How to manually add expire header for google fonts css files?

i am trying to boost my website shoeamaze but when i look it on gtmetrix it says following statement

There are 6 static components without a far-future expiration date.

When do spells expire?

When casting spells with a duration longer than instantaneous, at what point in the round does the effect expire?

Say, for example, you cast a spell with a duration of 1 round. Does that mean the spell ends at the end of your turn? Or at the beginning of your next turn?

I’ve checked the SRD and can’t find anything solid that clearly explains when the effects of spells run out.

Can you make a device certificate expire after the root certificate?

I have created a CA root certificate and a device certificate to go on my device signed by the CA certificate.

My question is as follows:

Can you make the device certificate last for 30 years, and the root certificate only 20 years, but just create a new root certificate based on the same private key, which would last an additional 20 years?

Would this allow the same old device certificate to continue working with the new root certificate, or would it be rejected?

I appreciate this question might be a bit odd, and if its not clear let me know.


Having a JWT that doesn’t expire

I’m trying to understand why having a JWT access token that doesn’t expire is bad for my application. The way I have written my backend, when the JWT comes in, I verify it and extract the subject which is the user id. Then I look up this user in the database to get permissions/account status/etc. which I then use to determine whether or not the user has access to the data or action they are requesting.

I don’t want the user to have to log in ever again after logging in once (in the same browser session). For example, on this site ( I don’t remember ever having to log in again in my current session.

Since I’m accessing the database for every relevant request, I feel like expiration time on JWT doesn’t apply.

Where am I going wrong here?

Pending Payment Order Lifetime doesn’t expire or cancel orders


  • Magento Open Source version 2.2.8
  • PHP 7.1.29, MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.4.
  • Clean install. No extensions or themes installed.

Steps to reproduce

1) Go to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales -> Orders Cron Settings -> Pending Payment Order Lifetime (minutes)

2) Set “Pending Payment Order Lifetime” to 1 minute.

3) Create a order using a offline payment method such as “Check / Money order”

Expected result

We expect the created order to be cancelled and re-stock items after 1 minute in pending status.

Even though in user guide doesn’t explicit say that the order will be cancelled it do imply it:

Actual result

Order keeps in “pending” status forever unless it’s cancelled by the admin.

Conditional formatting based on date to expire

In SharePoint O365, in the modern experience, I have a list of training certificates that have an expiration date of one year from date taken.

I would like to use conditional formatting to create a status column that shows me the certificate is one of these:

  1. Current, green background – taken sometime within the last 10 months.

  2. Expiring, Orange background – Taken 11 or 12 months ago.

  3. Expired, Red background – date past one year ago

I have done this for another list using the status of the request of whether it was approved or rejected but when it comes to dates I have found it rather difficult to get an example even close to what I am looking for. I used the formatting wizard that is not built in but it only compares to todays date and I can’t use the date of a field.