[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Why don’t my parents believe that black lives matter?

I do and I have fully supported charities and protests, but they do not. Actually, they’ve been mocking the current events and my mother has even said “Black lives don’t matter, but mine does. I’m sick of this crap.” Why are some people like this? Do you think she would be more understanding if she educated herself? Or are some people too closed off for that?

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Why do people think I ignore them on purpose at work?

I work at McDonald’s. On multiple occasions, an hourly manager at work called my name multiple times and I never answered. Why? Because I didn’t hear her. She never believed me when I said I didn’t hear her. Well, I was doing something else. She called for me 5 times? ok well I didn’t hear her any of those times. She’s not the only one. The GM sometimes tell me to do something 3 or 4 times b4 I hear him. He doesn’t accuse me of ignoring him. Yet, she says I never listen and ignore the hell out of her. If I’m getting something done, I’m focusing on it. How can anyone expect me to hear anything more than few feet away? Outside work: I could be getting out of a friend’s car when they drop me off somewhere (like work) and as I get out, she be yelling my name but I wouldn’t hear a thing. Then she be so damn offended. Well I was already several feet away

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : What is good roommate etiquette?

Hello, I am starting my first semester in a brick and mortar campus (I had previously taken online college courses) this Spring 2020. I was assigned a residence hall today and also a roommate. The portal displays my roommate’s email address. I was thinking of sending him an email introducing myself and all but would that be awkward or should I just wait until move in day to introduce myself? I just want to practice proper etiquette. I see that he is also a transfer student who is actually from another country. It’s his first year at this school as well so I’m sure he’s just as nervous/excited as me. This is my first time ever rooming with someone so I’d like to know the proper etiquette that should follow this situation. Thanks!

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Is there anything I can do about this My boss never says “Thank You” or shows any appreciation when I do extra things (I wasn’t hired to do)?

1 Example was, A squirrel was seen (a few times) in the office. My boss was aggravated about it & told me indirectly to take care of this problem (although I was only hired to do computer work for him). I took care of the problem (working the exterminator) which took a few hours. When I told my boss I took care of the problem. My boss had a certain expression on his face that said he heard me. Aside from this my boss was silent as if I told him something that wasn’t important. I took care of the problem (working WITH the exterminator) which took a few hours.

Etiquette when sharing a sleeping car room with stranger in Europe

Travelling by train by night in a sleeping car is an experience which is rarer those days. In most European night trains, there is an option to book a single bed in a shared room, and it is very welcome as a much cheaper option than booking the entire room.

One very pleasant thing I like to do in night trains is, before drifting off to sleep, to turn off the room lights and keep the window shade open to gaze at the passing night scenery. Very magical and relaxing. Then, after some time, I pull the shade down and go to sleep.

There are lucky times when no one else has booked the other beds in the compartment. For other occasions, I often found my (grumpy) roomate just wanting to pull the shade down straight when entering the room, even with the train not departed yet. Then he promptly turns all lights off and tucks into bed.

Starting from that moment, I have an extreme fear of waking up some sleeping monster, feeling forced to do all my night preparation in darkness, not even using the personal reading light. Usually there are some amenities in a paper bag (on Nightjets for instance); I do not use them because of the noisy hasard of opening the bag…

The situation can be even more inconvenient if I catch the train at an intermediate station, and someone is already sleeping in the room.

What are some common etiquette rules that govern sleeper trains in Europe? This could make the situations above less stressful for the next time!


  • If one wants to sleep straight away and the other one desires to stay awake, read some pages of a book / finish a bit of work on the laptop / do stuff to fall asleep after a while, how to handle it?
  • Is it OK to use the washbasin to freshen up a little?
  • How to properly handle privacy while getting dressed for the night? Is it acceptable to get into some comfortable clothing for sleeping or are passengers expected to sleep in their day clothes?

This is mostly for travels in Europe, where sleepers are in closed rooms. Russian platzcarts and Indian railways coaches are outside the scope for instance.

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Poll, yes or no it is your responsibility as an adult to pay your bills on time?

Seems kind of common sense, but the longer I work with the public, the more I realize it isn’t so common sense to a lot of people. Right now I work in insurance and…yes…you do have to pay to insure your car, house, business, etc. It’s not free. We all know this. I have clients who have had their insurance for months, even years, that forget to make a payment but somehow make it OUR problem and throw a fit if their policy has a late fee, cancel notice, or worse completely cancels due to non-pay. They’ll use every excuse in the book. “I didn’t get my bill in the mail so I didn’t pay” is always my favorite You should still know about when your bills are due. I pay around a dozen bills a month, I know when they are due. And if I am late…guess what? That’s MY problem. Not the company’s problem. Even if I didn’t get a bill. Even if I thought I already paid and turns out I didn’t. So, am I nuts here in assuming as adults we alone are responsible for paying our bills on time? Yes? No? Why is this such a complicated concept to some? **Obviously this doesn’t count for people who have had a situation they absolutely cannot help. I.e. in the hospital or family member death or illness. We always do our best to accommodate for those situations. But interesting enough, those are the people who actually don’t get upset at us. Go figure. Also, for those of you who have been in this boat of grown *** adults getting mad at you or your company for penalties of being late, I am curious to hear your stories. 🙂 Actually, to the anonymous answer, you have a point. But I have been in that predicament. Especially with credit cards because they’re not as important as food, gas, rent, electric…BUT I do not get mad at the company for my negligence. At the end of the day if I am going to own a car insurance is part of the deal.

What is the etiquette for resubmitting papers?

I have two math papers I have submitted for publication. Unfortunately neither paper was publishable in their original form. Both times I received a write up of the subject by the reviewer. I was particularly impressed by the write up on my second paper. I have a couple of difficulties. I have now received quality feedback from another mathematician, but I can’t find references to the subject matter. I worry this information is from a class and not published material. Also I now have an unknown person who has provided feedback from an unknown source. How to I credit an unknown referee? My last paper had what the editor considered a fatal error near the end of the paper. If I am resubmitting a paper to a different publication what is proper to mention about the earlier submission?