How to set up mysql docker container with existing ib* files?

Related to a previous issue, I’m trying to recover some data from existing ib* files from a crashed server. The database version is 5.1.69, so quite old. One of the responses was to install MySQL 5.5, because it should still be able to import 5.1, but even that is too old on current systems, and one just runs into ever deeper compatibility issues.

“NBK” in the same issue suggested in a comment to use a docker file with an older version of MySQL. I decided to try this approach. I was able to install docker and pull the vsamov/mysql-5.1.73 image, but I’m stuck now at how to get the ib* files into the docker container.

I think I need the image to run so that it has a container ID, but if it’s running, then the ib* files are locked, so I’m not sure how to proceed. If anyone has experience in this, or can provide a reference, it would be much appreciated.

Are there any existing magical/artificial replacement arms written up?

So I lost my arm after shoving it into a cube and it getting cutoff… Honestly, I have been playing my character Wyn Wynn as a pretty straight forward Paladin of Lathander. I am new to the group I play with and the DM and players have given me credit and said I have been playing my character well and even like him as a character even if sometimes my character butts heads with one of the other characters. But now I want to stick out a bit and claim some glory for my own.

As I said I have just lost my arm, fun stuff truly but as luck would have it, we accepted a quest that if we clear out the tomb, we all get one wish. Now, assuming great Wyn Wynn the now one armed badass paladin lives, I was wondering: are there anything written about having an artificial limb or magical one in any of the official 5e D&D handbooks? I am hoping to wish myself a new arm that is magical or artificial. Not that my old Half-Elf arm wasn’t great, regrowing it just isn’t what I am looking for.

Rewrite existing procedure without merge as Oracle 12.1 doesn’t support it

I have a procedure where data is pushed into table using merge logic used as part of it. The procedure takes string passed at runtime and splits it into rows.

I need to change the merge part using any other method other than merge, maybe cursor for loop as Oracle 12.1 does not support merge and similar take input string and insert/update accordingly in the destination table. inside procedure and we cannot get it upgraded due to constraints.

So everything in proc would be same just that it would be without merge.

The details are inside the fiddle with table and sample data.

What are the rules for upgrading existing magic item?

This question comes from the comments on my previous question.

In short, if I have for example a Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 (4,000 gp), and I want a Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4 (16,000 gp), can I simply go to a wizard and pay the difference and wait for the necessary days to have the item upgraded?

In this case, since the cost goes from 4k gp to 16k gp, I’d have to pay the wizard 12k gp and wait 12 days, while s/he would have to spend 6k gp to perform the task and keep the other 6k gp as profit.

However, the only example I found in the rules, is of a wizard upgrading his/her own item:

Example: Patrick’s wizard decides to use his downtime to increase the armor bonus on his bracers of armor +1 to +3. The price difference between the two types of bracers is 8,000 gp, so Patrick’s wizard must spend 8 days and 4,000 gp (half the 8,000 gp price difference) upgrading his bracers’ magic. If he has fewer than 8 days before the next adventure, he’ll need to finish his crafting while traveling or use accelerated crafting in town to speed up the process.

Campaign in already existing world and story – fear of NPC domination

This is my first time running a campaign, with just some one-shots of experience.

I thought it would be easier for me to create a campaign in an already existing world that I know very well (World of Warcraft). However, since I would like for my players (who do not know the story at all) to experience the story and to follow some important characters, I fear that they might see their story and aventures as "secondary".

I definitely will allow them to change the story, apart from a few cases which I want to keep.

Do you have any tips on how to allow my players to experience the story arc of some important characters without giving them the feeling that it might not be "their" story and that they are not just spectating some NPCs?

Is this homebrew College of Echoes balanced compared to existing classes?

College of Echoes
While the other bardic colleges focus on music and its accompanying psychological effects, bard of this college see what music really is- vibrations in the air, the same as words and heat, and learn to manipulate those vibrations themselves. The wide variety of useful abilities they have makes them be considered extremely reliable by many, though their perceived reductionism of music and tendency to use their powers for pranks makes others think they lack dignity.

Persistent Sound
At level 3, as an action, you can touch a creature or object and inscribe a word of your choice. If you try to inscribe a word on a hostile creature, you must successfully make a melee spell attack against them. The word you inscribe glows dimly and says itself every few seconds in a voice and volume of your choosing. Whenever a hostile creature makes an attack roll, it suffers a penalty to its attack rolls equal to the number of words inscribed on it, as the noise distracts it. This has no effect on deafened creatures. A creature can use an action to scrape off all words inscribed on it. You learn 2 additional languages of your choice. You can erase any inscribed word by touching it as an object interaction.

