sharepoint – accessing excel files from VBA

I’m trying to access SharePoint directory from Excel VBA and loop over all files at this directory. But when I try to refer to the directory, then I get this error in return:

Path not found

I tried:

Set folder = fs.GetFolder("//mojsharepoint/xx") 

and I tried this:

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder("//mysharepoint/xx") 

But when referring to a single file on the directory it works perfect

LoadFilePath = "//mojsharepoint/xx/file.xlsm" Set WB = Workbooks.Open(LoadFilePath) 

Quisiera saber como arreglar mi codigo para poder leer más de 1 pagina en laravel excel

He realizado una funcion para insertar datos a mi base de datos desde mi excel y, quisiera saber como podría hacer para que mi código lea más de 1 pagina de los mismos datos, así no tener que subir cada vez un nuevo excel.

Este es mi codigo:

public function importPreguntas(Request $  request) {     $  request->validate([         'import_file' => 'required'     ]);      $  path = $  request->file('import_file')->getRealPath();     $  data = Excel::load($  path)->get();       if($  data->count()){         foreach ($  data as $  key => $  value) {             if (!empty($  value->content)) {                 if ($  value->leccion_id > 0) {                     $  pregunta = Preguntas::create([                         'leccion_id'    => $  value->leccion_id,                         'content'       => $  value->content,                         'title'         => 'NULL'                     ]);                 }                  if (isset($  pregunta) && empty($  value->leccion_id)){                     Opciones::create([                         'preguntas_id'   =>  $  pregunta->id,                         'name'           =>  $  value->content,                         'status'         => (bool) $  value->status                     ]);                 }             }         }     }      return back()->with('success', 'Insertado correctamente'); } 

Grant unique permission on an excel file in shared document but some permission grayed out

i’ve an excel workbook at shared libray, and i want to grant the permission:

  • anonymous can can edit and view but when i go to shared Documents -> tick the checkbox of the excel file->Library Tools->Library->Library Permissions->click anonymous access, Add Items/Edit Items/Delete Items are all grayed out

  • system account have Full control but there is a tick on “Limited Access” and grayed out when i go shared Documents -> onmouseover the excel file->right click manage permission->tick system account->edit user Permissions

How can i make about grayed checkout to normal?

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