How does someone (safely) construct, expand & renovate any given demiplane? [closed]

Casting Demiplane allows the caster (warlock or wizard… or sorcerer using Wish… &/or sneaky bard) to have:

  • A Medium-only door (‘Must be this size or smaller to ride – NO OGRES ALLOWED’) that vanishes when spell ends / after one hour.

  • Creates a permanent (30′ x 30′) room of stone &/or wood walls.

This spell has amazing uses yet serious limits which others have questioned:

Question: “How much one can customize the interior of this spell?”

Answer: “If / as / so much as the DM says / so!”


Question: “What the nature of this demiplane for location & tracking purposes?”

Answer: “They must describe it a bit &/or use a ‘tuning fork‘!”

Information on Demiplane is amazingly light, especially for a game system that prides itself on doing the absolute minimum possible for a spell’s casting. This spell is neither useful for combat mechanics nor very clear for role-play purposes.

My concerns with this spell description & use:

  • Does this shadowy connection door between Demiplanes vanish within the hour? The spell description does not specify, so this may be a way to build up a massive interconnected demi-mansion. Can this door stay ‘open’? Can it be a ‘window’ instead? Can the connection between planes let larger creatures through if you double it up multiple shadow doors in one spot?

  • What happens if one adds plane-space expanding magic to this Demiplane? Say you cast a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion in there – does the whole plane become a bit bigger? Or does this simply not fit? Or does this spell trigger a collapse-explosion similar to sticking a Bag of Holding into a Portable Hole? Can one change the time-passage of the original Demiplane so as to make these space-holder-builder spells permanent?

  • The 5e spell specifies the new parts must be cast OUTSIDE of the original. Is there ANY way to add or expand to the space-size of this 30′ x 30′ plane? Possibly the repeated use of the (non-exhausting) Wish spell? ‘You need not meet any of the requirements’… does that allow one to add bonus space to this walk in closet? Or even make this silly vanishing smoke-door a bit more durable.. or big enough to fit a donkey through?

Base question: Demiplane feels small / simple / specific / stuck. How does an Arch-mage add bits / expand / give it more space for activities?

Answers may include: any of the guides (Volo’s Mordenkainen’s, etc.), tweets from Lord Crawford, Sage Advice, any 5e Unearthed Arcana… or whatever one can find that is RAW, quasi-legal or even slightly more tested than outright home-brew.

Which Forgotten Realms deity would be most likely to tell his/her followers to expand civilization and settle new frontiers?

In my experience, some players will be clerics, druids, or rangers that advocate that nature should reclaim lands or that civilization should be stopped. I want to play a cleric that believes that civilization should spread as much as it possibly can because chaotic places should be brought to order.

I’m partially inspired by Abadar from Pathfinder’s Golarion. He wants to bring civilization out into the wilderness and tells his followers to civilize frontiers. That concept is really cool to me, and that’s what I want my character’s motivation for becoming an adventurer to be: a holy mandate to expand civilization.

I looked at the deities on the civilization domain page of the wiki, but none of them explicitly said they want followers to civilize frontiers, from what I saw. Most seemed to see civilization as a useful means to an end, rather than a worthy goal on its own. The best I saw from that page was Amaunator, due to his love of order, but the wiki also seems to suggest that Amaunator is dead.

If it helps, I’m playing a lawful neutral Dwarf and not concerned with the race of the deity. Furthermore, I’m unconcerned with the domains available.

Can Gaseous Form be used to expand the area affected by Cloak of Flies

A warlock activates the Cloak of Flies invocation, optionally casts Armor of Agathys, then casts Gaseous Form. Cloak of Flies is not a spell, does not have an attack roll, and persists until dismissed. Therefore it should do damage to any other creature within 5 feet even when the warlock is a misty cloud.

Can the warlock expand the misty cloud so as to damage multiple targets and how large an area could be covered?

For reference,

Cloak of Flies You can surround yourself with a magical aura that extends 5 feet from you in every direction, but not through total cover. Any other creature that starts its turn in the aura takes poison damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

Gaseous Form You transform a willing creature you touch, along with everything it’s wearing and carrying, into a misty cloud for the duration. While in the form of a misty cloud, the target can’t attack or cast spells.

Using Expand, Guess, Verify to solve the following recurrence relation

Hello and thanks to those who bothered reading! I am trying to solve the following recurrence relation, $ S(n) = S(n-1) + (2n-1)$ , with the following base case: $ S(1) = 1$ .

