot, I get the following error:

parser error: the identifier "gobals: isn’t declared in the current scope

How do I fix this?

 export(String, FILE, "*.tscn") var initial_level = ""  func _ready():     grab_focus()     if Globals.load_game(true):         $  continue.disabled = false     else:         $  continue.disabled = true   func _on_continue_pressed():     Globals.load_game()     if Globals.current_level != "":         if get_tree().change_scene(Globals.current_level) != OK:             push_error("Error changing scenes")     else:         push_error("Error: current_level shouldn't be empty")     pass # Replace with function body.   func _on_new_game_pressed():     if initial_level != "":         Globals.current_level = initial_level         if Globals.save_game() == false:             push_error("Error saving game")         var err = get_tree().change_scene(initial_level)         if err != OK:             push_error("Error changing scene: %s" % err)     else:         push_error("Error: initial_level shouldn't be empty")              pass # Replace with function body.     func _on_quit_pressed():     get_tree().quit()     pass # Replace with function body.   func _on_controls_pressed():     get_tree().change_scene("res://scenes/levels/Controls.tscn")     pass # Replace with function body.``` 

Error establishing a database connection (Set-up locally)

this is my first time working on again with WordPress and accessing site locally. The WordPress site is on the github and I tried to pull the codes from there and accessing site already to my local machine but when I tried to access the site locally it always saying "Error establishing a database connection" I already check DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD inside wp-config.php and already create a database inside phpMyadmin locally and import the DB from github but still the problem is there. Is there any wrong to my configurations or steps that I am doing? Thanks in advanced for the help.

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getting 503 error when testing search engines

i was testing some searchengines and in all of them I’m getting 503 error 

recently I had to reinstall my windows and then all my software and after that its happening for me , I’m not sure but I think this problem is connected to firewall ports or proxies{PAGENUM}&q={KEYWORD}{KEYWORD}&p={PAGENUM}

[Image: attachment.php?aid=199]

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I’m getting a "Error Code: 1265. Data truncated for column ‘value’ at row 1".

At a complete loss as to the source of the error.

Here is the SQL

LOAD DATA INFILE 'C:/ProgramData/MySQL/MySQL Server 8.0/Uploads/num.csv'  INTO TABLE sec_financials.num FIELDS TERMINATED BY '\t' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' Ignore 1 LINES (adsh, tag, version, coreg, ddate, qtrs, uom, value); 

and this is the first fews rows of the csv I’m trying to load

adsh tag version coreg ddate qtrs uom value
0001640334-21-000798 AccountsPayableAndAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent us-gaap/2019 20210131 0 USD 10010.0000
0001640334-21-000798 AccountsPayableAndAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent us-gaap/2019 20201031 0 USD 10913.0000
0001477932-21-002126 AccountsPayableAndAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent us-gaap/2019 20201231 0 USD 2372072.0000
0001477932-21-002126 AccountsPayableAndAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent us-gaap/2019 20191231 0 USD 1018145.0000
0001640334-21-000810 AccountsPayableAndAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent us-gaap/2019 20210228 0 USD 2974.0000
0001640334-21-000810 AccountsPayableAndAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent us-gaap/2019 20200531 0 USD 4225.0000
0001477932-21-002140 AccountsPayableAndAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent us-gaap/2019 20191231 0 USD 1039000.0000

and this is the schema:

  CREATE TABLE `num` (   `id` int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,   `adsh` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,   `tag` varchar(256) DEFAULT NULL,   `version` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,   `ddate` int DEFAULT NULL,   `qtrs` int DEFAULT NULL,   `uom` varchar(25) DEFAULT NULL,   `coreg` varchar(256) DEFAULT NULL,   `value` float DEFAULT NULL,   PRIMARY KEY (`id`),   UNIQUE KEY `idx_unique_num` (`adsh`,`tag`,`version`,`ddate`,`qtrs`,`uom`,`coreg`)   )  

Configuration error: Error: Could not alloc node id at 172.xx.xx.2 port 1186: Connection done from wrong host ip 172.xx.x.4

Im running in datanode 2 ndb_restorebut it get me error.

