requested product doesn’t exist in backend model

I need to change product attribute value after saving it, but it gives me requested product doesn't exist when I save the product

 class myClass extends Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\Backend\AbstractBackend  {  public function afterSave($  object){     // your after save logic       $  objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();     $  productRepository = $  objectManager->create('\Magento\Catalog\Api\ProductRepositoryInterface');     $  product = $  productRepository->getById($  productId);     $  product->setName($  productName);     $  productRepository->save($  product);      return parent::afterSave($  object); } 

Does A RAW file exist containing the full dynamic range of a natural scene with a ratio of 100,000:1?

I’ve just read Karl Lang’s excellent whitepaper – Rendering the Print: the Art of Photography. In it, he mentions that the ratio of light to dark in a ‘natural scene’ can have a ratio of 100,000:1, a modern high-end sensor can only capture a range of 8,000 to 1, while a modern pigment printer can only print something like 250:1. He also mentions that it is possible to capture the full dynamic range of a scene using a spectral pixmap though he says this is not practical for general use for reasons of cost and duration of capture. This got me wondering about RAW data generated from sources other than consumer cameras, or created artificially to represent the full possible dynamic range. Do any such RAW files exist? I appreciate that shooting HDR is a way to achieve a similar end, but I’m interested in seeing (and hopefully playing with) a RAW file containing data for the full potential dynamic range.

Importing configuration fail because modules does not exist

When updating a config setting and saving, I am getting an error

I made the changes to the config setting and then ran

Import the listed configuration changes? (yes/no) [yes]:  > yes 

afterwards I am getting this error

The import failed due to the following reasons: Unable to install the <em class="placeholder">restui</em> module since it does not exist. Configuration <em class="placeholder">THEMENAME.settings</em> depends on the <em class="placeholder">THEMENAME</em> extension that will not be installed after import.

Either find a perfect matching, or prove that none exist

I am looking for a polynomial-time algorithm that takes as input a bipartite graph, and returns one of two options:

  1. If a perfect matching exists, it returns the matching;

  2. Otherwise, it returns an “evidence” that a perfect matching does not exist, based on Hall’s theorem, i.e., it returns a set $ X$ such that the number of neighbors of $ X$ is smaller than $ |X|$ .

I found in wikipedia various algorithms for finding a maximum matching in an unweighted bipartite graph. Such algorithms can be used to determine if a perfect matching exists. But does any of these algorithms also return an evidence in case of failure?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Isn’t everything we call communism actually just socialism cause communism is a pipe dream that will never actually exist?

Literally all those totalitarian governments from the 20th century were socialist. Fascism was literally created by socialist, both fascism and socialism can be right or left wing. They all centralized the economy, some might let people operate privately but it was all owned by the state and they owned the means of production, exchange and distribution as even Mussolini explained. Fascism “Together we are stronger like a bundle of sticks” the essence of what socialism is all about, COLLECTIVISM. These idiots who call themselves socialists today would be purged by their own dictatoral government or forced to work in work camps >The Soviet Union >Cuba >China >National Socialist Germany >East Germany after it was split by ideological lines >Camodia >Vietnam >North Korea which is still very much a socialist government just with a juche ideology

Does the file exist?

I’m running a script

tell application "Finder"         try             if exists theFilePath as POSIX file then                 set ifFileExists to true             end if         on error             set isFileExist to false         end try     end tell 

Works OK if file exists, but I get and error when it’s not there:

Can’t make file “SSD:Users:…” into type alias.

Even though the theFilePath is set to "/Users/..."