Messages in iCloud not exhibiting expected behavior

So I have Messages in iCloud enabled on my iMac – High Sierra, 10.13.6. My iPhone – version 12.2 and iPad – version 12.1.4. The issue id like to solve is this – on the iPhone an iPad when I delete a message, I get the warning / confirmation that if I delete a message it will delete across all devices, do I want to delete? When I answer yes, the message will delete from the iPhone and iPad but not the iMac. When I go to delete a message on my iMac, I get no prompt / confirmation, the message will just delete. I have sent numerous logs to apple, enabled a pin code for them to rest my iCloud account and sent them some sort of profile info, but they have been unable to get my messages to sync when deleting across all the devices. I have also disabled and re-enabled iMessages in the cloud on all devices with no luck.

Can anyone help me to get the iMessages deleting across all devices? I am almost certain it did work properly at some point, but started this after an update. Sorry to not be more specific on what I did with apple, but I did not write down all the info – but they have collected a lot of info and I do not remember for 100% sure when it started to act up. This has been ongoing for awhile now and they just won’t respond any longer. Tks much!

How can I find the expected value of this variable?

The initial cost of a machine is $ 3. The life-time, T, of that machine has an exponential distribution with an expected value equal to 3 years. The maker wants to offer a warranty that pays $ 3 if the machine gets broken during the first year, $ 2 if the machine gets broken during the second year, and $ 1 if the machine gets broken during the third year.

I know that T ~ Exp(1/3) and that the warranty payment function looks like this:

X = 3 (for T <= 1), 2 (for 1 < T <= 2), 3 (for 2 < T <= 3)

To find E[X] I tired the following: 3*P(T <= 1) + 2*P(1 < T <= 2) + 3*P(2 < T <= 3), which gives me approximately 1.402. However, I don’t know if that is the right way to do it.

getting error “end expected at line 34”

the code is as follows

Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice") 

set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject(“”) dim Input Sapi.speak “Please type, what you want to open?” Input=inputbox (“Please type, what you want to open.”) If Input = “youtube” OR Input = “Youtube” then Sapi.speak “Opening youtube” “” else If Input = “instructables” OR Input = “Instructables” then Sapi.speak “Opening instructables” “” else If Input = “google” OR Input = “Google” then Sapi.speak “Opening google” “” else If Input = “command prompt” OR Input = “Command prompt” then Sapi.speak “Opening command prompt” “cmd” else If Input = “calculator” OR Input = “Calculator” then Sapi.speak “Opening calculator” “calc” else If Input = “notepad” OR Input = “Notepad” then Sapi.speak “Opening notepad” “notepad” else If Input = “calculator” OR Input = “Calculator” then Sapi.speak “Opening calculator” “calc” else If Input = “oof” OR Input = “OOF” then Sapi.speak “roblox,,, really?” else If Input = “HERE” OR Input = “HERE” then “HERE” else If InStr(Input, “search google”) > 0 Then Process.Start(“” & Input) else Sapi.speak “I don’t recognize your input, Please try something else” end If

i get a error every time i try to run it keep in mind this is NOT a browser thing it is ran off the desktop on windows 8.1

Expected number of random rows needed to get a full-rank matrix

I have a random $ m \times n$ matrix over $ F_2$ of full rank (i.e. all columns are independent).

Now, I wish to randomly choose $ k$ rows such that the corresponding sub-matrix (that is made only of the chosen rows) will be of full rank (i.e. rank $ m$ ) with high probability, and I wonder how large $ k$ should be in order for that to happen with constant probability.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Ipmitool output is not expected for the valid cahnnel

I am running ipmitool command for the valid channel 1 and 8 for my hardware and output as follows [admin@blr-sh115 /]# ipmitool lan print 1 Set in Progress : Set Complete Auth Type Support : Auth Type Enable : Callback : MD5 : User : MD5 : Operator : MD5 : Admin : MD5 : OEM : MD5 IP Address Source : Static Address IP Address : Subnet Mask : MAC Address : 00:11:22:33:44:55 SNMP Community String : AMI IP Header : TTL=0x40 Flags=0x40 Precedence=0x00 TOS=0x10 BMC ARP Control : ARP Responses Enabled, Gratuitous ARP Disabled Gratituous ARP Intrvl : 0.0 seconds Default Gateway IP : Default Gateway MAC : 74:26:ac:b1:1c:c8 Backup Gateway IP : Backup Gateway MAC : 00:00:00:00:00:00 802.1q VLAN ID : Disabled 802.1q VLAN Priority : 0 RMCP+ Cipher Suites : 0,1,2,3,6,7,8,11,12,15,16,17 Cipher Suite Priv Max : XaaaaaaaaaaaXXX : X=Cipher Suite Unused : c=CALLBACK : u=USER : o=OPERATOR : a=ADMIN : O=OEM [admin@blr-sh115 /]# ipmitool lan print 8 Cipher Suite Priv Max : Not Available

[admin@blr-sh115 /]# ipmitool lan print 2 Invalid channel: 2

2 is not a valid channel so output is expected. Why output is not coming for valid channel 8.

Why does CTRL+U clear everything in terminal, not only the text before cursor, as expected

I always hear that in terminal (no matter which in MacOS or Linux), the hotkey Ctrl + U will erase the text JUST BEFORE THE CURSOR. However, I find it erases EVERYTHING in my MacOS terminals, no matter where the cursor is.

So I just wondering that, just my Macs do behave like this, or every mac does, and if they do, how to config it to behave like in linux.

conditional expected value and variance of mean preserving spread

my first post on here, and my math skills are more than a little rusty. I have a simple question for you: assume Y is a mean preserving spread of X.

Is it always true that: E(X | X > Y) < E(Y | Y < X) ? How to prove it?

Is it also true that, for some value of C>0, Var(Y| Y>C) < Var(X|X>C)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

What is the expected value:

How would I calculate the expected value of:

There is a game involving opening doors. There are 10 doors and 3 contain normal balls while one contains a gold ball. One gold ball is worth 3 points while the normal are worth one point. Using hypergeometric distribution.

Expected value?