Born In the USA have an Expired USA Passport Valid British passort

HI I was born in Pittsburgh I have an expired USA passort and an valid british Passport do I need an Esta to travel to USA?

Also If I do not I have two children with the same surename from my first marriage that are travelling with myself and my second wife (all british Citizens british passports) How do I apply for ESTA’s for my two children and what do I need from their Birth mother to allow them to tavel with me other than their british passports?

Do I need a re-entry visa after voluntary re-entry ban expired?

I am a Malaysian. I usually do not need a tourist visa to enter into the UK in the past. But I had been studying, living and working on various legal visas until I reached my more than 10 years’ residency back in 2009 where I applied a permanent residence status. The application was refused due to tecnicality 10 days’ gap of discontinued visa back in 2001 (As a result of 9/11 event, the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur was closed, resulting late student visa extension) if I recall correctly. I have gone through appeal process, but still refused of the PR status. Demotivated, I have decided to be on assisted voluntary program, where flight tickets have been purchased for me, my then 10 month old daughter and my husband to return to Malaysia for good, so we did leave all of our belongings and life behind. We were informed that we can only enter the UK after 6 years.

Now, after nearly 10 years, my daughter wants to go on Harry Potter Studio tour and visit KidZania London.However, I have lost all of the return entry ban paperwork. Who should I contact to confirm that I will not be refused into the UK if I plan to travel and make all of the holiday booking for this June 2019? Do I still need any re-entry visa? On what category should I apply? I could not find any info on this kind of visa.

Really appreciate some help/advice. Thank you.

Can I travel around Europe with an expired student visa and Italian Permeso appointment receipt? I also have the expired Permeso card, will that help?

I would like to travel around Europe before I head back to India. But my student Visa has expired and my Italian stay permit is under renewal. I have the appointment receipt and the expired permit as proof. Will that be enough to travel to countries such as Germany, Budapest, France or Swiss?

Standard practice for managing expired and revoked certificates used for signatures?

Curious to know what the standard practice is to maintain old/revoked certificates that were previously used to sign documents that must be verified in the future.

For example, suppose there is a service that signs documents and they have a valid SSL certificate valid for one year. The service signs documents 0-1000 during the first year, 1000-2000 the second year, etc. (to keep things simple). After ten years, there will be a new certificate used for documents 9000-10000, however customers need to verify any/all of the previous documents signed with old keys.

So, the private key can be taken off the server to protect it from compromise, but the public key will need to remain for verification through the service itself (and the customers can also keep a copy of the public key for their own verification). In this case, does the service either:

a. loop through all the previous public keys to see if one fits
b. re-sign all of the old signatures each time a new private key is purchased
c. keep track of which documents were signed with which particular key?
d. another option not mentioned here

Also included is the possibility that in year 5, the private key used to sign documents 4000-4500 has been revoked, so a new key was needed for 4500-5000 (after any security issues were resolved).

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Schengen Visa (Type D) expired before residency card – Spain

I am a non-EU citizen currently studying at the Univeristy of Barcelona (Masters Degree).

  1. My type D schengen visa is from 09-Sep-2018 to 08-Dec-2018. (MULT-90 Days)
  2. I arrived in Barcelona (passport stamp) on the 10 September 2018.
  3. I got my empadronamiento one month later – 10 October 2018.

I had major problems booking a cita previa. I finally found a company to assist me in processing my residency card (NIE) however they say I might have problems because my visa is already expired but they are going to gather more information.

All my other documentation is legal and valid (travel insurance. enrollment at University, etc). Will I run into problems?

What are my current options?

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Compromise Google GSuite by buying expired domain

I saw a question a few days ago that talked about if a domain is bought by someone else then would the emails to that domain be compromised. And it got me thinking about google gsuite and specifically the use of the services like gmail, files, and photos.

Say my which is registered with gsuite expires and someone else buys it. If I remember correctly the administrator password of gsuite can be reset by using a DNS txt record on the domain. If someone else owns the domain now he can easily reset the administrator password.

With administrator access the new owner or lets say the intruder could easily have access to ALL USERS email/files/photos/etc in my company by resetting the passwords.

My question is:

  1. Is my observation correct?
  2. If it is, will the new owner of the domain get access to my entire companies or all employees files/emails in gsuite? Or will google clear everything?