Scrolling with more whitespace vs Everything on one page

Our end-users are used to an old B2B application which contains really small inputs and information that is so close together that it is difficult to distinguish. As a result, users complain a lot about the readability and findability of items in our web application.

Therefore we tried to increase the size of our inputs, fontsize and space between items. We also logically grouped content. Because of these changes, everything is set up more spacious and the readability and findability has increased. However, now users complain that they have to scroll extra, where they used to see everything at a glance.

How should we deal with this situation? Our pages contains a lot of information and I have the feeling that we have to choose between no scrolling or bad readability and findability.

Does everything that eases a task, but is not listed as an asset, stack with other ‘untyped’ eases?

The rules as interpreted in this question: Is the maximum a task difficulty can be eased 4 without applying Effort? state that you cannot ease a difficulty by more than 2 levels with assets, however through the book there are examples of situations that would allow one to ease a task without stating it counts as an asset, as all assets ease a task, but nothing says that all eases count as an asset. So does everything that eases a task ignore the

An example: Say you have a player with the ‘Murders’ focus attacking an enemy with a light weapon and has gained surprise, the breakdown of all the bonuses in play(All highlighting my own):

  • ‘Murders’ focus power (+1 asset)

    Tier 1: Surprise Attack. If attacking from a hidden vantage, with surprise, or before an opponent has acted, you gain an asset to your attack. On a successful hit with this surprise attack, you inflict 2 additional points of damage. Enabler.

    Numenera Discovery pg.82

  • Light Weapon (+1 ease)

    Light weapons inflict only 2 points of damage, but they ease the attack roll because they are fast and easy to use.

    Numenara Discovery pg.95

  • Surprise (in this case +2 eases)

    When a target isn’t aware of an incoming attack, the attacker has an advantage. Attacks by a ranged sniper in a hidden position, an invisible assailant, or the first salvo in a successful ambush are all eased by two steps. For the attacker to gain this advantage, however, the defender truly must have no idea that the attack is coming. If the defender isn’t sure of the attacker’s location but is still on guard, the attacks are eased by only one step.

    Numenara Discovery pg.113

So in this case does the player lower the difficulty of the attack by 4, as they only had one named asset, or do they lower it by only 2, treating all these as assets, essentially invalidating half of their benefits?

Huawei update to EMUI 9 broke everything

I have a Huawei NOVA 2S which I purchased in China.

I got the EMUI 9 update yesterday and none of my Google Apps were working. Found this:, which is exactly the problem I’m having but those steps don’t help. I ran the GMS installer 1.2 and it removed all google apps.

I then installed Google play services (17.1.22 version code: 17122012). I keep getting “Google Play Services won’t run unless you update Google Play Services“. This is the most current version!!

Another Problem: I downloaded and installed Chrome from the Chinese app store. It opens for a minute then crashes.

I can’t even get the Play Store to work at all. I installed the most current version for my architecture from but it won’t work. It just crashes instantly on opening.

Any suggestions other than use as a paperweight?

How to handle DM constantly stealing everything from sleeping characters?

In past campaigns, the DM has had a habit of stealing from our characters while they sleep impulsively without any sort of story reason. And not just regular stealing either, they manage to remove all our items, including worn such as clothes and armor. All based on beating our listen check minus 10 in one roll. The party find this entirely bullshit since we can lose everything for no reason, and have very little way to get it back.

We have just started a new 3.5 campaign, all of us level one base races, and the dm has made it very clear we are following the rules to a T. Our characters however, are entirely being trampled because he is making all the encounters 3 levels higher then our party would be able to handle. After 2 failed encounters, we arrived at a village with about 20 people, all level 1s, and decided to all go to sleep there. After waking up, 2 of us woke up with no armor, no clothes, no starting gear at all. The other 2, who went to sleep outside the village, woke up with all their items missing and being carried away by animals.

We were not drugged, and there was nothing special about the npcs that would allowed them to do this. Is there any rules, or anything we can show to the dm to prove these actions to be impossible and completely unfair?

Deleted mount point folder deleted everything inside another mounted point folder

I run a Google Cloud Compute Engine VM instance. I have two disks one bootable one for data. I had two folders mounted under /mnt/ -> /mnt/”disk-2″ and /mnt/”disk-2-tmp”

I was not really paying attention to them for some time and they were forgotten. Yesterday I logged in and when I realized the second mount point and because of the “tmp” in the folder’s name I unmounted it and “rm -rf” it without a second thought. So, I deleted “/mnt/disk-2-tmp”. Only to find out that /mnt/disk-2 was also empty 🙁

My only guess now is that I had the same disk point mounted twice in two different locations under /mnt/ I had forgotten about it and got confused because of the name and because everything was pointing to /mnt/disk-2 (such as Apache document root, linked folders etc)

Is there anyway possible that I can undo/undelete this or roll back the disk or the VM instance? I have lost quite a large amount of work in case I don’t somehow recover from this. My last snapshot is 5-6 months behind. Thanks & kind regards.

Google Chrome History Search Not Showing everything?

Let’s say I search “cat” through my history, and I find three videos that I previously watched.

Then I look through my entire search history and ctrl F “cat,” I’ll find dozens more videos with cat in the name.

How can I search through my entire history and get all of the results that ought to be there in the first place?

Samsung S7 constantly dropping calls even after reinstall, but everything else is working perfectly. How to narrow down the problem?

My Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F, Exynos/International model, LineageOS 15.1) has developed a weird fault. Has anyone heard of this or able to suggest ideas for troubleshooting/fixing?

Everything works 100% except that it randomly disconnects on phone calls. Often within seconds to a few minutes, sometimes while connecting the call or waiting to have it picked up. It doesn’t seem to matter who initiates the call. There’s no other symptom and everything else (including data connectivity) seems to work properly. Its consistent (every call). I have to call back each time, and several times to complete the conversation. It started around New Year 4 months ago, but I don’t remember any accidents. The glass is intact all around, and it’s always been in a TPU protector + glass screen protector case.

I’ve never had a SIM card error that I know of, nor any alerts about a SIM issue, and it doesn’t seem to be related to vibration, as I’m often handholding it indoors at the time, which to me, suggests it’s not an issue with the SIM tray contacts.

The only hint I have is that it seems to disconnect less if I am stationery or more when I change location – if I pace up and down or walk from room to room, it seems to be more prone to disconnect, but this could be just me imagining it as I try to find a way to work around the issue. Or could hint at antennae issues???

I’ve tried a new SIM (no effect), network operator says its not their side, reinstalled same OS (lineage 15.1) as used before that time (no use). It seems nothing left except a hardware issue, but who can tell.

I know there are logs for these things, and I’m used to log dumps on other platforms, but they’re long, and not sure what to look for. Ideally I’m looking for a way to tell what the system thinks has caused the disconnection.

In brief, how can I narrow down the cause, and is there anything else I can do to determine if it’s fixable, without returning to Samsung?