Does the Kineticist feat Augmented Elements function as Expanded Element for choosing Infusion and Utility Wild Talents?

Does the Kineticist feat Augmented Elements function as Expanded Element (Su) for choosing Infusion and Utility Wild Talents?

Augmented Elements simply put is… you get your choice of an additional simple blast of any element at an extra Burn cost of 1 if not acquired the normal way; As well as gaining the Psionic Sub-type for Psionic feats, metapsionic feats, psionic creation feats. And though not mentioned more than likely the ability to hold a psionic focus.

Expanded Element simply put is … you secondary access to an element. Choosing the same Element grants its composite Blasts as well as your choice of an infusion or utility related to that element. While a new element grants that element’s simple blast and basic use (wild talent).

EX: Prime Element: Aether

Augmented Element: chose Air

Can I then choose Utilities, Infusions and Composite Blast of the Air Element.

What type of content is the XGtE Expanded Racial Feats?

This came out of this question when discussing in the comments what is and is not allowed.

For some context, David Coffron said in the comments of the above question:

[…] Does unofficial, published content (i.e. 3rd party content) count for your question? […]

[… I answered with basically “what even is XGtE Expanded Racial Feats?” …]

[…] It does have WoTC approval (according to the document itself), but I don’t think its considered official. Bit of a weird case. XGtE is an official book, but the expanded feats are not MWICT.

So, does the XGtE Expanded Racial Feats have WotC’s approval, is it considered official or unofficial, 3rd party or what? What is it exactly?

Select choice value of expanded property

I have 2 lists: Questions and Answers. Questions has a single lookup to Answers. Answers has a single choice column called Category. I would like to query Questions, expand its Answer and select the Answers Category.

I thought this would be simple like it was in 2010 and tried these:

/_api/web/lists/getByTitle('Questions')/items?$ filter=Id eq 2&$ expand=Answer&$ select=Id,Answer/Category

/_api/web/lists/getByTitle('Questions')/items?$ filter=Id eq 2&$ expand=Answer&$ select=Id,Answer/CategoryValue

but I get the error:

The query to field ‘Answer/Category’ is not valid.`

How can this be done in the new REST APIs?

Expanded Ubuntu partition size, now loads into grub

I ran out of space on my Ubuntu 16.04 partition so I used easeUS partition master on Windows 10 to shrink my Windows partition, move the unallocated space over, then expand the Ubuntu partition. Now when I try to boot into Ubuntu, I only get the grub terminal.

I was able to locate the grub.cfg file but after trying to set it as the config file, I got a very quick error message containing a bunch of seemingly random numbers and letters.

error: no such device: 7debd206-c…

I was also unable to find the vmlinuz file.

When using the “set” command I get back:

?=0 cmdpath=(hdq,gpt2)/EFI/ubuntu ... lang = locale_dir= net_default_ip=(null) net_default_mac=(null) net_default_server= pager= pxe_default_server= root=hd1,gpt2 secondary_locale_dir= 

Where the “…” are settings what I assume to be unnecessary for this question.

Booting ubuntu off a flashdrive I am able to list the partitions on my computer and the one that should be the Ubuntu partition says Microsoft basic data. I dont think this is important but I thought it would be better to include it anyway.

If anyone can help me boot up Ubuntu without having to format the partition that would be great! Thank you!

How do I export emails to PDF without the “See More from…” history expanded at the end of the messages?

I want to generate a PDF of an email correspondence. I don’t want my PDF to include, at the end of each email, a quoted history of every message prior to it.

I open the conversation in Mail. I do not click the “See More from…” options. That is, I don’t expand them, so that the emails look the way I’d like them to in my PDF. I select every message in the conversation. I then choose File > Export to PDF… and save the file. I open the file and all the “See More from…” options are expanded anyway. I then have to go through the PDF manually and delete the unwanted pages.

I’ve also tried printing to PDF, in which case I have the option of manually specifying which pages to print. This can still be quite time consuming on a long conversation, as each email has more and more messages quoted in the history.

How can I export the emails without the “See More from…” histories included?

The archive “Xcode_11_Beta.xip” can’t be expanded because the selected volume doesn’t have enough free space

I’m downloading the new Xcode 11 Beta.

After the file is downloaded when I double click to open it I get this error

The archive "Xcode_11_Beta.xip" can't be expanded because the selected volume doesn't have enough free space 

The Xcode 11 Beta takes up 7.66 GB and I have 18.27 GB available on my disk. I’ve tried downloading it twice and get this same issue. I am running macOS Mojave 10.14.5 on a MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015).

Keep sections expanded?

need an opinion for a better user experience. Imagine you are on some web site.  Go to page X, there are few collapsable sections.  You expanded few of them at a random order one after another.  Then visited pages A, B, C of the same web site.  Then came back to the page X with the collapsable sections. 

What is the best UX: show default (when all collapsed) or those you have already expanded are still expanded?

Thank you

Box with expanded border on one side

I have been sitting on this problem for a few days already, searching through a dozen StackOverflow answers, but to no avail.


I want to implement a dynamic box like the one in the picture.

All my current tries have not been successful, I got it working with all 4 sides expanding, or only working with a fixed box size(if the box size changed, all would break), but that’s not what I’m trying to achieve here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!