Can I travel around Europe with an expired student visa and Italian Permeso appointment receipt? I also have the expired Permeso card, will that help?

I would like to travel around Europe before I head back to India. But my student Visa has expired and my Italian stay permit is under renewal. I have the appointment receipt and the expired permit as proof. Will that be enough to travel to countries such as Germany, Budapest, France or Swiss?

Budget for Eastern Europe Trip

I’m planning a trip for 2 to Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic with a 1D layover in Finland for a period of 15 days. We’ve pre-booked the flights, accommodation, and Intra-Schengen transfers. Do you think $ 800 should be sufficient for food, activities, and transport for 2 people for 2 weeks? Is it do-able or should I pump up the budget, if so by how much?


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What if you get denied entry into the US while holding a residence permit for studies in Europe?

I am a student visa holder in Europe with a US B1/B2 visa. I am originally from Sri Lanka and I was wondering that if I travel to US and in the unlikely scenario that I get denied entry by the CBP, where will I be sent off to? Back to Sri Lanka or back to Europe where I hold residence permit for studies?

Are there any restrictions for bath salts (magnesium flakes) in hand luggage flying within Europe?

In some sources it is written that you can carry bath salts:

  • Carrying powder-type stuff in carry on – problems?
  • Banned on board: Christmas gifts you can’t take on a flight:

Bath bombs are also allowed, but call them ‘bath salts’ in the airport, to avoid any misunderstandings at security!

But there are opposite articles:

  • Transport Canada to ban large containers of bath salts and baby powder in carry-on luggage
  • ryanair hand luggage restrictions – NON-LIQUID toiletries:

Returning from Nantes to Edinburgh yesterday on Ryanair, my 200g canister of sea salts for a foot bath was confiscated. I knew there was a 100 ml limit on liquids, obviously, but I can’t find any information on the Ryanair site which mentions any restrictions on non-liquid toiletries.

The guy said I should have decanted the salts into two 100 ml bottles. I offered to decant them into two plastic bags, but he said it was the size of the container that counted, not the contents.

Do you have any experience with bath salts / magnesium flakes in hand luggage flying within Europe? If it is allowed, what’s the limit for hand luggage?