This is a very specific but also very widely useful feature imo in the hands of a creative player. I don’t think the enemy inscription penalty is overpowered at all, because the squishy bard would have to spend several turns making meelee spell attacks, which might not even hit, for a relatively minor penalty, that can be gotten rid off all at once in an action, and they could take their chances with the help action or vicious mockery for a similar effect.

At level 10, you can inscribe certain words to manifest magical effects. These effects occur even if a target is deaf. You can:

Woosh- As an action, you inscribe the word woosh onto a creature. Unless the creature is willing, you must make a melee spell attack first. On a hit, that creature must make a strength saving throw, moving 30 feet away from you on a failure or 15 feet on a success. The inscription then vanishes.

Sizzle- As an action, you inscribe the word sizzle onto an object or creature. If you inscribe it on an object, it heats up, and if it is made of a flammable material such as paper or wood, it will burn, other wise, it becomes hot enough to do 1d4 fire damage to any creature that touches it (so a weapon with sizzle inside would do an additional 1d4 fire damage on each hit). If you inscribe it on a creature, you must first succeed on a melee spell attack against them if they are not willing. At creature with sizzle inscribed on them takes 1d4 fire damage at the end of each of their turns. You cannot have more than 1 inscription of sizzle at the same time.

Boing- As an action, you can inscribe a creature or object with the word boing. The next time they take fall damage, they take no damage and immediately jump a distance upwards equal to the distance they fell. The inscription then vanishes.

Snap- As an action, you inscribe the word snap onto an object or creature. If you inscribe it on a creature, you must first succeed on a melee spell attack against them if they are not willing. A creature with snap inscribed on it takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage and must make a dexterity saving throw or fall prone. An object or structure with snap inscribed on it takes 8d4 bludgeoning damage. The inscription then vanishes.

While this feature does not consume resources, the relatively low amounts of damage mean it is not overpowered, especially at 10th level when the bard’s vicious mockery does 2d4 damage, compared to 1d4. Woosh does push back a creature a whole 30 feet, but both a meelee attack and a saving throw are involved, and if either fail the bard risks being attacked again. This is more useful for supporting allies, eg. inscribing sizzle on the fighter’s sword, or using snap to collapse part of the building the parties’ fighting in.

The Weight of Your Words
At 14th level, as an action, you can choose a creature within 120 feet of you. The air pressure above that creature greatly increases, making them feel far heavier. The creature’s speed is halved and they must make a strength saving throw at the beginning of each of their turns, and whenever they use the dash or disengage actions, or fall prone. These effects last for 10 minutes, or until you are dead or unconscious. Once you use this ability, you cannot do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

What existing materials could be precedence for The Great Wheel of Eurovision?

Eurovision has been around since 1956 and DnD just a little bit less.

What existing materials could be used as precedence for an EPIC annual contest between bards, where each of the Outer planes in the Great Wheel Cosmology puts forward one performing representative (a talented bard), an Over The Top contest occurs, and delegates from all planes vote on the winner?

Part of what this would entail a contest between bards. Are there existing modules or campaign references that have a contest between bards, including ways to adjudicate besides "roll a skill check"?

The GM has access to both the Pathfinder reference "The Great Beyond" and the 3.5e "Manual of the Planes." The Great Wheel Cosmology would be preferred over the Pathfinder planar treatment: what existing "outer plane" materials in either system would be of use here?

Asking for a friend, whose Players though it would be fun to create a party that is a band (all the PCs are musicians, not all are bards) and the GM wants to punish them. This question also partially inspired by the recent movie Eurovision Song Contest: the story of Fire Saga.

This group primarily plays Pathfinder 1e but other material could be tweaked/twisted/ squeezed into shape.

Is there a way to stop using emails for new accounts, but continue for existing?

Hi, all. :)
My question has to do with emails.
I want to update and get some new ones, as the ones I have are on a few lists.
Sven said all I have to do is uncheck them and add new and the unchecked ones will still be used to verify etc. for targets that are halfway through the process of posting and the new (checked) emails will be used for new accounts.
Will I still be able to post additional links on existing accounts if the emails that were used at the time are present but unchecked?
I want the benefit of clean emails, but I also want to begin posting additional links where possible.
If not, I guess I can just create a new project with the new emails, and continue using the old ones to post on the old projects.

retry on reverify existing backlinks

i had a load of links removed after reverifying & when i checked the urls the links were still there, is it possible to have gsa ser retry to verify a few times because the urls were probably just having hosting issies or whatever, i have looked under
project>options at the top & cant see anything.
the tick box “remove after 1st verification try” is greyed out & cant be ticked (not what i wanted but cant be ticked anyway)
theres an option “dont remove urls” which can be ticked, but i want it to recheck the urls, & then remove the links if the link is definitely not there,