Easy way to add “Link To Item” on any column in SharePoint Online list set to Modern Experience

Does anyone know any easy way to add the “Link to Item” or “Edit Menu” to any column on SharePoint Online when the list is using the Modern Experience? It is simple when using the Classic Experience, but I have not found a good answer for doing this under the Modern Experience.

Acid Potion Experience

If I took a acid potion and threw it at a monster and it had a very small amount of health would you still get the experience. eventhough the acid potion killed it.

Well I came across a small animal and then allot of small animals and I started throwing acid potions at them. and then we all started thinking that
maybe I wouldn’t gain XP from it because I didn’t kill it the acid did.

and would the same thing happen with a larger animal

Embed User related SharePoint List Form in SharePoint Online Modern Experience

We have a SharePoint List in SharePoint Online holding max 1 element per User. Everyone can add only one element with his wanted settings. After that he is just able to edit his element.

enter image description here

The form was edited with PowerApps.

enter image description here

Now I want to embed this form in a SharePoint Modern Site. If there is no element in that list for the current user the form should be a “NewForm”. When there is an element in that list it should be the “EditForm”.

Hope to find help. Any questions will be answered! Feel free to comment.

Content Gating – Paywall Experience

Is anyone able to provide examples of companies that pay gate content on their website? Possible case studies you’ve used when implementing something along these lines? The only sources we’ve looked into include News Sources (NYT, Harvard Business Review), Medium, and Consumer Reports.

Some background: The company I work at currently operates in a health and wellness vertical where the market is flooded with this particular content. We’ve really bottlenecked ourselves comparing our content with new companies like New York Times but I worry that this is not a valid comparison. We want to understand how competitors and non-competitors approach gating content and possible considerations when doing so. Kind thanks!

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Expert writing service at affordable rates | 10 years of experience | In-depth tech knowledge