Best way to indicate secondary list items within an expandable list will lead to a new screen? iOS mobile app

I’m designing a page with an accordion list (not a sidebar menu) in a financial iOS app. I’m trying show that eacg primary list item is expandable/collapsible (indicated by up-down chevrons), and that secondary items within each primary list item will lead to a new page (indicated by right chevrons).

This is what the list looks like collapsed: List Collapsed

And expanded:

List Expanded

Is having a mix of so many chevrons confusing and cluttered? What’s the clearest way to display this?

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Which is the best way to deal with table, when we have more than 500 expandable list in a view page?

I have a view page in my application wherein I am listing the number of devices along with the device configuration details like protocol, Broker Ip, Payloads etc.I have designed this list in such a way that it expands on click and show the detailed information.

A we add more devices, this list keeps expanding and this list can go more than 500 or 1000 in some scenarios.

So which is the best way to deal with this complex expandable table list?

enter image description here

How to indicate actions on an expandable list?


I need an expandable/collapsable list where each item indicates that some actions are available and each category may

  • be expanded/collapsed
  • allow more actions on that category

Material Design’s indicates that lists can be expanded and collapsed with a down/up arrow.

material list

I need such a list with additional actions on each rows.

For example,

  • “Dining” is expanded here. I want to allow the user to configure the “Dining” category (add Dining items, change Dining preferences, etc.).
  • “Sushi bars” is visible. I want to allow the user to configure its “Sushi bar” preferences.

If the items weren’t also expandable/collapsable, a three vertical dots dropdown menu would be fine. But I’d either have to lose the up/down arrow (expand/collapse becomes counterintuitive) or have two icons (confusing and arguably ugly)

Expandable rows, quick view or modal to show a big section with details for a row in a table?

I have a table and in the first version of implementation, I had expandable rows with info. In the new version, the client wants expandable sections in the section expanded because it is a lot of info.

What is the best option, in this case, expandable rows (with other expandable sections inside/ just the text), quick view or modal? What case offers a better user experience?

I will add some photos from as details for the three cases. enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Are there alternate names for a “one touch expandable” split pane button?

A Java tutorial on split panes describes how the draggable split divider can be optionally configured with two small buttons that, with one click, can make the split pane show the entirety of the left or the right pane.

enter image description here

Two small arrows appear at the top of the divider in the example’s split pane. These arrows let the user collapse (and then expand) either of the components with a single click.

I still see this every now and then, like in the current release of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC where it is used for sidebars:

enter image description here

I’m trying to find a bit of UI information about this, but I am not coming up with anything in my searches, aside from Java examples. Does this button go by an alternate name?