What evidence does a compiled file leave behind?

I was wondering when people compile malware and use the compiled files for engagements or nefarious purposes, what evidence do they leave behind in the compiled Windows executables? I have heard that the OS usernames of the compilers can be disclosed upon analysis of the executable. Is it true? Is the evidence left behind the same both for .NET and native applications?

Is there any evidence for or against consent forms in game? [on hold]

The new hype this year seems to be consent forms for RPG Sessions. I’m all in on having a safe game, and keeping an eye open for players feeling bad during a game. Therefore, even my Kult sessions are tame because I don’t think that exploitation is a valid way to generate tension. But other people might have different experiences.

In my layman’s view, the consent forms seems to be at least not effective or at most being damaging. If someone is comfortable enough to make their triggers known in an impersonal form, a summary of the possible topics plus a conversation with each player prior to a particularly heavy setting should suffice for the GM that have some grasp of their players (this does not remove the responsibility of keeping and eye open DURING and AFTER the game for any inconveniences or problems).

And if someone ISN’T comfortable filling a form (peer pressure, unresolved traumas, lack of knowledge of what might trigger they, etc), then a session might end up abusing its theme because no one ticked that particular box in the form and the tension that the GM sees in the table they could assume is due to the setting and not something that is triggering a player.

I tried to find something to support or rebuke those ideas, but had no luck. So, if someone has any pointers in that direction, or has some formal training/experience in psychology and trauma, please, chime in.

Why are Oracle Separations Counted as Evidence toward Unconditional Separation?

Particularly, we already have some oracle separation results such as $ \mathbf{BPP}^A\neq \mathbf{BQP}^A$ [Simon], $ \mathbf{NP}^A\not\subseteq \mathbf{BQP}^A$ [BBBV], and $ \mathbf{BQP}^A\not\subseteq \mathbf{NP}^A$ [Aaronson]. But given that most problems are non-relativising, how does such oracle separation even counted as evidence of un-conditinal separation? Or do we need to discuss it case-wisely?

What is the evidence, if any, that the Ranger Beast Master archetype is comparatively underpowered?

I have seen various claims that the Ranger’s Beast Master Archetype is underpowered, compared to other ranger archetypes and/or classes.

I have searched for some factual analysis that would support or refute this, but I have not found any.

What is the evidence, if any, that the Ranger Beast Master archetype is comparatively underpowered?

Google deleted (from 3 accounts) a threatening email that I need as evidence of a crime-how to retrieve?

I received a personalized threatening email that went into my spam folder (“someone” used the message board from rentboy.com to mask their identity). I sent a copy of the email to my sister (also mentioned in the threatening email) and my wife. When I went to retrieve the body of the email in question, we discovered that it had been erased from ALL 3 different accounts. How do I retrieve this email? I need this to pursue justice in a legal matter…please help!

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