Experimental design, ” how chatbots can impact on a user’s experience”, is better to use Within subjects or between subjects?

I have to do an experimental design “about how chatbots can impact on a user’s experience when using public transport websites to book journeys”. I am not really sure what type of experimental design to choose, would go for Within subjects or between subjects ?



How to have a continous player experience in a setting that’s likely to favor tpk?

I am planning to design a Adventure which has a strong political flavor and is taking place in the Nine-Hells. Its gonna be an evil campaign. I plan to let the heroes start at level 15 and require the group to be lawful, as long their Character has no background provided, that clearly prevents them from turning against each other. So they at least have a chance to withstand the dangers of everyday life the 9-Hells are bringing.

But when I started designing all the Political party’s and hidden forces being involved into the plot it started reminding me a bit on the first 4 seasons of Game of Thrones. And I started realizing that a single bad decision might lead to forces turning against the party, even a group of level 20 heroes is unlikely to survive. I mean its the powerplays of arch devils the group will be taking part in.

I could mitigate this to some extend by a NPC that is a spy for the opposing political party getting intel from the group, becoming not a spy anymore and some yet unknown NPC being the plot relevant spy and such alike. But in other situations like siding with the wrong forces in a battle taking place, might inevitable lead to a TPK, as I can’t see how I could reshape such an complex plot just on the run.

So given that wrong decisions are likely to lead to a TPK, how can I ensure the players still having an continuous experience of the adventure, despite they will be very limited in recreation of new characters? As the characters are required to have specific intel about the plot and what the previous party figured out to be going on hidden in secrecy.

I could imagine that a new group simply could be a special force of one of the Lords the party was working for and simply being briefed about what they need to know. But I fear, being dispossessed by the freedom to design their characters background, makes it feel not like their character anymore from the moment the first TPK happened.

What file enforcement should be set on file upload for best user experience?

We make website and we want our users to do things as they are supposed to. But it’s not like everyone knows everythings…

I’m creating a website ashiane.house that suppose to allow user to share their property information with other, in term of Selling, Renting, etc…

As we all knows these kind of websites, do not have a specific operator, and all kinds of user work with them, from professionals to people who may only use the computer for only necessity.

So is it good to enforce Specific image type? what type of image other than JPEG should we allow? what’s the minimum file size that we should allow our users? do typical users knows how to decrease image size?

Hands on experience in data entry, content writing and in Human resources. Worked with MNC’s as well for $6

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Search in SharePoint online with modern experience not working

I have a site running in SharePoint online with modern experience. And I need to make sure that the contents of the lists are searchable, when someone search in the default SharePoint search box. To do this I had already changed my Mange Result Source to “Items with same keyword as this item ” as default option. I had also changed the ” Allow items from this list to appear in search results? ” to yes in the Advanced settings of List Search. But still, the search actions doesn’t pull the data from my lists.

  1. Are there any other things to do? Do I need to create index for each columns to make it available in the search?
  2. How can I forcibly say to crawl the data after the indexing?

Note: Please be noted that, I am a newbie in SharePoint.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Is adding multiple search buttons to the same filter a bad User Experience?

This is my first post, I hope this is a suitable question for this forum.

I am working on shopless e-commerce website. We have multiple filters on the left hand side and the search result appears on the right:

enter image description here

So users can change the filter values on the left and then press on search button to update the result. Now the problem is when the filter becomes too long the user cannot see the search button at the bottom and have to scroll down to be able to click on the search button.

So we have change our design to appear like this:

enter image description here

Now we have 2 search buttons on the side so users don’t have to scroll.

We have not released this new design yet, I wanted to get some UI feedback on this design, and if this is actually a better approach then we would release it.