Campaign is not starting, Getting Errors In Logs.

Here is the first screenshot –>
2nd –>
3rd –>

Looks like some issue which i am not understanding. Can you please tell me what can be the issue about why am i seeing that manny errors? If you check/read the logs, you will see that nothing is going sucessful, everything is getting failed. I need to know what am i doing wrong?

2009 Mac Pro Processor Change – how to resolve errors?

I have a Mac Pro “Eight Core” 2.26 (2009/Nehalem) that I was running with dual X5690 (3.46GHz/6-core/12MB/130W) processors for the last couple years (yes, I’ve got the 2010 firmware hack on it). Been running fantastic, but I needed to do swap some hardware around and so ended up needing to take these processors out and put some older processors (that were from another actual 2010 Mac Pro; 2.66 GHz 6 Core Xeon X5650 x2).

After the transplant was completed I fired it up and immediately got a light on the right side of CPUA:


I held the power button in and immediately turned it off. This light then lit (“OVTMP CPUA”):

ovtmp cpua

I figured something must be up with the heatsink as it seemed as though the screws for the 2009 heatsinks ratcheted down tightly and immediately instead of having some give that would indicate that it was in contact with the CPU (lidded CPU btw). Made me figure that perhaps the heatsink was not pressing down the CPUA processor enough. I also recalled that the previous processor that was in here may have been SLIGHTLY taller.

I then took the heatsink back off and put about .5 to .75 mm of copper cut to size for the Xeon lid and used thermal paste again to make up for this possible spacing issue. I repeated this for CPUB. The heatsink seemed to ratchet down better this time as I could feel some pressure being applied and the torque didn’t stop immediately as before and thus i could torque it down a bit.

After doing this, I unfortunately found that the same error lights were emitted – no change.

I also went ahead got some additional feedback from the DIAG LED button:

diag led results

I’m not really sure what to do at this point. Should I add thicker copper to make the heatsinks apply greater pressure to these Xeon processors?

I believe Intel has pretty good heat protection for these processors, so I don’t believe the processor would be “burned out” at this point, right?

Further, would resetting the motherboard by removing the battery and / or pressing the reset button beside the battery (above the 1st PCIe slot / behind the GPU) help at all?

Any other ideas aside from buying a new processor?

How to fix parsing errors in POST request in Rust Rocket framework

I am making a very simple web app using the rust Rocket framework. I have a very simple HTML file that has a form, as follows:

<form action="/search" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8">   Search Term:<input type="text" name="searchterm">   <input type="submit" value="search"> </form> 

Next, here are my rocket functions to deal with the requests. I have a get function that spits out index.html when accessing “/”, then for my form, I have the following functions:

#[derive(FromForm)] pub struct Request<'r> {   payload: &'r RawStr,   //we can add more if we want later on, for other form options... }  #[post("/search", data = "<data>")] pub fn process(data: Form<Request>) -> Result<Redirect, String> {   if data.payload == "Hello!" {     Ok(Redirect::to("/search/Hello"))   } else {     Err(format!("Unknown search term, '{}'.", data.payload))   } } 

Then, this is to respong to the GET requests:

#[get("/search/<term>")] pub fn response(term: &RawStr) -> String {   format!("You typed in {}.", term) } 

Like I said, very simple, very barebones, just trying to tiptoe into both Rust and Web Apps at the same time. I do not have much experience in either. My issue is, when using the field presented to the user in my html file, the server returns an error:

POST /search application/x-www-form-urlencoded: => Matched: POST /search (process) => Error: The incoming form failed to parse. => Outcome: Failure => Warning: Responding with 422 Unprocessable Entity catcher. => Response succeeded. 

If I go directly, to “localhost:8000/search/Hello!” I can see that my GET response works. But if I use my form it refuses to parse. What am I doing wrong? I am simply attempting to make a web app that takes an input, and based on that input, returns something. Website redirection, web scraping, I am not sure on the specifics of functionality yet, but I need to be able to type something into the form and obtain it for use in my rust code later. Any help would be appreciated!

Linux AMD setup freezes randomly without any kernel errors

This thing has never worked properly and it’s fairly new (I built it on Friday). My specs are:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Sapphire Radeon RX 590
  • G.SKILL 16GB 3000MHz Aegis CL16 (2x8GB)
  • MSI B450M Mortar

After about 3-5 hours of casual usage my computer freezes. The EZ Debug LED indicates a CPU error. I can’t find any related logs in the kernel messages. I’m running Kubuntu 19.04, kernel 5.0.0-13-generic.

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(404 Errors) Why are hackers looking for directories named “/najwutoanfga/” and other 10-12 char strings of random letters?

I was looking through the 404 errors of my nginx logs today to see what the hackers are trying to do on my website.

I usued this command:

cat access.log | grep '404' 

I saw the usual requests for directories like “/admin.”, “/backup/”, or “/private/” but I also see a few requests like these:

"GET /yatjgmatiak/ HTTP/1.1"  "GET /gkjasdhytkaf/ HTTP/1.1"  "GET /ukaewlinfsda/ HTTP/1.1"  "GET /vankhasgeskl/ HTTP/1.1" 

There aren’t that many of them (only about 50 total requests) so if it were a brute force attempt at trying to find an admin panel, it would be a poor one.

What do you think these hackers are looking for or trying to do?