Travelling to UK and around Europe – visas required

Well, this is going to be a confusing one.

Basically, my wife, first son, and myself are British citizens. We moved to Australia a few years ago (my visa is that I am a permanent resident in Australia, along with my wife and first son).

My second son was born a year ago here in Australia. He is an Australian citizen.

We are going to visit family in the UK in a few months and need to know what visas we will need, if any. Ignoring Brexit, of course (if they manage to get that passed before then, and who knows what form it will take).

Now, as I, my wife and first son are still British citizens, I imagine we don’t need any visas. However, I think we’ll need to apply for something for our second son.

Also, we’re looking at visiting Europe whilst there. Again, as British citizens (while the UK is still part of the EU), I imagine that I, my wife and first son will be fine, but we may well need to apply for something for our second son.

Am I right in thinking this (and also that, as a family unit, we’ll have to enter the UK via the “from outside the EU” queue at our destination airport), and if so what do we need to apply for?

How to Plan a Route for Long Distance Bike Trip In Europe

I am planning on doing a long distance bike trip through part of Europe. I would like to start in Amsterdam and bike through the Netherlands, parts of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Germany and end in Switzerland. I have found that OpenStreepMaps has a very useful “Cycle Map” layer which displays many bike routes. However, when I look up biking directions on Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps, it routes me on many roads. I would prefer to stay on as many bike routes as possible, especially since there are so many in the region. Is there a good way to get directions using only bike routes? Or a good way to create and save my own custom route?

Is it possible to send registered letters from Europe to Taiwan?

Taiwan (Republic of China, Chinese Taipei, etc etc.) is not a part of Universal Postal Union (UPU). My country does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country.

Is it still possible to send registered mail to someone in Taiwan? If someone at sorting center in my country sends it accidentally to PRC instead of Taiwan, what will Chinese post workers do? They will return it, redirect it to Japan / Hong Kong / any other country, destroy it?

Travelling to Europe before student visa

I am a US citizen a bit worried about possibly jeopardizing my French student visa by visiting France too much. I went to France in January for two weeks to visit my SO, and he was supposed to come to the US this summer but his tourist visa was denied. I want to visit him in May now, for like 10 days, but I am also applying for a student visa to France to spend the 2019-2020 academic year studying there. Since I cannot apply for the student visa until 3 months within my departure date, I would definitely be back from France before my visa appointment. I am just worried that maybe they will think it’s fishy that I already visited France twice this year, or if this is possibly violating some visa law. I really miss my SO and want to see him before September, but I would not want to hurt my chances of getting a student visa in the slightest.

I would very much appreciate any help or insights regarding this issue. Thank you