Regular weekend away breaks in Europe for non-British Spouse (UK Resident) of a British National

I am a British National and my wife is Indian and UK Resident. We holiday in europe a lot (always together) and apply for Schengen Visa for her every time we plan a holiday – but this process is time-consuming and we have to book flights, hotel, etc, well in-advance.

We went to a VFS Global office recently, for a visa for our italian adventure and the chap there advised that there is a process whereby I can apply once and every time my wife travels with me, she won’t need to apply for a schengen visa for that visit (as long as we are travelling together).

Does anyone know of this or a slightly easier long-term visa, etc, whereby me and my wife can go on last-minute weekend breaks together to europe hassle-free? Much appreciated.

Europe: Do 90 days of Schengen apply automatically after expiration of Student visa?

This question might have already been answered but I cannot seem one to perfectly fit my situation. I am an albanian citizen and currently staying in Austria with a D Visa which is available for 6 months. It expires on June 30th. I have a flight to take on June 23rd to Italy where I need to stay till July 6th. Which means, my visa will expire when I’m in Italy. My question is, do my 90 days of Schengen apply directly after my visa expires or should I first go to Albania and then return for them to start being counted? If I wasn’t clear enough tell me and I will answer as soon as possible Thanks in advance

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Travel to Europe (Spain) while remote working from USA-based company [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • As a US Citizen, if I'm visiting the Schengen region, can I “work from home”? [duplicate] 1 answer
  • Do I need a visa to work remotely in Europe as a Canadian citizen for six weeks? 1 answer

This question mentions some of the laws and challenges and what have you of working remote from Europe to USA, So does this one, but how about the other way around? If I am working remotely in an USA-based company, living in the USA and I wish to travel to Europe for a short period of time (a month or less), would there be any current issues with Visas or the Visa Waiver Program? Or is it safe, providing enough proof that there’s no wish to stay?

How long can I stay in Europe as an EU citizen living in the US?

I am a dual citizen (US/Greece) currently living in the US and visiting Greece for three and a half months. I entered Europe through Germany using my US passport (the Greek one is in the process of being renewed) and was told I could only be in the Schengen area for 90 days.

Am I legally allowed to stay in Greece as long as I’ve planned (~105 days), given that I’m a Greek citizen? How do I justify this to officials when returning to the US?

Where is female public urination common in Europe? [on hold]

I will do my bachelor thesis on public female urination. I will examine the connection to emancipation.

I mainly describe the situation in Denmark, but I would also like to take a look at our European neighbors.

In which EU countries

  • Women pee often and confidently outside?
  • Is it legal or at least tolerated?

Through my travels, I think that the situation in Spain is as relaxed for women as Denmark.

Finally, in which EU countries it is very unusual for women to pee outside? Are there EU countries where women are being persecuted by police and other authorities for peeing outside?

Please add sources to your answer. Thank you for helping me.