How does it affect the game if not everything spoke Common?

Going through the bestiary DBs, you find that most monsters that speak a language, almost all speak Common as well. (Or have some form of telepathy or truespeech.)

From the data my friend gathered, he determined there are about 75% of speaking creatures speak Common. Of those that don’t, 20% are elementals or variants of them, so this leaves only about 20% of creatures that can speak that don’t speak common.

What would the consequences be of removing Common from a large majority of creatures? My goal is to give players more immersion (not everything understands them if its more abnormal or abstract from common folk) and letting those that pick extra languages feel like they are more useful tools, without overshadowing someone who has a lower Int character, but may still want to be a social butterfly.

Does Mirage Arcane spell allow everyone to see everything and let the (real) sunshine in?

The spell Mirage Arcane allows for a cubic mile of terrain modification. Can this be used so one can see everything?

Excerpts of Interest

The Illusion includes audible, visual, tactile, and olfactory elements, so it can turn clear ground into Difficult Terrain (or vice versa) or otherwise impede Movement through the area.

Also of note:

The spell doesn’t disguise, conceal, or add creatures.

So i am asking if these two passages suggest one can make a cubic mile totally transparent / translucent with this spell.

Sample scenario:

A group of vampires sleep a half mile (safely) below the surface around noon on a clear, cloudless day. Some bloke casts Mirage Arcane on the ground area and transforms the entire region as transparent as fibre optics. Ten minutes later Mr. von Zarovich & his vampiric friends are all turned completely to ash.

Whilst not slaughtering innocent undead blood suckers, this might be a great spell for looking into any fortress, dungeon or whatever you like. Even better than Scotty’s transparent aluminum, perhaps?

Long Story Short: Wizard tries to cast Mirage Arcane spell so as to render a cubic mile of solid rock utterly transparent & see through for about ten days or so.

How is the sorcerer’s magic different from the magic permeating everything else?

The Raw Magic section (PHB 99) for the sorcerer states:

Magic is a part of every sorcerer, suffusing body, mind, and spirit with a latent power that waits to be tapped.

while the Weave of Magic lore (PHB 205) states:

All existence is infused with magical power, and potential energy lies untapped in every rock, stream, and in the air itself. Raw magic is the stuff of creation, the mute and mindless will of existence permeating every bit of matter and present in every manifestation of energy throughout the multiverse.

It seems a given that magic would be part of every sorcerer. Is there something in the lore I’m missing? How is the sorcerer’s magic different from the magic permeating everything else?

As a DM, how can I handle my Druid spying on everything as a spider?

I gm Lost Mines of Phandelver.

My player’s level 2 (soon 3) Druid has discovered that while in Wild Shape in spider form, they are almost impossible to catch, especially since in caves etc. they “fit in” (which I agreed to twice).

However, this results in the PCs knowing pretty much the entire dungeon layout since those are somewhat small.

What can I do to hinder this full exploration without being unfair?

I’ve tried:

  • Letting time run out. Wild Shape doesn’t last too long, but 2-3 hours still suffices for almost all dungeons.
  • Have NPCs swat against the spider if they see it – which doesn’t do much due to the high Stealth bonus, and by climbing on the ceiling she now keeps out of their sight/range.
  • Have NPCs change post from between her exploration and the party entering – which kinda works, but still leaves a lot of the dungeon-crawling mystery lost.

Any other ideas? I’m ready to amend the prewritten dungeons and maps with new ideas, but so far none came to mind (except maybe an antimagic field in the final dungeon, but it would not fit for any of the other encounters/dungeons before that).

Store everything in one table or multiple tables

Possible duplicate of Storing data in PostgreSQL: One table or two? and probably to broad question.

But anyway.. Im a noob in general at database administration. I want to weekly copy data from mssql database to postgres, about 30 tables. Then use postgres data as input to power BI etc. to see trends over time. To create the power BI reports etc I will have to join tables together.

Is it best in the long run (for each of the 30 tables) to append data to existing table and add a date (I would then have to include date when joining tables together):

enter image description here

Or keep the tables separated:

enter image description here

Are the rules in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything clarifications/in addition to the Core rules or are they Optional/Variants?

The release of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything includes additional rules for things under Chapter 2 Dungeon Master’s Tools.

Are those rules official updates/clarifications to the Core Rules or are they considered Optional/Variants that you a DM can utilize?

Why is JavaScript executed manually from the browser console not allowed to access everything?

Why is JavaScripts executed manually from the browser console not allowed to access “everything”? Especially the “visited” status (see this question) of links? What kind of security threat would that pose?

Usually, users have full access to their environment, sometimes with a little bump in the form of entering the root password or similar. Why is this an exception?

(I am not saying that scripts downloaded from a web page should have this access. I understand why that is a threat to the user’s privacy etc.)

D&D 5E: Can the new bard colleges do everything other classes can do? [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • D&D 5E: Are the new Bard Class Options Tier 1 [closed]

Are the new Bard college options (Glamour, Swords) capable of doing nearly everything that other classes can?

Are they better than classes that specialize in that thing?

Are they capable of resolving encounters with a single mechanical ability and little thought from the player?

Do they have world changing powers at high levels?

Are they difficult to challenge without extreme DM fiat?