Excel Sheet Read-Only

we have an issue that the user once clicked on the excel/word/PPT file it opens as Read Only, the changes made on the file can not be saved to the original file located on the SharePoint library !! but when you open the file uploaded on the SharePoint from the using “open with Explorer” you can edit the file and save the changes. Any one can assist? enter image description here

Connect excel to access to Sharepoint

Im trying to sync excel and Sharepoint so I can update an excel table and changes appears in sharepoint. Since I’m using 2016 versions for excel and Sharepoint I noticed it’s not as easy because I need a third party to do a 2-way sync. I came up with the idea of connecting excel to access and acces to Sharepoint. I was able to sync excel with access and access with Sharepoint. The problem is when trying to link excel to access table and that same access table link it to sharepoint. Doing that I lose the link between excel and access but if I update table in access it appears updated in Sharepoint. It is possible to have two links to the same table in access. What I am doing wrong? I think this is a simple way; otherwise I’ll need PHP, Javascript, ODBC, ActiveXObject, etc. Any help will be great!!

Thanks in advance

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Be able to view old version (revision) of Word, Excel, Visio Online document on O365

When you want to view a document Online, for example Word Document, the Url of the document is :


The GUID is the UniqueID of the document in SharePoint.

It would be very interesting to select an older version of the document to view using a syntax like underneath (for the revision 1 of a document) as when you want to download a specific revision of a document?

For Downloading the revision 1 of MyDocument.docx the syntax is :


For viewing this underneath URL could be great:


Updating Sharepoint using Flow and Excel

I have a SharePoint list and want to update a specific field using Excel and Flow.

I understand how to pull the Excel table (using Get List Rows Present) and then to pull up the Update Item action however I’m unsure how to tell Flow which field in the Excel table relates to the Id in SharePoint (i.e. the one described as ‘Unique Identifier of Item to be Updated’)

Sorry – I’m a novice, so simple responses would be appreciated.

Excel Web Access Web Part won’t load any workbook

I’ve been attempting to troubleshoot an issue on my SharePoint 2016 site with the Excel Web Access. I’m trying to embed a simple work sheet into a page. I should simply be able to open the Web Part menu, and select the workbook, as seen in this screenshot: enter image description here

However, nothing happens once I select OK or Apply. The page simply refreshes and nothing happens. I am able to open any workbooks in the Excel Web App by clicking on them in the document library, as expected: enter image description here

I’ve already attempted to reload the Office Online server in to Sharepoint, which made no difference in the issue.

This was not a problem in SharePoint 2013.