SP13 – Exclude File Title From Search Results

Scenario: I created a Advance Search Web Pat with Result Source connected to a particular document library. When I enter a topic the results returns document title and more metadata.

Question: Is there a way to exclude the document title from the search results but have the other results appear?

I have changed the search setting to no but I want the search results to still appear but without the document title.

Is this possible?

Exclude weekends

I am working on a vacation calendar project. I have a custom lists with 2 columns, one being StartDate and the other NumberOfDaysTaken. I am using a simple Sharepoint formula (=FromDate+[How many Days]) to add the number of days to the start date to populate an EndDate column. However this formula does not cater for weekends. For example if the start date is Thursday and the number of days is 6, the formula adds 6 days from Thursdays and enters Tuesday as the end date. How can I exclude weekends from this calculation?


How to exclude downloads using edd_store_discount function for easy digital downloads plugin

I’m setting up custom discount code generator via API and I got everything working except one thing. I got no idea how to exclude certain products/downloads using edd_store_discount function. WordPress and EDD plugin are up to date and I’m using 7.3.8 php version. Just in case you need that info.

My biggest problem is I’m not quite sure whats the field name and how the IDs should be saved for excluded downloads field. I googled as much as I could but there were no solutions. Most of the code was c/p from a guide I found but it has no mention of excluding products either.

add_filter("wcra_zapier_callback" , "wcra_zapier_callback_handler");             function wcra_zapier_callback_handler($  param){    $  sendemail = $  param['email']; //Grab email from post request $  email = sanitize_email( urldecode( $  sendemail ) ); //sanitize it just in case $  parts = explode('@', $  email); //split the email $  email = $  parts[0]; //use only first part of email, before @ $  email = preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9 ]/", '', $  email); //leave only alpha-numeric characters      //Create random discount code     function generateRandomString($  length = 5) {     return substr(str_shuffle(str_repeat($  x='0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', ceil($  length/strlen($  x)) )),1,$  length);     }     $  rcode = generateRandomString();     $  code = $  email."-".$  rcode;     //Set expiration time -- 604800 == week in seconds     $  expires = time() + ( 1 * 604800 );     //create code and get it's ID     $  details = array(         'code'              => $  code,         'name'              => $  email,         'status'            => 'active',         'is_single_use'     => 1,     //  'excluded-products[]' => array(23756,23705),  This is the one thats bothering me, I tried switching up names and values but had no luck         'amount'            => '100',         'expiration'        => date( 'm/d/Y H:i:s', $  expires ),         'type'              => 'percent',         'max' => 1,         'uses' => 0     );     $  id = edd_store_discount( $  details, null );       //Check for error     if( ! is_numeric( $  id ) ){         wp_send_json_error( ['error' => 'Failed to create discount' ] );     }     //get discount code     $  discount_code = edd_get_discount_code( $  id );  //Send emai //user posted variables    $  ademail = get_option('admin_email');   $  message = "Hello, your special discount code is: \"".$  discount_code."\"\r\n";  //php mailer variables   $  to = $  sendemail;   $  subject = "Discount code you requested";   $  headers = 'From: '. $  ademail . "\r\n" .     'Reply-To: ' . $  ademail . "\r\n";   //Here put your Validation and send mail $  sent = wp_mail($  to, $  subject, strip_tags($  message), $  headers);       if($  sent) {         $  mailstatus = "sent";       }//message sent!       else  {         $  mailstatus = "failed";       }//message wasn't sent     return $  discount_code;   }    

I wish to define a static list of 6 products/downloads that will be excluded from this discount code.Exactly like its possible from admin dashboard https://puu.sh/E7H1D.png (can’t embed cause of my low rep)

How to exclude former employee name from a SP form (Person or Group aka people picker column)

I am trying to prevent ex-employee names from appearing in a SharePoint form.

Specifically the column is a ‘Person or Group’ aka ‘people picker’ column.

Employee column definition

Richard F name showing

I have a separate ‘Employee’ list already, but it is not always up to date.

Normally using AD is more accurate and kept up to date – since IT must adjust the accounts for people that leave the company.

Ideally I could get this to run off AD still, but do the AD accounts need to be ‘deactivated’ or what are the options? (I’m no expert with AD).

Additional Picture (following Christoffer’s comment):

permissions check for Richard F

How to exclude the specific category result(post) using query?

I’ve a blog site where 20+ categories are there.Now my requirement is using content search webpart I have to fetch some specific categories post using search query. Only posts out of specific categories shall be displayed in a sitepage. Now all categories results are coming.. I tried to filter by category ID or name, but no success.

categories link like: blogs/Events/Lists/Categories/Category.aspx?CategoryId=3

Any ideas on how to exclude the specific category using query?

Thanks in advance