Existing ESTA after new citizenship?

if a person fills ESTA and in the section for other nationalities doesn’t disclose all the ones that they have, that might cause problems I would assume?

Though in a case where someone gets ESTA done and after that but before their planned travel they acquire a new nationality by naturalisation, would there be any problem with using the existing ESTA as technically you now have 2 nationalities which you haven’t disclosed/informed the US of (but you also haven’t lied as answered the question before you acquired the second one)? Would one have to get a new ESTA done in this case or existing one would be fine and you can be happy you get to keep at least some privacy with US government?


How to best approach adding a new template to an existing CodeIgniter project?

I am trying to add a new template to an existing CodeIgniter 3.0 project where the original developer had not planned for additional templates/themes.

The primary objectives are to:

a) make a usable copy of all existing views and css files and leave the originals unchanged.

b) allow for core updates as they are released by the original developer that do no overwrite my changes.

My question is: To meet the previous objectives and to avoid having to manually update everywhere the developer originally referenced a view file/directory…

Should I use a CodeIgniter hook? Should I make changes to CodeIgniter configuration files?

Project: CodeIgniter 3.0

Existing directory structure:

. ├── application |   └── views |     └── back |       └── index.php |     └── front |       └── index.php ├── template |   └── back |     └── style.css |   └── front |     └── style.css 

Proposed directory structure:

. ├── application |   └── views |     ├── back |     ├── front |     └── *new_template_view |       ├── *copy_of_back |       └── *copy_of_front ├── template |   └── back |   ├── front |   └── *new_template_css |     ├── *copy_of_back |     └── *copy_of_front 

Starting from March 2019, is it necessary to build all existing apps using iOS 12 SDK and Xcode 10 for it to work on iOS 12 devices?

This is what the apple developer website says.

Starting March 2019, all new apps and app updates for iPhone, including universal apps, will need to be built with the iOS 12 SDK and support iPhone XS Max. All new apps and app updates for Apple Watch will need to be built with the watchOS 5 SDK and support Apple Watch Series 4

Does it mean that even the apps already available on Apple App Store needs to be resubmitted with iOS 12 SDK build for it to work on iOS 12 devices starting march 2019?

And what about enterprise apps that are distributed as .ipa files? Will this also need to be rebuilt with iOS 12 SDK for it to work on iOS 12 devices?

Can a druid trade an existing animal companion for a feat or something?

A player wants a druid or ranger alternative class feature or special ability that would allow his PC to dismiss his animal companion to get something else of similar value.

The player would really like to get rid of his animal companion to get a feat. Is there anything official that allows something like this? Is there even a precedent that I can point to?

How can I add a property definition to an existing field?

I have a file reference field FileItem that has a display and description property but I want to add an extra one.

I was hoping I could just override the default widget but I can’t use this to store data.

My next hope was to override the FileItem class and define the new property in schema() and propertyDefinitions() but that would mean I need a new FieldType.

I don’t really want to create a new FieldType as I would need to migrate all of the data from the existing field.

Terraform , need help to import existing ressource to a module ressource

I would like to import an existing ressource into my module.

This is my “old” vpc file: https://pastebin.com/DVsacfwt My new one using the terraform registery vpc module: https://pastebin.com/KDrA0Db3

I’m in my directory, I copy my file where I use the module, I execute terraform plan and Terraform tell me that it need to create 10 new ressources https://imgur.com/a/JbbPi48 which is NORMAL because I didn’t migrate my vpc into my module.

Then I run terraform state mv aws_vpc.vpc-demosubs module.vpc-demosubs.aws_vpc.this https://imgur.com/a/wzO8KXq

When I execute terraform plan again, Terraform need to create and destroy new ressources…https://imgur.com/a/cM0wZLm

Do you have an idea ? Thanks for your help

Is there an existing algorithm for this type of sorting?

This TED-ED video talks about some of the most basic sorting methods (bubble sort, insertion sort and quick sort,) in response to a scenario where a librarian ends up with a stack of 1,280 unsorted books, and must quickly sort them into alphabetical order.

A number of commenters pointed out that a far more practical method for real-life sorting would be to take the first letter of each book and put it into 26 different piles (an A pile, a B pile, down to a Z pile.) Then use a conventional sorting method (insertion / quick sort etc.) for each of the 26 sub-piles (which would contain around 50 books each, assuming a roughly even distribution of letters. Or you could repeat the same process if the sub-pile is significantly large, sorting the As into ABs, ACs, ADs and so on.

Is there a name of this kind of sorting algorithm?