Listing multiple events with sub-events on a page

I have a fairly large collection of martial arts events that I’m listing on a page.

Each event happened on a given date and in a given location (country, state, city).

Each event has one or more tournaments, which has a division, the number of fights and the number of unique fighters.

When I had much fewer events I simply listed the events in chronological order with a heading for each year, a smaller heading for the event country, date and name, and the event’s tournaments as a list below that heading.

Now that I am dealing with hundreds of events this has become a pretty bad way of displaying the results, so I’m wondering about what would be a better way to display all this data.

The naive implementation would be to use a large table for everything. The benefits of that would be that it’s open to sorting, filtering, etc. but it would also mean a lot of redundant data (event name and year repeated over and over) or empty cells.

I’ve tried googling for existing examples, but I’ve been unable to find anything that matches what I’m looking for.

Current layout

What spells allow character’s to see past events?


The wizard in my campaign has a personal quest to stop the ‘dark magic’ that destroyed his home town. However his character knows very little of the details of exactly what happened. He was in the library studying (typical wizard things) during the event and only saw the aftermath. So during the campaign he has been seeking out places of magical learning that can help him learn what happened to his home.

As a source of information I came up with the idea of giving him some spell or ritual that he could use when he returned to his home town to gather information. I expect the party to be around 9th level when they gain this ritual. Ideally it would allow him to relieve the event as though he was there and gain first hand information. The event to be relived will be at least 3 years in the past by this time.

What I want

Ideally I am looking for a spell with the following criteria:

  • 4th or 5th level and on the wizard spell list
  • Has a high but achievable material component cost (~1000gp)
  • Casting time between 1 min and 8 hours
  • Allows the caster to relieve past events at their location

Close but not perfect

So far I have found three spells that fit some but not all of the criteria:

  • Ears of the City (Player Companion: Heroes of the Street)

    • As a 1st level I feel this too easy for a major plot point in this character’s story. I worry that is won’t feel like a proper achievement to gain this spell.
    • Spell relies on diplomacy/perception checks neither of which this player is strong in so could be unreliable.
  • Legend Lore (Core Rulebook pg.304)

    • Details are very vague for what the player is trying to obtain. I know this is almost entirely up to the DM and I can make it work but I’m not sure the information they are seek would be called “legendary”.
    • Resource expenditure is good, I would like this be something the players have to work/plan for.
    • As a 6th level it is higher level than would be available at the time. Though a scroll or something could easily bypass this.
  • Retrocognition (Occult Adventures pg.185)

    • This probably has the best flavour of what I am going for. Psychic impressions that go further back the longer you concentrate for is great.
    • As a 7th level spell is it beyond the reach of the party without giving them a scroll.
    • Caster level limitations in the spell will make it difficult to see back far enough. 1 hour/minute is very slow, even the 1 week/minute at 13th level would make this more useful but my players are unlikely to be that high when using this.


Before I try to choose one of these spells, modify one or homebrew something entirely from scratch. I wanted to draw on the community wisdom for more information.

Are there any spells that allow a creature to see the past other than those I listed?

Answers don’t need to meet all of my criteria above anything that meets the general goal is useful inspiration. If someone does find the perfect spell I will probably bounty it for being awesome.

How can I display recurring Events in CQWP with item type “event”?

I have a CQWP to display a list of upcoming events for the next 2 weeks of every calendar on a site collection. To do so, I use a filter Attribute only available when choosing “event” to be the item type of the CQWP.

Unfortunatly, I don’t see any recurring events in the result apart from the very first appearance of the events.

I did find a TechNet thread, suggesting to use “item” as the item type of the CQWP – but this doesn’t work for me because with this item type I lose the ability to filter by event’s start date.

Is there any other possibilty to show recurring events in a CQWP when using “event” as item type?


Moudhafer’s answer did help me to apply the custom query I need to the CQWP when using the item type “item”. But still, there aren’t any recurring events appearing for more than the very first time in the result. I did make sure to use item type “item” and that the feature “team collaboration lists” is enabled as described in the TechNet thread I mentioned above.

I guess, there must be more to it than that … Any ideas?

Overlay Calendar Events

I have searched for an answer but haven’t quite figured it out. I have an approved vacation calendar as default. I made a pending vacation calendar as an overlay. What I need to do is when someone clicks new events they can choose to add the approved form or the pending form. I can add a second button but can’t seem to get it to open the pending calendar form so it has a different color. I had it working at one point but couldn’t change the form so I deleted and now can’t figure it out with the correct forms. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Outlook events bullk deletion using MS Flows

My requirement is delete all events from outlook using MS Flows.

I have tried with below mentioned steps.

select –> Outlook 365 –> add, update or modified Outlook events –> select calendar –> Calendar –> ID __> in Id place i have provided Subject name(It might be wrong)

if condition yes –> delete event v2 no–> Notification

But no luck

How to schedule events optimally given when the events are available?

Suppose I had a dictionary that contains events and the corresponding periods they are occurring. For example:

$ $ \begin{align} \textrm{Event 1} &\rightarrow \textrm{[1, 2, 3]} \ \textrm{Event 2} &\rightarrow \textrm{[2, 4]} \ \textrm{Event 3} &\rightarrow \textrm{[4]} \ \textrm{Event 4} &\rightarrow \textrm{[2, 3]} \end{align} $ $

How would I go about generating a schedule so that the events are scheduled optimally? For the example above, one possible optimal schedule would be:

$ $ \begin{align} \textrm{Period 1} &\rightarrow \textrm{Event 1} \ \textrm{Period 2} &\rightarrow \textrm{Event 2} \ \textrm{Period 3} &\rightarrow \textrm{Event 4} \ \textrm{Period 4} &\rightarrow \textrm{Event 3} \ \end{align} $ $

Is there any way to do this in better than checking every permutation? This seems like the reverse of the graph-coloring problem for scheduling, so is there any way to construct a graph to encapsulate this relationship and maybe find a shortest path? Can someone point me in the right direction on how to approach this?

Use Flow to update/delete events on Online Sharepoint’s Group calendar

I am new to Flow and SharePoint online.

My online SharePoint site is based on a group which was created in Outlook. This SharePoint site has a group calendar. And there is a SharePoint list of events, the info here is used to populate the calendar. So when a new item is added to the list, a new calendar event is created. The event creation is handled by Flow’s ‘Office 365 Groups’ connector.

But the problem is, this connector does not have the ability to update or delete events if the corresponding items on the SharePoint list has been updated/deleted.

Is there a way to make this happen using Flow?

Link list items to the calendar and create events

we’re using SharePoint 2013 at the office, I am a backend developer in c# and know very little about SharePoint. I was tasked with building a form in SharePoint to capture data and then create a calendar event with that data. Like I said I have very little to no experience with SharePoint so any guidelines as to what SharePoint Apps I must use will be appreciated! detailed spec below:

It’s basically an internal sales system of dead assets. Each asset uploaded must have the following properties:

  • Name
  • Asset number
  • [Pictures] (upload)
  • [documentation] (upload)
  • comment
  • Expiry Date (Links to the calendar and must display on home page calendar)

Only some users must be able to add new items to the list so I’m thinking some sort of data capture form with limited accessibility

All users must be able to go through a list of all assets and view pictures, documentation, etc…

The most important thing is the items (assets) showing on the calendar on the SharePoint home page

I don’t expect anyone to do my job for me, I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you all!