How do I handle someone who never ever wants to pull?

I am getting ready to host my first game of Dread and the question that is really bugging me is what happens if a player (and I have one in mind) absolutely refuses to pull every single time?

Dread is pretty clear that you can only kill a character if the tower falls, how do you handle a player who refuses to pull a block every single time?

Can you ever be conscious but not stabilized?

I was creating some condition cards when I noticed that…

  • You are dying if you have negative HP1, you have not stabilized and you are not conscious.
  • You are stable if you have negative HP1, you have stabilized and you are not conscious.
  • You are disabled if you have 0 HP or if you have Negative HP1, you have stabilized and you are conscious.

Can you ever be in negative HP and conscious without having stabilized? What happens then?

  1. But less than your Constitution score, otherwise you’d be dead

Can you avoid ever password to be sent on the wire?

Let’s say I want to secure authentication on a web app or a mobile app or even a machine to machine app.

My first approach to secure the password is to enable HTTPS and some sort of client side message level encryption of data to be sent on the wire.

So I’m starting to think that since MITM could help circumvent HTTPS and discover at least an encrypted password, there is maybe no way to truly protect a password.

So I was wondering (not considering VPN here), if a user submitted data (ex : password) on the wire is ever secure ? Or if there exists a way to to never submit password on the wire ?

Shortest lifespan intelligent race ever published?

I’m looking for the published intelligent race (INT 3+) with the shortest lifespan. No need to be a playable race. Any edition will do, but 3.5 is preferable. Hoping for something with a lifespan of weeks.

I intend to run this in 3.5, but don’t mind porting. My plan is to make a short-lived race’s settlement around a Photostatic Rock deposit (an underdark feature that memorizes event around it) and use it as a form of ‘cultural memory’.

I need natural lifespans, so no summons. First party strongly preferred.

Would there ever be a circumstance where a High Elf baby would be abandoned? [on hold]

So, I’m helping out a new player create a character, and this character is a High Elf. However, the player has created an abandonment arc, and I wanted to know if this would even be remotely possible or probable. I don’t want to have to make the player re-do all of the work they’ve already done, so I was wondering if there was any way for this to work out.

Ubuntu remembers every drive ever connected and every dvd ever inserted and PCmanFM shows it in folder panel

I am using PCManFM 1.2.5 as file manager on Ubuntu 18.04.2. When I go to my media folder, there I find listed the names of every external drive I ever connected and every disk I ever inserted in my dvd drive and even for my WLAN stick a separate entry for every time I connected it to the computer. How can I get Ubuntu to empty this list daily or forget about the devices as soon as they get disconnected?