[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Is Trump right for congratulating daughter Tiffany on finishing law school or no?

“Congratulations to my daughter, Tiffany, on graduating from Georgetown Law. Great student, great school. Just what I need is a lawyer in the family. Proud of you Tiff!” “Just what I need is a lawyer in the family. Proud of you Tiff!” Trump said Wednesday in a congratulatory tweet. Tiffany, 26, is Trump’s daughter with his second ex-wife, actress Marla Maples.

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Can a job fire you due to Covid-19?

My fiancee just got fired from his job, after a 2 week leave for being exposed to the coronavirus through a friend. He told his boss that he felt perfectly fine to work but they made him take 2 weeks off, today he finally got to go back to work and they fired him. They said he was lying about being in contact with the Covid-19 (even tho we had proof) and even after he said multiple times he can go back to work but they made him stay out for over 2 weeks. Can they legally fire him? We live in Georgia 

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Mortgage Law. Confused to say the least.?

My fiance bought a house in his early adult years, in the early to mid 90s. The loan was only in his name. He was with a young woman at the time who he went on to have 3 children with. Nearly a decade later after signing that loan they decided to do a home equity loan, which required a second signature, hers. They signed the document as a married couple, man and wife. They were never married. They just never foresaw seperation. I’m not even sure how this was accomplished. I am familiar with the process and It is quite lengthy. A lot of paperwork and documents required to finalize a mortgage loan. A few years after she was added to that document she left him abd even their children.  He and I have been together for 7 years. We have a son together, who is disable and will depend on us for the rest of his life. Recently, we were both advised to write a will. In the event of one of us passing (or both) it is important that all bases be covered to ensure he will be taken care of. The topic of the house came up and what would happen if he were to pass away. He wants to ensure that I am able to remain here with our child but I can’t “trust” that she won’t step in if that were to happen. How does this get fixed? It appears to be a fraudulently signed document. I’m not sure what he was thinking.  He was under the impression that she was a co-signer, name on the loan but not on the deed but that is not the case, she is indeed a co-borrower….she owns half. 

Effectiveness and ethics of flooding phishing websites with fake data as a countermeasure

Today, I got a phishing email impersonating a large bank. To my surprise, the link in the email pointed at a rather sophisticated phishing website which could potentially result in many victims. The bank had already been notified and it will probably try to take down the website and raise awareness for the presence of this phish among its customers. This made me wonder, what one could do for people that had already fallen for this phish.

The first thing I thought about was to flood the phishing website with potentially valid data. (Not random data) It is pretty easy to automate and over night the number of invalid entries in the database compared to the number of valid entries will be very large.

Of course, threat actors will try and automate their validation process as much as possible as well. However, I could offer the bank access to my fake dataset to cross reference with invalid logins. Besides that, maybe the fact that lots of invalid login attempts have to be made to find the valid ones will be good enough to trigger fraud detection at the bank.

At first glance, it seems as if this method could be effective but I was not able to find any documentation regarding usage of such a method. This implies that it is likely that there are some valid reasons against.

This leads me to the following questions: What would be the drawbacks of using the described method to remediate existing phishing attacks in terms of ethics and effectiveness? Why would a company that is often impersonated in phishing attacks use it or why not?

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Get in trouble for offensive/hateful reply email?

so a friend of mine got an email from a rep of his new credit card company saying that he could use his new card before it got to him through their app (new card was supposed fo arrive by mail in 2 weeks). he was in a bad mood and replied that the rep should f*k off and stop pressuring him, and that he would use their sh*tty card whenever he feels like it. and that the rep should kill himself. following his reply he got an email from the company saying that they closed his account due to breaking terms of fairuse policy. he then apologized and they said they appreciate the apology but will not reopen his account. he is worried. can he get in trouble for the things he said?

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Is Donald Trump better than Bill Clinton?

Seems Clinton is famous for Monica Lewinsky affair and for being married to Hillary Clinton, who achieved more than him. Hillary was Secretary Of State when the Obama administration found the most wanted man in America, she details it in her book, again more than Bill achieved. Trump is at least known as being President above all else, he seems more popular too

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : I recently got a ticket for running a school bus stop sign in Georgia. Help!!?

I recently got a ticket for running a school bus stop sign in GA. The ticket says it is a civil monetary penalty and will not add any points to my license. I can pay the fine, but do not know how this will affect my car insurance rate. I am wondering if I need to get a lawyer to help fight it. This is my first ever offense. What should I do ? Thanks for the help

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : I took my parents credit card and bought 5 computers and 4 cell phones and now the police are investigating, how much trouble am I in ?

So I took my parents credit card and bought a bunch of things for the past couple of months. I bought 4 samsung phones and now I bought 5 computers. 3 laptops two desktop computers. My parents credit card company named discover they are now suspecting that it is me now. They sent me a letter a few weeks ago saying that they suspect that I am using the credit cards and told me to call them and they asked questions. They asked me if I took their card and used it and I denied all of it. Recently this week they called my dad saying they are not disputing the claim and said that he is responsible for the $ 4,000 that I caused and says that they are getting law enforcement involved in this now. I bought all of these things at best buy. Yesterday an investigator contacted my dad and started asking questions about me. The thing is that if the government had granted me disability then I wouldn’t have done this. I am 28 and bipolar and schizophrenic and got denied 5 times for disability. I desperately need it. I got fired from 4 jobs and I am now on thin ice with my current job. I am suspended without pay for slapping a female co worker’s butt. How much trouble am I in if the police are investigating ? Can I get away with it by denying all of it ?? How come no one understands that if I had disability then I wouldn’t have done this ??