Executing a query on the production to fix erroring data

During the creation of some data on the production server by our backend, an unexpected error occurred and some data became inaccessible. Currently, a fix is being found for the error, but the flawed data is still on the server, causing some trouble. This can easily be fixed by setting some data to NULL. The question is, how should we handle this? Our backend uses the Spring framework and Liquibase to update the schema when necessary. Our production server is managed by a different company and is unaccessible for us (the developers). The other company wants us to write an entry for the Liquibase XML file to fix this. We are questioning this decision, but running a query on the production database seems tricky too.

Note: we are running more than just the production environment, so by adding the query to the Liquibase XML file, it will run on all environments.

Workflow erroring due to wrong data type

In SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition using SharePoint 2010 workflow engine, I’ve got a workflow which handles the companies onboarding/leavers/movers process and it submits tasks to various people around the company. I’m having an issue with it where it tries to increase the percentage complete of the master task but fails due to incorrect data type being updated. I understand this problem, but I can’t see why it’s a problem and how I could resolve it.

So for context, a ‘percentage increase per subtask completion’ is calculated. For this particular task, this value is calculated at 0.125 (shown as a percentage). Once the subtask is complete, it updates it from 0 to 0.125 successfully. However on the second subtask, it fails. The new value is 0.25.

Workflow Designer view

I’ve also just tried it with a different value of 0.1429 per subtask completion and it’s still failing.

Data types are listed below:

  • Variable ‘NewPercentage’ – Number
  • Column ‘% Complete’ – Number
  • Column ‘Percentage Increase Per Subtask Completion’ – Number

The workflow designer are returning all these values as the data type ‘Double’.

I’m really struggling to find a resolution to this problem so any help is appreciated.


Java JDK installed via HomeBrew, but an application is erroring out that it cannot load the JRE, is there something else i need to set?

Title says it all. Installed (successfully, no errors) Java via HomeBrew on a fresh install of Mojave. From Terminal, I get the expected responses when I run things like which java and java -version (12.0.1 if that matters), but a desktop application I installed is telling me that it cannot load the runtime environment.

Another machine I have, same application and OS version, but I installed Java using the Oracle downloader, no errors and no issues. So I’m assuming that I need to set an environment variable or something, but I’m not sure what.