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US-Based Writer | 10 Years of Experience | Request Your Free Sample (Limited)

Onboarding experience for redesigned apps

Does anyone have thoughts or good examples (or even white papers) about how to approach onboarding experience for complete app redesign? The two considerations that we are trying to balance is help existing users with getting used to the new UI and helping highlight the brand.

The Current approach being considered: 1) Traditional 3 screens (skippable) of the the updated features — this seems like it would help with customer desire for “branding” 2) Hints when app gets first loaded that highlight the changes in navigation and most used features — I think this will probably help most with actual onboarding and ramp up to the new UI

Additionally, are you aware of a mixed approach where new downloads will get one onboarding experience while existing app updates get a different more experienced user onboarding?

Will icons affect the overall UX experience?

I’m working on a gas app (similar to GasBuddy) and based on Geico’s app. Geico mainly does insurance, but they added the gas prices sections.

So this is what Geico’s app looks like. I like it because it’s simple, with big text, and to the point:

enter image description here

Our app would not compete with Geico, but I would like to add something more. So I was thinking of adding icons showing the amenities. So it would look something like this:

enter image description here

The Geico doesn’t have the amenities section, but apps like Waze and GasBuddy do display these amenities if you click on the gas station; they don’t show them in the main page where the list is.

I was even thinking of something like this (the price with a background): enter image description here

So my question is: will adding these icons negatively affect the usability of the app? Maybe I could make them smaller?

I wanted to clarify that our app is local, so these icons are an added feature; it’s not something that will “make or break” the app.

Better user experience when asked to input frequency of periodic event

So I am working on a form and one of the inputs have proved in user-testing to be somewhat problematic:

We want to save the frequency of a periodic event, the event is how often a report is to be submitted, in our database we will save a numeric value that is describing times-per-year.

It can be both more and less than one time per year, so in the event of every fourth year, the value we want to save is “0,25” and for four times per year it is “4”.

In a previous form we asked the user to calculate the number themselves, in use this has proven to be difficult for the users.

We have tested a solution with two input fields, one for the frequency and one for number of year: X times per Y years (where X and Y is the input fields.) In a user-test with 4 users, we had only one solve this relatively without issues and 2 did not solve it at all when asked to input “once every second year”.

Samle form input when input is once every second year

Any suggestions for other ways to have the user input the requested data?

Thanks, Roy

How to ise javascript to trigger SSO with AD in order to sign in and access a page yould normally need creds for to streamline the user experience

Hey Team, Apologies i’m somewhat of a new learner to programming. I have a problem that i’m trying to solve. A user has logged onto a terminal, they want to access a particular page within a cloud based software. To get into the platform of the cloud based software (before accessing the desired page above) they need to click on a link that simultaneously authenticates via AD and opens the platform page (due to the fact the have already signed onto the terminal). Then from the platform page they would navigate to the desired page.

The issue here is that they need to open the platform page first before they can click on a link that accesses the actual page they want to use.

From a user experience in certain instances, i want to bypass the platform homepage and send them straight to the relevant page (inside of this cloud based application) to streamline for efficiency purposes for a better user experience (say if clicking on a link from the work intranet that takes them to the cloud based applications desired page without having to open the platform window).

I hope that makes sense. Really appreciate your help here team.

Copying the “normal” (classic) link of an item in SharePoint Online (New Experience)

I want to copy the old school classic link from a document which looks like http://team./sites/sitename/libraryname/imagename.PNG .

However, Sharepoint online generates a link like “” which is not human readable. Can I get the classic link in Sharepoint Online?

There is a blog post that provides an “SPFx extension” as a solution but I was wondering if we could find a simpler solution.

Some users unable to change back from Classic experience to Modern experience

I have recently modified a list in SharePoint Online that was using the modern experience, but has now reverted to the classic experience for other users except myself. Users are unable to revert back to modern experience. I have checked the following:

  • When users click ‘Exit classic experience’, the list view refreshes but remains in classic experience
  • All views in the list appear as classic experience
  • Users are able to use modern experience in other lists in the same site
  • I have checked that there are no list features which would force the classic view to appear
  • I have deleted and recreated views to no avail
  • I have checked the Modern experience is set as the default in the list’s advanced settings
  • As a Site Collection Administrator I can see the modern experience in the affected list
  • Users have tried force-refreshing, clearing internet browser cache/cookies and clearing Web Server Extensions cache to no avail
  • Possibly connected is that users cannot save items; when they try to do so they get an error saying ‘The server was unable to process the request’

It is also worth mentioning that this started to happen after I made changes to a workflow connected to the list and some of the list’s columns. Could this have ‘broken’ the list in any way? Or made a change that needs to be ‘published’ by me ?

Targeleon Review (My experience while using Targeleon)

As far as i know I never write detailed review about Ads network in this forum. I write this review to let other know about my experience while using one or more ad network listed in this forum. I was thinking it is good idea to write detailed review about any ads network which have representative in this forum.
Background of the Review
I have worked with many Established and Well known Companies / Ads Network in Different Category. The best…

Targeleon Review (My experience while using Targeleon)

User Experience Between App Installation and First Time App Opening

I am interested in finding out key reasons behind drop offs between Install App stage to First Open Stage. So, usually if I get 100 installs then approx 60-65 go to the first open stage ( as per Firebase data) Why does this drop off happen and is there anyway to retarget those people who have installed the app but not opened it. Thank you.