how do I install GKSU or other program to edit as root to save changes in grub file at /etc/default to enable nomodeset bootup?

20 March 2019 inquiry

In November I got a response to How do I fix a frozen black screen on Lubuntu startup? from karel to consult

I initially opened grub from etc/default and changed:




It wouldn’t let me save the changes though! It opened it in leafpad, but I didn’t have the permissions!

Karel’s followup comment suggested I run it as root to get permission via this command in the terminal:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub 

I am sure most would recommend getting familiarity with the terminal. I did figure it out, because I changed it (keyboard arrows only to navigate, no mouseclicks!) and upon exiting it prompted me to save, and I did, and then ran `sudo update grub afterward as both the wiki and Karel said to.

I was searching more on the topic and found How to edit GRUB file at /etc/default/ where in 2013 someone recommended using something called gksu to edit as root. Is this still around? I couldn’t find it in Synaptic Package Manager when I searched it.

I’m looking for alternative means of root editing (perhaps via Leadpad, which is how grub opened by default when I double clicked it) which are a little easier on the eyes and mind than editing in the terminal is.

For now I am going to reboot and see if this fixed things. Would anyone know about the issue raised at How do you add lines to /etc/default/grub so they're reflected in /boot/grub/grub.cfg? and if there is some special considerations for /boot/grub/grub.cfg? in selecting what graphic drivers to run at startup?

I get this message when I do “Advanced Options” and then “Recovery Mode” then “Resume Boot”

some graphics drivers require a full graphical boot and so will fail when resuming from recovery

I assume doing this ‘nomodeset’ is similar, except rather than the drivers failing, they don’t try to initiate at all, so I could do a regular startup. I will be trying this now and will update with results.