Experienced writer for PREMIUM CONTENT – (2 free samples available)

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Experienced writer for PREMIUM CONTENT – (2 free samples available)

why assume that the questions are posed by experienced linux users?

I am brand new to this and just need to completely wipe the hdd for a fresh ubuntu install. The live cd is mounted and I’m in the terminal window. ‘wipe’ did not work but gparted seems to be there. the ‘gparted’ install command shows, ‘gparted is already the newest version (0.25.0-1) any help is appreciated. some answers seem to go off on a tangent. thx a lot.

What happens when I click “Send” after Ubuntu experienced an internal error?

I am using Ubuntu 18.10. Sometimes, when some program has just crashed, a window pops up saying the following: “Sorry, Ubuntu 18.10 has experienced an internal error. Send problem report to the developers?” Then there are three buttons: “Show details”, “Don’t send” and “Send”.

If I click “Show details” then it does show details nicely, for example that “gjs-console crashed with SIGABRT” and lots of other info. It seems like a good idea to send this to the developers, so I click “Send”. Then the window is closed. I do not get any confirmation that anything was actually sent. I would have liked to get some confirmation like “OK, problem report sent successfully” or something but there is no such confirmation so I am a little worried that something went wrong when I clicked the “Send” button.

My questions:

  • Is anything actually sent to the developers?
  • Is there any way for me to verify that something was actually sent?
  • Can I even see the details of the resulting automatically generated problem report in a public bug tracking system somewhere?

How experienced do I need to be to go on a photography workshop?

I’m an amateur landscape and wildlife photographer, I have a decent understanding of composition and photographic method (more on landscape than wildlife) but I’m not an expert. I want to go on a photography workshop, however, since I’m not a professional or an expert, I’m worried I’ll either be a distraction for the instructors or be overwhelmed by how much I need to learn.

What should my experience level be before going on a photography workshop?

Being an experienced player in a group of new ones

We have recently started playing DnD 5e with a group of real life friends. I have many years of experience with various PnP games under my belt and have also played DnD for a good amount of time and would call myself experienced.

My friends on the opposite have never played any PnP games. They are enthusiastic and willing to learn and creating our characters already went quite well – everyone got a character they are very happy with and understands their strengths and weaknesses.

The first campaign we played was led by me, it was a short, simple introductory adventure I made myself and was mostly built to show them the game mechanics by more than subtly hinting towards what they could potentially do in a situation (being on the look out for traps while in a cave system or maybe checking if the intentions of their opposite are what they seem to be, stuff like this). I think they got a good grasp of the game and when we ended the campaign at level 3 they were looking forward to playing another one.

For this second campaign one of the players now asked me whether they could lead it this time around. I would join the group with a fresh level 3 character. I agreed to this as I personally prefer playing over DMing. However, them being new they aren’t too sure about most mechanics, how to balance out encounters in a decent fashion and so on. They created their own story, set in resemblancy of a fantasy universe they really enjoy, but in many occasions started asking me how to overcome some obstacles they are facing. Those are often related to language barrier problems as English is not their native language and it is sometimes hard for them to follow the English material and guides.

I have helped whereever I could, but it becomes increasingly hard to do so without getting to know the whole story beforehand.

So, with all of that backstory (sorry for the chunk of text) let me come to my questions:

  1. How can I help our new DM to lead the campaign to be successful without getting to know all of it before we even started?

  2. How can we all enjoy the campaign without me leading the group by pointing out mechanics/ideas all the time (which gets obnoxious I fear) that they might not have considered yet?


Thank you for all your input, wanted to give a quick update: I talked to them regarding NathanS’ answer regarding Co-DMing and they reacted really positive. We talked about the whole first chapter of their campaign and already found some issues and places where the PCs will probably not do what the DM intended. It was definitely a good idea to do this, I am now really looking forward to the campaign and how the others are going to play along (or not).

HellSaint’s answer to give them DM tools is also definitely something I will keep in consideration for the future. I already translated some of my spreadsheets and will do so for some more and give them to them to work with. I will definitely try to provide them with tools in our native language so that the language barrier towards English is as minimal as possible. I started translating all spells and mechanics for that reason, too so that they have resources they can build upon.

Thank you all again for your input! I am now looking forward to a successfull campaign.

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