Experience in Eberron

I just got my copy of the Eberron Rising sourcebook and am keen to run a game. I love the idea of a noir detective style story, but it seems to me that it will revolve around a lot of role-playing and investigation, but relatively few fights.

How should I award experience in a game like this?

House rule for experience sharing between party members

There are possibly huge gap between caster and non-caster characters in a party. Caster have plenty of options of getting rid of own experience in exchange for various boosts. Item creation, wish making, less expensive XP spells, permanenting useful spells for himself and comrades. That may made him lose XP faster than he can compensate with common adjusting formula for characters lagging in levels.

The general opinion is simple “just by all costful spells in scrolls”. XP is much under-priced and should never be used if it can be substituted with money.

But I have two objections. At first there are companies that gives players not so much gold. At second versatility is a general rule for d&d. You may achieve similar effect with pretty much different means. That also reflects in fantasy world economy.

So I’d like to design some way for willing characters to share their XP. So fighter that could cast no spells would have a way to return favor to wizard that do much enchantment for him.

There is one thing that should be strictly avoided in designed house rule. Players may not be able to force or talk NPC to transfer XP from them. Neglecting this issue will quickly break game session.

So I decided to introduce house rule with two guards.

First guard is amount of XP that may be reallocated by once: 1/2 of total XP earned by the party between two rests.

Second guard is tedious ritual that only willing creature having much time to spare can afford.

Teamwork benefit from PHB2 suits for this perfectly. This ritual would require much time to establish and would occupy team roster slot that may by used for something else useful by parties that have another member specialization. So using the XP sharing benefit would have fair price in discarding other options.

But I need two advices.

  1. Is there any other more preferable way for XP sharing?

  2. What training should look like and what requirements should be put on the task leader and task members if I would opt to use the teamwork benefit path described above?

As a programmer, how do I move into User Experience Design? [closed]

I’ve been a developer for over 6 years, mainly working in the web context, and generally distributed applications, services, and also front-facing apps. I got into programming originally through Interactive Design studies back in university, but then moved away from that as I’m most definitely not a graphic designer.

However, I really have a passion for visual arts, visual design, UI design, and user experience. When I say UI design, I mean more toward the Information Architecture side of things, as opposed to “graphic design”.

With that in mind, How would a programmer make a career move into the User Experience area?

For example:

  • Would I have to go back to school (I really don’t want to do this)?
  • Do I just throw myself into the deep end and apply for jobs?
  • Can I leverage the skills and experience I have as a software developer to help get work?
  • What would a portfolio for a UI/User experience guy look like?
  • What are employers looking for when they look for this kind of position?
  • Would building some UI centric apps/wireframes in my own time help?

Does a PC who was KO’d earn experience for that combat?

A friend of mine’s character just died, and as we chatted he lamented all the bad luck he had over the course of the campaign. One thing that stuck out (other than his death being at the hands of a rather careless player character) was that he said his DM didnt give him XP for fights where he got knocked out.

As a DM of 5th edition this seemed odd, so I chimed in with “Thats a pretty harsh house rule.” and then my friend explained that his DM is extremely anal about playing RAW.

So I petition the collective knowledge of RPG Stack, I have scoured the PHB and the DMG about XP gain, and the rules about being KO’d and I have found nothing that says a character gets no XP for a fight if they are knocked out, am I missing anything? Is it possibly a rule added in one of the supplements?

Catalina 15.1. Early November 2019. Update user experience

I follow several Tech Podcasts and I have heard that the first version of Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina was very buggy and it was better to wait before the update, unless you really need it. That was early September 2019. Today is November 2. I have seen that there is a 15.1 Version.

Is now a good moment to update? I am asking for the experience of updating itself and also the experience using the os, later.

(I know that some 3rt party programs will not work if they are not updated to 64 bits. I am not asking for that. Just curious about the Apple experience)

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Travel Website, No experience needed, Automated Content

Preventing CSRF with SameSite=”strict” without degrading user experience?

ASP.NET will soon begin reflecting Google’s decision to default cookies to SameSite="strict" in a defense against CSRF attacks:

Upcoming SameSite Cookie Changes in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core

This means that if I own foo.com, any logged-in users who are directed to foo.com from off-site will consume the content as if they are not logged in, as the browser will refuse to send the forms authentication headers with the request by default.

This is a poor user experience, and I’m tempted to simply specify SameSite="Lax" to ensure that users are not surprised by this behavior.

Is there any way to have my cake and eat it too, in this scenario?

Promoted Links and New Experience

I have a “promoted links” list that has one view.. Tile.

I also have a New Experience page. When designing this page I have added a list preview widget, from which I am provided many lists that I can enable, however my promoted links list does not show up as an option.

Why does the list preview not show as an option for designers when building a New Experience page?