Exam Selling Website [on hold]

I want to develop a website that sells exams and the exams contain mostly MCQ’s. The second requirement is there is also a question bank in the website and my buyers can search the answer of any question through search bar through that question bank.

I have searched but only find that I can make a website that contains MCQ’s questions but I haven’t find any way to make question bank in my website and allow my buyers to search question from that bank. Please help me in this regard. I know that it might be off-topic but I have no other choice to ask this question any where. This is the only platform that can help me in this regard. so please help me. Thanks

provide you 3 PMP guide PDF for PMP exam prep for $5

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Tier 4 Student visa UK – Proof of funds/ IELTS Exam

I’ll be applying for a Tier 4 student visa to do a postgraduate degree in the UK. I will be getting a loan from the bank for the funds but how can i prove this during my application as i don’t want to get the loan and for whatever reason my application is rejected. Can i proof of the loan being approved instead?

Also I need to undertake my IELTS english exam. How long does it take to the get the results for this exam?

Thank you

Processing Time for a Canadian Study permit with a late request for a Medical Exam

I submitted my application for a Canadian study permit on the 23rd of March, 2019. I gave in my biometrics which were uploaded to Cic on the 27th of March, 2019. I was requested to give in a medical exam on the 29th of April, 2019.

Initially I had filled out that I did not need one because I was in the UK 5 months prior (back in March) and the application said that if I had not lived in a territory for 6 months or more which required a medical then I was exempted. After I was requested to do a medical exam I got the earliest appointment I could for the 10th of May, 2019. My medical exam was approved on the 16th of May, 2019 and reflected on my Cic portal.

It’s now the 31st of May, 2019 (9.5 weeks after I submitted my application). My processing time was 8 weeks and i’m still stuck on a Background Check. I’m unsure of what my processing time is now, is there some way to have an expected processing time?

Help with studying for upcoming exam [on hold]

can i get some help with solving those questions? i am not good at math and got an exam coming up so i am solving older exams as a reference but i don’t have the answers for it to be sure that i solved it correctly. thanks in advance!

questions are;
mathematical induction
binomial expansion
partial fraction
Taylor’s expansion
newton forward formula
Fourier series expansion

Need Help Regarding Magento Front End Developer Exam Preparation!

As you know it is dream of every professional to pass Magento Front End Developer Exam but not all of them certify with it, I browse many websites regarding it but at the end I found CertsMarket for it and I am satisfied with their provided study material but I am bit confused last night when I was studying their provided study material I am going to post this question here If anyone from you knows about it then please let me know.

You want to figure out which phtml-files are rendering in the front end. Which developer tool helps you do that?

A. Profiler B. Exception.log C. Block Class Names D. Template Path Hints E. System.log

I just don’t want an answer of this question but I also want to know about it concept so please briefly explain me about it!

Exam question — height of a tree

I’m preparing for a data structures midterm and came across the following question:

Prove / disprove: If a ternary tree with $ n$ nodes meets the following criteria:

  1. Each internal (non-leaf) node has exactly $ 3$ children
  2. The sum of the subtree sizes of any two brothers is greater than or equal to the size of the third brother’s subtree

Then the height of the tree is $ O(\log n)$ .

My answer is:

In order for the the tree to meet the criteria, for any internal node whose subtree size is $ k$ , its “largest” child (meaning the child with the largest subtree) can contain at most $ \frac{k}{2}$ nodes. So any ternary tree that meets the criteria has a height of $ \log_2 n$ at the most. QED

However, the professor’s answer is:

Between any three children of an internal node whose subtree size is $ k$ , there must be at least one node whose subtree size is $ \geq \frac{k}{3}$ , which means that the second-smallest child has a subtree size of at least $ \frac{k}{6}$ . So the number of nodes found at leach level is decreased by a factor of at least $ \frac{1}{6}$ , so the height of the tree is $ O(\log n)$ . QED

My question is this: is my answer incorrect? And if so, why? I’m honestly a little unclear about the professor’s answer but mine seems to be a bit simpler so I hope I’m not missing anything. Any clarification here would be greatly appreciated.