Schedule a reminder for Memorial Day every year

Memorial Day in the United States falls on the last Monday of May.

I figured I could just set a reminder for the last day of May every 12 months, but it doesn’t offer “last Monday of May” unless May has 5 Mondays.

This answer doesn’t work. I can’t set a recurring reminder in the past, because it instead says “recurring reminder created today” as if I created it at the next May, which doesn’t have five weeks, so it changes it to “fourth Monday in May” which is wrong, and after that, it doesn’t even show up for any subsequent fourth or last Monday’s in May for future years!

I also can’t select a future May to start the event, because there isn’t a May with 5 Mondays again until 2021, which means I would miss two years of reminders.

I thought as a workaround I would go ahead and create the reminder in 2021 to cover that and all subsequent years, and then manually create 2019 and 2020 reminders (although this is not an acceptable general solution, because of the arbitrary number of years ahead you have to go to get a month with 5 of whatever day of the week you are interested in), but when I did that, the reminder still only showed up for 2022 and no years after that!

Controller empties cart every first session but works perfectly every time after

I’m creating a custom module for Magento 1.9 to email cart items. Every time the contoller is called (from any URL) it empties the cart, but every ensuing call works perfectly (maintain same session, add items to cart, and call controller works). I’ve isolated the behavior to the IndexController which extends Mage_Core_Controller_Front_Action. Even in the simplified code below, the same behavior occurs, and I’ve evrified that the session ID and the formKey are present. Am I extending the wrong class, or is there something else wrong in this structure?

<?php  class Custom_EmailCart_IndexController extends Mage_Core_Controller_Front_Action {      public function indexAction() {  // Email items in cart          $  this->_redirectReferer();     }  } 

Grabbing only non-empty cells from a row range for every row

I have a survey that sends responses into a Google Sheet. The raw data that is inserted is messy, so I have another sheet that processes the incoming raw data.

One of the things I need to do is: from a range of columns in one row, pull the non-empty cells–and do this automatically with every new response that comes in.

This is what I’ve come up with that works with a single row, but I can’t figure out how to have it automatically apply to the entire column:

=transpose(QUERY(unique(transpose({'Raw Data'!AL3:AY3,'Raw Data'!AL3:AY3})),"SELECT Col1 WHERE Col1 <> '' ORDER BY Col1 ASC LIMIT 8",0))

Because the survey will insert rows, it ends up adjusting any cell references in my ‘Processed Data’ sheet, so I’ve been trying to use ARRAYFORMULA unsuccessfully.

Also, the range of columns will be more than 400 (options of schools), so manually writing out individual column names would probably be unfeasible.

Here’s a link to the spreadsheet

The column of issue starts on column O

Background: In the survey, a respondent can select multiple schools to a maximum of 8 out of a selection of 400+ schools. In the ‘Raw Data’ sheet, each school option is represented by a column.

Hopefully all of that made sense. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated–I’ve been stuck on this for a while!

Every so often, the volume on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will oscillate wildly. How do I make that stop?

I feel sort of weird repeating the title of my question verbatim, but…Every so often, the volume on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will oscillate wildly. How do I make that stop? Preferably in a way that doesn’t just paper over whatever’s actually causing the problem.

Rebooting will at least make it stop in the moment, but I’m averse to this because I tend to accumulate things that I want to keep open that die on reboot, and because it’s a temporary solution at best.

I have not successfully found circumstances that reliably reproduce this behavior, but it tends to happen roughly every couple of months, I think, and I don’t think it has lasted more than 15 minutes (though I don’t know if this is because I’ve just never let it keep going or if this is actually useful information on how long this will keep happening if left to its own devices).

I have an Otterbox case on the phone, and as far as I recall this phone was the current model when I got it.

I’m not sure if “my headphone jack doesn’t have a good connection (i.e. there’s static sometimes and it can end up disconnecting if the cable rotates in its socket)” is useful information, either, but I thought I’d mention it just in case it is.

(also, I can’t tag this question with the correct model of phone because the tag doesn’t exist, so if someone could do that…)

Should a wizard buy fine inks every time he want to copy spells into his spellbook?

PHB says that Wizards should use ‘fine inks’ for 50 gp for every levels of the spell he want to copy into his spellbook.

The problem is that there are no any ‘fine inks’ in the PHB goods list, just common ‘inks’.

The question is: should a Wizard buy a lot of bottles of these common inks per 50 gp each? Or could he just use any inks (such as from the scholar pack) and drop 50 gp in the forest?

What should a Wizard sitting with common inks and a lot of gold in his bag the middle of the forest do to copy a spell from one spellbook to another? Is it possible?

How to NOT require sign in every time a file is opened in office desktop from Sharepoint?

We have a conference room computer that is shared by everyone in the office. Whenever someone opens a powerpoint file in desktop mode, powerpoint asks the user to sign in every time. Then we end up with 2-3 people logged into powerpoint at the same time, when the next person goes to login powerpoint just freezes and we have to sign out all other users, re open the file, sign in and it works fine.

(I just used powerpoint as an example, this happens with all office applications)

I know there is a way for a user to sign into sharepoint and if they have a license that allows for desktop applications. The desktop application will not ask the user to sign in because the credentials are already in sharepoint. I have not figured out how to set this up properly. I would greatly appreciate any tips! Thanks for your time.