Good Evening From Florida

Hello everyone @ Digitalpoint! My Name is Boofy and I am currently living in Florida.

A little about me I am a homemaker with some free time on my hands. Currently looking to fill this free time with a profitable venture. This is why I am here at Digitalpoint!

I have many talents. Hard worker. Great juggler of time. Hope to get to know all of you!

Good Evening from West Chester, Ohio

Hey Everyone,

I used to be a longtime user of DP years ago when I was ghostwriting for various websites/businesses full-time. I think it's been about 5 years since I've been back. The last time I tried logging in (about 3 years ago), I believe it said something about being gone too long. Not 100% on that, but it was something close to it.

Anyways, I felt like signing up again, mostly because I enjoyed the day-to-day on DP. I look forward to interacting with various people here,…

Good Evening from West Chester, Ohio