How did elven cities like Myth Drannor or those of Evermeet feed their populations?

In the AD&D supplement book for elves, it is said that elves eat little meat, do not raise livestock, and survive on the fruits of the forest.

This raises the problem of feeding any population larger than a small village. We also know that cities like Myth Drannor or Leuthilspar (Evermeet) had populations reaching over 40,000.

With such large urban centers, how did they feed themselves?

In “Elves of Evermeet”, how does the “construction” spell work?

This is in the 2nd edition book: Elves of Evermeet. On page 65 there is the description for a spell: Construction. Part of the description says:

The caster can create any object with a volume equal to 1,000 cubic feet (10x10x10 feet) per level. Each 1,000 cubic feet so created takes one entire day. Once created, the object can be added to at the same rate (1,000 cubic feet per day) for as long as the caster wishes.

This made me wonder, assuming a level 20 caster, how much volume can be created/added to in a day? Is it 1000 cubic feet/level, or only 1000, in which case, what is the point of mentioning the caster level?

How long does it take to sail to Evermeet from the Neverwinter harbor?

Imagine Bob the elf who is a passenger on the ship travelling to Evermeet from the Neverwinter harbor (sailing from the Material Plane to the Feywild).

Captain of the ship is an elf who already sailed to the Evermeet, so this journey is possible.

So Bob goes to the captain and ask him “How much time would take?”

How could the captain answer? Is it possible to give such an answer at all? Or maybe the journey time would vary from time to time?