How I got more online sales from Instagram giveaway loop. Personal experience with social media.

Hey colleagues.

After searching here for a bit on strategies to promote, I actually found out nobody is really doing this. Anyway, I thought creating dedicated post will be a good idea. Here it is, hope it helps you with your marketing channels.

My company running ecommerce website that was producing ~$ 50-80k in sales a month. Primarily from ad spend on Adwords, FB and buying from Criteo retargeting. So, for the past 2 years our sales were flat. I, as a marketing strategist, wanted to…

How I got more online sales from Instagram giveaway loop. Personal experience with social media.

If I run a game of Paranoia, will knowing the rules lead to a worse experience if/when I participate as a player in the future?

I received the boxed starter set of Paranoia for Christmas, and find myself in the classic dilemma of tabletop players everywhere: do I want to run this game, or try to find someone else to run it, so I can actually play for once?

In Dungeons and Dragons, experience as the DM is generally very good for your abilities as a player, and experience as a player is generally very good for your skill as a DM. However, Paranoia includes a note in their rules that players should not have any understanding of how the rules actually work.

This, to me, suggests that if I run a game of Paranoia, I’ll be setting myself up for a lesser experience as a player.

Am I overthinking this? Is this rule something I should worry about, or should I repeat to myself it’s just a game, and I should really just relax?

What is your experience with express checkout buttons?

Hi all,
We started a company for crypto currency processing (bitcoin, ether, dash etc.) for online shops and are looking into the topic of express checkout buttons. We would like to know more about the current burning pains for online shops and payments. Are you frustrated about the fees? Problems with chargebacks and fraud? How is your conversation rate at the checkout? What is your experience with checkout buttons so far?

Your feedback would be great!


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Delegate Controls in SharePoint 2019 Modern Experience

Are delegate controls supported in the modern experience of SharePoint 2019? If so, how are they used?

I have created a delegate control to place a user control in the AdditionalPageHead area with a simple alert in JavaScript. This alert will work in the classic SharePoint view, but in the modern experience it does not. Is there any documentation around this change?

If I already have the Numenera Core rulebook, will the other MCG core books add anything to my experience?

Currently I have a Numenera game going. We are having a good time. I know Monte Cook Games has published other games using the Cypher system such as The Strange, as well as a Cypher System Core book.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing them, however I’m reluctant because I’m afraid that much of the content will be recycled.

What content is in The Cypher System Core book and the Strange core book that is in Numenera? Is there a significant difference or are they just reskins of the same thing?