How can I add a new character to an existing keyboard?

I currently have the Greek (Polytonic) keyboard layout installed, and it works wonderfully for typing Ancient Greek.

However, I sometimes find myself needing to type the obscure letter digamma (capital Ϝ, lowercase ϝ), which isn’t available on this keyboard. Ideally I’d move the final sigma to the Q key, and put digamma on the W.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this? I found this page, but it warns me that it’s not updated for current versions of Ubuntu. Moreover, digamma is too obscure to be given a name in /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h (though it does have suitable codepoints in Unicode), and I’m not sure what I’d have to recompile if I edited that file.

Sharepoint 2013 Peoplepicker with two domains does not work on existing sites

We have setup peoplepicker with 2 domains and it works fine in Central Admin as well as newly created sites/site collections. Existing sites/site collections unfortunately are not resolving any of the users from domain 2.

I have also followed this: but the UserAccountDirectoryPath is empty on all sites i checked.

Anyone has any ideas on how to fix this? Steps i have taken: 1. First 2 domain setup was only on the Web Application. I then found that Central Admin also needs the setup and applied the change – able to resolve users from both Domain 1 and Domain 2 in Central Admin 2. Checked UserAccountDirectoryPath from several sites working and not working and compared as per above but all empty.

EDIT: I found that there is one site property which is different from the site where it is working and other sites. The property is the SPSite.SiteSubscription property. For the site which is working this property is empty – other sites where the peoplepicker does not work it has a subscription id and several sites listed. Could this be something?

How to rank for unique business name in Google, before existing inappropriate content


I've recently launched my new business / website and have recently been indexed by Google.

My business name is a unique word, so I have put effort into including the business name in content along with other keywords that I wish to rank for.

After searching my business name (let's say 'Discountero' for example, this is made up for the purpose of this post), I am ranked on page 4, behind web pages that are related to erotic music material titled 'Discount Ero'. I'm concerned about…

How to rank for unique business name in Google, before existing inappropriate content

Will adding Composer support to an existing PHP library cause problems?

I have a PHP library on GitHub named Formr which is beginning to gain interest, and someone has asked if I would integrate it with Composer. Currently you just download the .zip from GitHub and require it; pretty simple and straightforward.

The main purpose of my library is to make not only form creation as easy as possible, but everything as easy as possible, so I’m concerned that adding Composer will muddy it up and make it a lot more difficult for the more novice devs and designers who are not technical people and who don’t use Composer.

Currently, instantiation is as simple as

require 'Formr/class.formr.php'; $  form = new Formr(); 

If I add Composer support, would it make instantiation more cumbersome? Or would it be as simple as the following?

require 'vendor/autoload.php'; $  form = new \Formr\Formr(); 

I’ve never created a package before, so are there any other concerns I should be aware of? Thanks!

New user registering with an existing e-mail

Suppose that a new user goes to register on a site and enters an existing e-mail address. What message should be presented to that user from a UX point of view? Bear in mind that in the above case(as I see it)…two type of users might do the following:

  1. An already registered user who just wants to see what will happen if he attempts to register(that is one thing I possibly can imagine).
  2. A malicious user who knows the e-mail of another person and tries to find out if he/she is registered on the site.

How can I deal with the above cases? Of course I cannot know in advance which type of user goes to fill the form. So I am trying to find a message that will cover both of the above cases.

What do you suggest?

How to better communicate change of name to existing users?

Our product has in the recent years grown and I think that to a new user, a different taxonomy would make more sense. The good thing is that we don’t quite have too many existing users yet so I think this would be the best moment to do it. However, for the existing users, I’m not sure what’s the best way to inform them that only a few names have changed inside the product, while everything else is still the same?

Redirect non existing page to frontpage

When a user type inn (which does not exist) the result show an empty body with the header and the footer intact. Most redirect plugins let me redirect one specific URL to another specific URL. What i want is to not only redirect a specific URL, but every non existing URL to a specific URL.

What does this redirecting action called, and how to i do that?

How we can create and debug a remote event receiver and attach it to existing list

I have a custom list inside our SharePoint online,and it contain many items. now i want to add some business logic to the list through implementing a remote event receiver which get fired when items are been created and edited. but i am not sure how i can attach a remote event receiver to existing list? last time i did so was around 3 years ago, where i follow the steps mentioned on this link and they worked well for me @ Attaching Remote Event Receivers to Lists in the Host Web . but recently when i tried this appraoch, i got an error related to the fact that azure service bus (which will be used to debug the RER) has been retired and can not used any more to debug remote event receivers. now i found this link Remote Event Receivers Creating and Debugging in SharePoint Online, but it does not show how to attach the remote event receiver to existing list, as in this link they added a new list as part of the remote event receiver project… so can anyone help me in finding a full documentation on how we can create and debug a remote event receiver and attach it to existing list in sharepoint online? Thanks

Production availability impact of adding column to existing Cassandra table?

It appears that adding a column to an existing table in a production Cassandra cluster is pretty common. Under what conditions is it considered acceptable/safe to do so, in terms of availability and performance?

If it’s difficult or impossible to provide a definitive or clear-cut answer, then how would the expected impact be characterized? Impact might be expressed in terms of e.g. simply “no expected availability impact;” Big-O notation; or empirical measurements like duration of add operation, change in request latencies for impacted Cassandra cluster or (end to end for) client service, change in CPU or memory utilization of impacted cluster. Citations of a good resource(s) on the topic would be helpful.