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8 Years Digital Point Writing Experience – 1 Cent Per Word

Considering how popular “UX” is, why is the internet such a bad experience?

I don’t think anybody here can actually agree the state of internet right now is a more enjoyable experience for users than it was a few years ago, here is how going to read a simple article/blog post usually goes these days

  1. Click clickbait title to read article
  2. Website loads, requests whether you want browser notifications (no, never)
  3. Cookies policy pops-up, asks for you to confirm your preferences
  4. You read for 3 seconds and then a pop-up appears, asking if you want to subscribe to their newsletter

Obviously the latter points are more specific towards journalism and blogs on todays web, but the point stands – browsing the web infuriates me more often than not these days.

Question is, how do we – as a collective, fix this? GDPR has obviously not helped matters but there is surely a better way than having to accept unique cookie policies across every site you come across?

Just wondering what other peoples ideas are or what plug-ins / apps they’ve found to help (Brave browser has made steps in blocking unwanted pop-ups/cookies but its still not perfect)

What are the correct steps to build a SaaS B2B company UX experience?

I’m currently working for a SaaS B2B project in a specific niche, and this is my first experience of a kind.

On of my first toughts is to have a consistente user experience throughout the customer journey with the company:

  1. The brand name and colors that remit to what the software does (and all of its collaterals – business cards, template presentations, folders, etc.)
  2. The company web page with its call to actions specific for a certain point in the customer journey, sending specific messages during these points.
  3. The software UI itself

At the end, a consistent UX depends on consistency on these points, and that is recognized if we look at Salesforce, Box, Workday or other top successfull SaaS B2B companies.

My doubts on this topic is related to the process of building this consistency in defined and sequential steps. I’m an UX developer, not a designer, and wish to know how to estabilish a formal and consitent process to build what I call “The company user experience” – the 3 steps above. Consider that I will be working with different people, some of then third party, to make this work. Consider also that I have several sprints on the product development cycle.

So, I would think of something like:

a) Define company goals and history b) Build the Logo and Collaterals c) Define the product stories (what is it for, problem solved, customer stories) d) Define customer buying journey e) Build the website f) Define the product UI Libraries (Web and Mobile) g) Develop product sprints (UI + Business Logic) h) Go back to (c) and start over 

Thinking that way, I’am having too many doubts on how to make it work. Examples:

  • Should I really start with the Logo?
  • Should I first do (a), (c) and (d) before going to development of Logo, website and UI Library?
  • Can I develop the website in parallel of the UI Libraries, or should serially ?
  • How to handle different people on different steps?
  • Are there any important steps missing?

My final goal is an structured process to follow in order to be build these whole tasks.

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Experience map/Customer journey Card game

some years ago, one of my coworker used a visual card game to help define a, ideal customer Journey around an e-commerce site.

Based on a set of small visual item (like Customer, action like search or pay, etc..), used to build collaborativly a path and optimize it. It helped a lot our team and customer on defining the future product. Unfortunatly, i’m not in touch anymore with her, and i didn’t keep any information on this card game method.

Edit : i’m aware of the plex card. What i’ve seen is a more “operational” set of cards.

Does anyone have seen similar methods and luckily have ressource to point me at?

Thanks, Antoine (and sorry for the approximative English)