I already used the Solution Formula and got the closed form solution $ 1^n + n^2 – 1$ , but for the expansion part I am having trouble with the $ g(n)$ term. Perhaps even my solution formula answer is wrong. Any help is appreciated and I am more than willing to further explain the problem! The Solution Formula is $ S(n) = c^{n-1} S(1) + \sum_{i=2}^n (c^{n-i} g(i))$ and $ g(n) = 2n-1$ . $ c$ is the constant in front of the $ S(n)$ term, which in this case is $ 1$ .

If you center cloudkill on yourself, does it expand outward?

You create a 20-­foot-­radius sphere of poisonous, yellow‑green fog centered on a point you choose within range. The fog spreads around corners. It lasts for the duration or until strong wind disperses the fog, ending the spell. Its area is heavily obscured……The fog moves 10 feet away from you at the start of each of your turns, rolling along the surface of the ground. The vapors, being heavier than air, sink to he lowest level of the land, even pouring down openings.

Since you’re in the middle, does the cloud expand outward? Or would it stay as a single unit and roll off in a direction of your choice?

Making submenu expand on click

I was able to solve it I am trying to have my "about" and "rooms" dropdown to be able to only expand when clicked on and displaying a small arrow similar in their "Info For" dropdown. When tabbing through it can work as is.

Also I noticed that in when tabbing through the menu and tabbing backwards (shift+tab) it dosnt go back up the dropdown why is that? Another issue is when I shrink the window to display the quick menu and tabbing through the menu it skips the…

Making submenu expand on click

Veracrypt encrypted file – how to expand the Volume and what are Drive Letters?

can you help me understand some questions about Veracrypt:

  1. If you have created an encrypted file but the volume which you selected for it needs expansion, is it from security standpoint fine to just use the available option “expand volume” to adjust the file’s volume? Or is it for some reason better to create a totally new encrypted file with your desired larger volume?

  2. What is the meaning of all the different Drive Letters (A-Z)? Do you have to mount a file from a specific drive letter, or can you mount from any letter?


How to expand the chain of puzzle?

I have read the Q&A Designing puzzle-based mysteries.

I’m specifically interested in how to design such a chain in a classroom for 8-10 teenages in a team.

My attemp is:

Let say there are two types of cards: action (A1 — turn and read, A2 — solve and find extra piece, A3 — ask Ceasar) and item (I1 — microscop, I2 — puzzle, I3 — man’s photo). Players must correctly match the cards’ pairs and perform the action with the item. For example, A1<->I1, A2<->I2, A3<->I3.

The actions’ order are does not matter.

As one can see there are currently three pairs of cards only.

As a result of the actions, the players receive:

  1. an encrypted message (for example, phrase “ylk yvvt” in the microscop)
  2. a cipher name (for example, Caesar’s cipher)
  3. a cipher key (for example, the number 7 on the extra piece of puzzle)

As a result, the encrypted message can be read. For example, the correct answer is the “red room“. This answer is the direction for the final location.

It is required to expand the chain of tasks to five-six. I am looking for tasks:

  • Team communication (without tie players to one another and like these) or
  • using the standard stationery (paper, ruler, pencil, scotch etc.).

A gamemaster (school teacher) can give a hint to check the correct matching of cards’ pairs, but s/he does not give information about the final location.

Question. What can be proposed to expand the cards’ pairs?

Can you shrink down then teleport inside an enemy using alter size and then Again to expand yourself and explode the creature?

So my party is playing a god campaign and my character has divine rank 1. I’ve chose alter size as my divine ability, but one of the perks of being literal god is I can teleport at will as a free action. So my question is, during combat, if I use alter size to shrink down to the size of a pin head, and teleport INSIDE an enemy, then use alter size again to expand myself enough to basically explode their body… how would you calculate that exactly……

Keyboard shortcut in kate for emmet to expand abbreviation

Emmet exists in kate for a while in menu Tools → Scripts → Emmet and there is sub-command “Expand abbreviation”. It works if enter ebbrev for instance “lorem5” and then go deep for menu entry Tools → Scripts → Emmet → Expand abbreviation.

But is a long way and I want to make something similar to Ctrl+E (this combination is already taken for Go to Previous editing line).

What is default keyboard shortcut for emmet in kate or how to define new one?