How can my rogue act like a thief when everyone knows everyone?

Like many rogues, my character likes to cheat at cards and steal from NPCs if he thinks they deserve it.

However, the vast majority of D&D towns are small enough that everyone knows everyone. I’m yet to visit a town in my current game where someone hasn’t mentioned that they don’t recognise me therefore I must be a newcomer.

How can I act like a rogue without the townsfolk immediately putting two and two together that I’m the one responsible for thefts, even if I disguise and sneak perfectly? After all, nobody’s stolen anything for years until I showed up (because it’s a small town and everyone knows everyone). I’d quite like to be able to use my huge stealth/deception modifiers to avoid becoming an outlaw of each town by default.

How are web hosting companies able to give everyone public IPv4 addresses

I’ve a few web applications on AWS/Linode/Digital Ocean/Hostgator’s VPS instances and each has an IPv4 address. As I understand it, APNIC and ARIN distribute IP addresses and new hosting companies have to buy unused IPs from ISPs going out of business.

  1. Given how big AWS, DigitalOcean etc. are now, and the ever growing number of websites and apps: How do these companies continue to fulfil the need for IP space? How’re they able to give me public IPv4 Addresses for VPS instances?

  2. How does an agency decide what sized pool of IPs can be given to which company. They’re all profit-making companies at the end who are there for “land grab”. The early movers seemingly have a big advantage in this — How does one make the field level-playing for new entrants?

Does having a TSA Pre-Check member in your flight reservation increase the chances that everyone gets Pre-Check?

I recently booked 4 plane tickets for the same flight for myself and three friends. I have a Known Traveler Number for TSA Pre-Check, but none of my friends do. When we printed our boarding passes at the airport, all four of us had TSA Pre-Check printed on the boarding pass. The same was true of the return flight. Was this because I had a KTN? Did it matter that I was the one who booked the reservation (i.e. if one of my friends had booked it but still entered my KTN for my ticket, would we all have gotten Pre-Check)?

Splitting up Google Sheets vs. keeping everyone on one sheet

I’ve got some Google Sheets with lots and lots of formulas and arrayformulas (especially vlookups), and they can get really slow.

I’ve discovered that if I split them up into smaller sheets and do importranges back and forth, it seems to speed things up for the end user. But then sometimes, we start getting importrange internal errors and weird caching-related (I think) problems.

Are there the best practices when it comes to really processor-intensive sheets? Should I continue to break them up? Or is it better to keep everything on one sheet?

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