Pending Payment Order Lifetime doesn’t expire or cancel orders


  • Magento Open Source version 2.2.8
  • PHP 7.1.29, MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.4.
  • Clean install. No extensions or themes installed.

Steps to reproduce

1) Go to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales -> Orders Cron Settings -> Pending Payment Order Lifetime (minutes)

2) Set “Pending Payment Order Lifetime” to 1 minute.

3) Create a order using a offline payment method such as “Check / Money order”

Expected result

We expect the created order to be cancelled and re-stock items after 1 minute in pending status.

Even though in user guide doesn’t explicit say that the order will be cancelled it do imply it:

Actual result

Order keeps in “pending” status forever unless it’s cancelled by the admin.

Conditional formatting based on date to expire

In SharePoint O365, in the modern experience, I have a list of training certificates that have an expiration date of one year from date taken.

I would like to use conditional formatting to create a status column that shows me the certificate is one of these:

  1. Current, green background – taken sometime within the last 10 months.

  2. Expiring, Orange background – Taken 11 or 12 months ago.

  3. Expired, Red background – date past one year ago

I have done this for another list using the status of the request of whether it was approved or rejected but when it comes to dates I have found it rather difficult to get an example even close to what I am looking for. I used the formatting wizard that is not built in but it only compares to todays date and I can’t use the date of a field.

Task Scheduler trigger expire isn’t working

The task is setup through GPO as a immediate task. It ends in less than 30 seconds and it should delete itself. Seems to be affecting only Windows servers 2016. It deletes itself on Windows server 2008 R2. Any suggestions on how to debug why it isn’t deleting?

It looks like Task scheduler ID becomes 00000. During the Task Completed it has a unique ID.

Task Scheduler successfully finished “{058c45b6-e31c-401a-b70e-2a90a2c9c110}” instance of the “\task_name” task for user “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”.

Task scheduler screenshot

Why is it wise, from a security POV to have sessions expire?

It is a common practice to have sessions expire for users when they are logged in for a long period, especially if they are inactive. I’ve seen this particularly employed in systems where sensitive information is available.

But what practical use does this form, other than the unlikely scenario that a user’s computer becomes taken over (voluntarily or involuntarily) by another person? Having sessions expire is a mild annoyance for people having to log back into platforms. Is it merited?

Apache HTTP digest authentication does not expire with AuthDigestNonceLifetime directive

Any idea why this configuration in /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf does not expire after 15 seconds?

<Directory /var/www/html/somedirectory/>         AuthName 'test'          AuthType Digest         AuthDigestDomain /         AuthDigestProvider file         AuthUserFile /var/login/anotherdirectory/.htdigest         AuthDigestNonceLifetime 15          Require valid-user </Directory> 

Note that I put this configuration block outside of a virtualhost so it will apply for both HTTP and HTTPS ports. I am testing on an IP address and not a domain name. I don’t really see the point of AuthDigestDomain but I think setting it to / is fine, I saw it in some examples.

I am using Debian 9.9 with Apache 2.4.25-3+deb9u7.


My AppleCare is about to expire with my battery at 81%. Is there a good way to get it to 79% so I can get a new battery?

AppleCare covers the replacement of a MacBook Pro battery if it drops below 80% capacity before 1000 cycles. I have until the end of the year and I’m at 81% and 300 cycles. It would be nice to get a new battery in exchange for the $ 379(?!!!) I spent for AppleCare. I’ll get an extra year of warranty since I purchased it on my American Express, but I would like to get something out of what I paid for AppleCare+ rather than pay $ 200 for a new battery and harass my credit card company into reimbursing me.

Any thoughts on what to do? Will Apple give me a new battery if I tell them I’m 1% away?