How exactly do I use RawDigger to evaluate signal-to-noise?

I have a trial copy of RawDigger installed, and I understand that for my purposes I should shoot the same subject at different apertures to see if the SNR decreases at faster settings. But how exactly do I read the screen in RawDigger to evaluate the results? I see various acronyms and numeric values in the attached screenshot, but they are meaningless to me. (Note, the photo is just an example; I know it’s not the right kind of image to use for this.) Sample RawDigger display

Performance management in Agile teams. How to evaluate cross functioning teams

With the clear roles of Scrum members and the self-management Development team, how to evaluate individual performance?

Who is the person responsible for evaluating and promoting/demoting team members?

What are the processes to collect continuous feedback and build this up to appraisal?

How frequent should the appraisal be performed, after each sprint or annually?

How to fix rules which unable to evaluate action?

I have created two rules to act on some events related to commerce products.

The first is to act on reference node delete event, to remove the product upon node delete.

the second is to delete the node upon expiration event using node_expire

When running the cron to make expired event to be happen no actions executed except if I disabled the first rule

I have tried rules components and rule sets as that two rules have conditions and actions in common But nothing changed.

Edit: I did some debugging and found that warning and error messages


WD rules: Unable to load commerce_product with id “102”
WD rules: Unable to evaluate action entity_fetch.
WD rules: Unable to get variable entity_fetched, it is not defined.


WD rules: Unable to evaluate action entity_delete.

How to evaluate in a formula that uses summatories and product of vectors?

Could someone tell me how to find beta1?

I have the following data:

enter image description here

I don’t know and I don’t find anything related on google

Please help me


I tried

beta1=(n Total[x.y]-(Total[x])(Total[y]))/(n Total[x^2]-(Total[x])^2) but I got an unexpected number

-6.41769 + 0.00120621 Total[5511.93]