[root@a5aabaf20dc3 /]# ndb_restore --ndb-connectstring=172.xx.xx.2:1186 \ >                    --nodeid=2 --backupid=1 \ >                    --backup_path=/var/lib/mysql-cluster/BACKUP/BACKUP-1 \ >                    --restore_data --disable-indexes Nodeid = 2 Backup Id = 1 backup path = /var/lib/mysql-cluster/BACKUP/BACKUP-1 Configuration error: Error: Could not alloc node id at 172.xx.xx.2 port 1186: Connection done from wrong host ip 172.xx.x.4. 

also tried --ndb-connectstring "nodeid=2,172.xx.xx.2:1186" and with out port as well as with out --ndb-connectstring at all. nothing made it better

Cluster Configuration --------------------- [ndbd(NDB)] 4 node(s) id=2    @172.xx.xx.4  (mysql-8.0.21 ndb-8.0.21, Nodegroup: 0, *) id=3    @172.xx.xx.3  (mysql-8.0.21 ndb-8.0.21, Nodegroup: 0) id=4    @172.xx.xx.8  (mysql-8.0.21 ndb-8.0.21, Nodegroup: 1) id=5    @172.xx.x.9  (mysql-8.0.21 ndb-8.0.21, Nodegroup: 1)  [ndb_mgmd(MGM)] 1 node(s) id=1    @172.xx.xx.2  (mysql-8.0.21 ndb-8.0.21)  [mysqld(API)]   2 node(s) id=101  @172.xx.xx.5  (mysql-8.0.21 ndb-8.0.21) id=102 (@172.xx.xx.6  (mysql-8.0.21 ndb-8.0.21) 

anyone have idea whats wrong?

wp_insert_post fails at return statement (nothing is returned to the caller, the error displayed is: The Link You Followed Has Expired)

there is a WooCommerce site where we try to add the Wholesale Pro plugin, which upon activation creates two pages (login, store). For this task it calls the wp_insert_post from a static method. The wp_insert_post does its stuff, and we even log every part of the wp_insert_post procedure to debug.log, comes down to return statement and then the WordPress fails with "The Link You Followed Has Expired" on the plugins.php screen. The return statement returns nothing to the caller static method, but the page/post is created in wp_posts table.

The plugin itself is proven to activate and work properly on another site.

MariaDB: No database selected error on some query

I have a php code that rise a query against a MariaDB (using MariaDB 10.5.11 on debian 11) table; I use php-mysql prepared queries for this task as reported in the code below:

if($  this->dbcon->begin_transaction() === false) {         $  this->errNum = -1;         $  this->errText = "Unable to start transaction: " . $  this->dbcon->errno . " - " . $  this->dbcon->error;         return false; }  try {     $  query = file_get_contents("recursivelyRemoveShares.sql");   // (1) If replaced with a SELECT works fine!      if($  query === false) {         $  this->errNum = -1;         $  this->errText = "Unable to read query (0)";         return false;     }      $  stmt = $  this->dbcon->prepare($  query);      // Err 1046: No database selected     if($  stmt === false) {         $  this->errNum = -1;         $  this->errText = "Unable to prepare statement: " . $  this->dbcon->errno . " - " . $  this->dbcon->error;         return false;     }          $  stmt->bind_param("s", $  uuid);     $  stmt->execute();      // Commit transaction     $  this->dbcon->commit(); } catch (Exception $  ex) {     // Rollback transaction if something goes wrong     $  this->dbcon->rollback();          $  this->errNum = $  this->dbcon->errno;     $  this->errText = $  this->dbcon->error;     return false; } 

When running $ stmt = $ this->dbcon->prepare($ query); the database raise an Err 1046: No database selected; however I did some other operations before that executed successfully, using the same DB connection.

This is the query I read with file_get_contents:

DELETE FROM `shares` WHERE `itemuuid` in (   WITH RECURSIVE files_paths (id, parent) AS   (     SELECT uuid, parentuuid       FROM core_data       WHERE uuid = ?     UNION ALL     SELECT e.uuid, e.parentuuid       FROM files_paths AS ep JOIN core_data AS e         ON = e.parentuuid   )   SELECT id FROM files_paths ) 

Note that is a recursive CTE query.

If I replace the $ query with a SELECT query, all the code runs correctly (no error 1046 raisen).

Any help or idea is appreciated.

Using the array result of a select statement returns ERROR: pq: operator does not exist: integer = integer[]

The query in question is the following:

SELECT * FROM options WHERE id = any(SELECT option_ids FROM workshops WHERE id=3) 
ERROR: pq: operator does not exist: integer = integer[] 

Basically the statement inside any() returns an array of ids which I want to use to get some rows on the options table.

I don’t understand why is it trying to compare an integer to the whole array, isnt any supposed to compare a single int to multiple integers in an array?

Fatal error in formatting.php line 450

I have an error on the clone of a site and not on the original site. I no longer dare to touch the original site in production without finding the solution on the clone. The error noted by the debug function of wordpress is:

Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/monsieurai/www/Clone-Prodezza/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 445

Recoverable fatal error: Object of class __PHP_Incomplete_Class could not be converted to string in /home/monsieurai/www/Clone-Prodezza/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 450

Thanks for your help.