Can’t exit screen saver except with system sleep

When my Mac Mini goes into screen saver, I can’t get out of it unless I press the hotkey that puts the computer to sleep. If I do that, then immediately press the shift-key, it wakes up from sleep and it is not in the screen saver. If I let the screen saver time out (currently an hour), the screen blanks and when I press the shift key I get the password prompt.

This makes no sense to me. I’ve tried resetting the parameter RAM and have tried changing screen saver.

I’d like to make this behavior stop.


macOS: 10.14.5 (Majove) Require Password: 4 hours after sleep or screen saver begins Turn display off after: 1hr Screen Saver: Classice Source: Photos Shuffle slide order Hot corners: Yes (lower right) Start After: 30 minutes 

What is the GroupId for “Everyone except external users” in SharePoint online?

I have a Highlighted Content web part on a hub site that shows news intended for ALL employees (intranet) with content being rolled up from various functional area sites connected to said hub. I am filtering by managed properties, which works fine. The issue I have is that not all of the content in the functional area site pages is intended for ALL employees. I found a way, I think, HERE, to use Flow and REST Api to set item level permissions to “Everyone except external users” so that only those items with the managed property of ALL are visible to all employees. Other items in Site Pages would stay set to Functional Area permissions. It looks as if I will need the GroupID. Does anyone know what that might be for “Everyone except external users”. Or a better way to accomplish my goal? Much help is appreciated.

Filter out notifications from github except those from specific users

I belong to a Github organization and am being overwhelmed by notifications sent to the various repos in that org. I have a team of people whose notifications I do need to see; I’d like to filter out every other message.

These notifications have from fields such as:

Guy DeFalt <> SomeGithubUsername <> Grace Hopper <>

Ideally, I’d like to auto-archive anything matching a GMail filter like:

-{"Guy DeFalt" OR "SomeGithubUsername" OR "Grace Hopper"} AND

However, this doesn’t work: notifications that include, say, Grace Hopper are still being filtered out. How do you filter out all messages from a specific email address except those of particular, specific people?

estou tendo problema de erro de syntax no python no except socket.gaierror

from Queue import Queue import threading import socket dominio = “” lock = threading.lock() def forca_bruta(): while not q.empty(): dns = q.get()+”.” + dominio try: ip = socket.gethostbyname(dns) lock.acquire() print dns + “:\t” + ip except socket.gaierror: pass else: lock.release() q.task_done() q = Queue() for i in range(20): t = threading.Thread(target=forca_bruta) t.daemon = True t.start() with open(“lista.txt”)as lista: while True: nome = lista.readline().strip(“\n”) if not nome: break q.put(nome) q.join() print “\nMapeamento completo”

icacls : create private directory (full control for user and no listing for others except admins)

I would like to create a folder with permissions similar to my home directory. I tried giving myself full control etc. but I managed to get locked out and had to use the takedown tool to be able to delete the directory.

I know Deny permissions take precedence over Allow but that’s about it. This is for Windows Server 2012R2.

AWS Cron Expression – all days @ 11pm but except last day of the month

I want to write a expression which I want to execute everyday @ 11pm but except last day of the months.

Almost I tried all website I dont get answer to this – saying except last day of the month, it can be 1-30 or 1-29 or 1-28

I tried this expression in Cloudwatch Cron – but it seems it is not correct.

0 23 1-L-1 * ? *


0 23 */L-1 * ? *

Thanks in advance!

Except bugando sem ser chamado

bom, fiz um “minigame” com até um sistema de salvar/carregar. o problema é que depois de salvar ou carregar o jogo, pedir pra “minerar”, o script me retorna o comando do except do primeiro comando.


eu salvar, carregar, salvar. quando eu “minero” ele mostra o except do primeiro save, se eu minerar dnv, mostra o except do “carregar”, dnv dai ele mostra o except do “salvar”.

ou seja, mostra os except dos comandos em sequencia, mesmo a função não sendo chamada.

isso aconteceu dps de eu tentar implementar um valor pra minerar, tipo minerar 3 de uma vez ou 5. o “MinePower”

print('"jogo" ainda em desenvolvimento, relatar qualquer bug ao desenvolvedor\n') tier1=0 tier2=0 MinePower=1 def setup(tier1, tier2,MinePower):     tier1=int(tier1)     tier2=int(tier2)      print("--------------------------------------")     print("| Melhorar     Minerar    Salvar     |")     print("| Carregar     Inventario            |")     print("--------------------------------------")      acao=input()      if acao=='melhorar' or acao=='Melhorar':         if tier1>=9:             tier1=tier1-9             tier2+=1             print('\nVocê comprimiu suas pedras, agora você tem',tier2,'Pedras Tier 2 e',tier1,'Pedras Tier 1.' )             setup(tier1, tier2, MinePower)          else:             print("\nVocê não tem pedras suficientes.")             setup(tier1, tier2, MinePower)      elif acao=='minerar' or acao=='Minerar':         tier1=tier1+MinePower         print("\nVocê minerou",MinePower,"Pedra, agora você tem",tier1,"Pedras.")         setup(tier1,tier2,MinePower)      elif acao=='salvar' or acao=='Salvar':         save(tier1,tier2,MinePower)      elif acao=='carregar' or acao=='Carregar':         carregar(tier1,tier2,MinePower)      elif acao=='Inventario' or acao=='inventario':         print("Pedras:",tier1)         print("Pedras Comprimidas:",tier2)         setup(tier1, tier2, MinePower)      else:         print("-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Comando desconhecido=-=-=-=-=-=-=-")         setup(tier1,tier2,MinePower)      setup(tier1,tier2,MinePower)  def save(SaveTier1,SaveTier2,SaveMinePower):      try:         SaveFile=open("Save.txt","w")         SaveFile.write(str(SaveTier1)+'\n'+str(SaveTier2)+'\n'+str(SaveMinePower))         print('Um Save nomeado "Save" foi criado')         SaveFile.close()         setup(SaveTier1,SaveTier2,SaveMinePower)      except:         print("Erro ao salvar arquivo")         setup(SaveTier1,SaveTier2,SaveMinePower)      setup(SaveTier1,SaveTier2,SaveMinePower)  def carregar(BackupT1,BackupT2,BCMinePower):     try:         CarrFile=open("Save.txt","r")         CarrTier1=CarrFile.readline()         CarrTier2=CarrFile.readline()         CarrMinePower=CarrFile.readline()          CarrFile.close()         setup(CarrTier1,CarrTier2,CarrMinePower)      except:         print("Erro ao carregar arquivo, seu caminho ou nome podem ter sido modificados.")         setup(BackupT1, BackupT2, BCMinePower)      setup(BackupT1,BackupT2,BCMinePower)       setup(tier1,tier2,MinePower)