Using Log4j2, I Want to create a log file every day, even if the log is zero bytes

I’m wanting to get a log file created for every day, even if the log file is 0 bytes/empty

Configuration:   status: INFO   monitorInterval: 30    Properties:     property:       name: log-path       value: $  {sys:catalina.base}/logs/    Appenders:     RollingFile:       name: File_Appender       fileName: $  {log-path}/pixel_qa_corewebapps_tomcat.log       filePattern: $  {log-path}/pixel_qa_corewebapps_tomcat.log.%d{yyyy-MM-dd}       PatternLayout:         pattern: "%d{dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss,SSS} [%p] %t %c - %m%n"       TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy:         interval: 1         modulate: true    Loggers:     Root:       level: INFO       AppenderRef:         - ref: File_Appender 

On the weekends the QA server environment doesn’t get used, so no traffic is generated. So on these days no log file is created, which makes us think that there is something is wrong with the logging with a several days gap.

Count Even Digits In Number

I was asked to complete this CodeStepByStep problem. Here’s a quick summary:

Write a function named count_even_digits that accepts two integers as parameters and returns the number of even-valued digits in the first number. An even-valued digit is either 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8. The second value represents how many digits the number has. The second value is guaranteed to match the number of digits in the first number.

For example, the number 8546587 has four even digits (the two 8s, the 4, and the 6), so the call count_even_digits(8346387, 7) should return 4.

You may assume that the values passed to your function are non-negative.

My implementation:

def count_even_digits(digit, nums):     count = 0     digits = str(digit)     for i in range(nums):         if int(digits[i]) % 2 == 0:             count += 1      return count 

I’m looking for any feedback on my implementation, and how to make this code more efficient. It seems weird that I have to cast the num to a string, then look at each char, convert it to int, then determine if it’s even. Having to cast (int => string => analyzing as char => int) seems unnecessary to me.

Can a child enter the UK with his older brother even though his brother is not the person listed to accompany him on his visa? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • I am a minor with a UK Accompanied visa. Will I be allowed to travel without my parent, who is already in the UK? 3 answers

My mum, little brother and I plan to travel to the UK but my 15 year old brother’s visa states that it’s only valid if accompanied by my mother. Unfortunately my mum cannot travel any longer for medical reasons. Is there any way my little brother and I, his older brother, can be allowed to enter the UK without my mum?

Is it even possible to prototype chrome extension products in Invision?

Without giving away too much IP I am starting work on prototyping a product that augments google chrome with notifications and menus through an extension.

From what I can tell, there seems to be no possible way for me to construct a prototype with any current prototyping tool due to a core issue. I cannot use GIFs/Videos of a person using chrome as a background in Invision and overlay my product over it. Because of this problem, I have to take videos of Invision animations and components and overlay them on a video on me using chrome. This is not a dynamic system that can evolve over time, and is not interactive at all.

What tools can I use to actually create a demo of this product? I am a first time PM intern so sorry if this seems dumb but my company is at a standstill in product development due to this problem.

Can I turn off notification sound on iPhone even if the sound switch is on?

I want to turn off the notification sound, but I must keep the sound switch (on the left edge of the iPhone) on, since otherwise some apps don’t play the sound.

However, I could not find a way to disable it globally. The only workaround seems that I must disable the sound on each app setting, one-by-one, but I rather want to disable it globally.

I disabled all the sounds to either None or Only Vibration on Sounds and Sequences of Vibration section on Settings | Sound and Vibration (sorry if the English translation is slightly different), but the sound still keeps ringing.

Is there any way to disable it globally, while the sound switch is on? I use the latest version of iOS on iPhone X.

Survey App is missing in SharePoin Online even after activating Team Collaboration Lists feature

I am trying to create a survey in SharePoint Online. When I clicked on add an app “Survey App” is missing.

I activated the Site Feature “Team Collaboration Lists”. Bit still “Survey App” is missing.

Is there any other settings/dependent Feature that I need to activate.

enter image description here

Thank You, Rohit Waghela

Does $\varphi(x^2)+\varphi(y^2)+\varphi(z^2)$ represent all even numbers greater than two?

It is well known that none of the numbers $ 4^k(8l+7)$ $ (k,l=0,1,\ldots)$ is represented by the form $ x^2+y^2+z^2$ with $ x,y,z\in\mathbb Z$ .

Let $ \varphi$ be Euler’s totient function. It is easy to see that all the numbers $ $ \varphi(n^2)=n\varphi(n)\ \ (n=1,2,3,\ldots)$ $ are pairwise distinct.

QUESTION: Is my following conjecture true? If true, how to prove it?

Conjecture. For any integer $ n>1$ , we can write $ 2n$ as $ \varphi(x^2)+\varphi(y^2)+\varphi(z^2)$ with $ x,y,z$ positive integers.

For example, $ $ 2\times 4=1+1+6=\varphi(1^2)+\varphi(1^2)+\varphi(3^2)$ $ and $ $ 2\times 19= 6+20+12=\varphi(3^2)+\varphi(5^2)+\varphi(6^2).$ $

Your comments are welcome!

Internet Problem only in Some apps, even Wifi or Mobile Data?

thanks for helping me, I have XT1789-05, Some apps can’t access internet and some apps (one of them Google Translate) can access internet, with WiFi or Mobile Data, nothing change, in another device the apps not working in My Moto Z2 Force, will work fine, even I have Moto X 1st, all apps work fine in the Moto X, but in the Moto Z2, some apps when opened error can’t access the internet, I searched and googled everywhere, I can’t find a solution, can you help me please? the Apps have the problem, always tell me you are offline!!!!!! I did several times reset factory, from fastboot from setting from recovery mode

Getting Subcategories even if product count for each is 0

In my module, I am getting the current ID and then using the category repository and the “getChildren” method. This works great, except it doesn’t return child categories with product counts of 0.

How would I get around this?

“getAllChildren” seemed promising, but returned all descendants, whereas I’m just looking for the immediate children, regardless of product counts.

Can flying creatures choose to hover, even if they don’t have hover in their flying speed?

Some creatures have a fly speed. Some creatures with a fly speed also have the ability to hover specified.

The PHB, in Chapter 9: Combat, Movement and Position, Flying Movement says:

Flying creatures enjoy many benefits of mobility, but they must also deal with the danger of falling. If a flying creature is knocked prone, has its speed reduced to 0, or is otherwise deprived of the ability to move, the creature falls, unless it has the ability to hover or it is being held aloft by magic, such as by the fly spell.

The conditions in this paragraph that would result in the creature falling have to do with having movement involuntarily removed or restricted. That might suggest that if you don’t have “hover” in your flying speed, you can’t hover.

But there is a difference between being knocked unconscious, or frozen, or webbed, or otherwise rendered unable to move, and choosing to hover, by flapping your wings, or standing on your jets, or whatever.

So, can flying creatures choose to hover, even if they don’t have hover in their flying speed?