Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool. Cnee’s address expired and reject this transaction

Internet connection was lost during transaction. Bitcoins gone, but no chance to confirm transaction at cnee side. So after some hours cnee’s address expired and reject this trnsctn. Now, as 24H passed, status is still unconfirmed. As I expect, these funds will be returned for some time. The question is – am I right and what is the time limit, usually, I have to start worrying after or what I can do now to return the bits. Thanks for advice.

Expired Domains Drop Catching Software

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Expired Domains Drop Catching Software

British-Colombian dual national, can i enter Colombia when my Colombian passport is expired

I have a British passport which is valid and a Colombian passport that is expired, my Colombian Identity card (Cedula) is valid. I will be travelling at the end of November to Colombia, will i be allowed into Bogota, Colombia? I cannot tell whether there will be issues entering and have tried reaching out to the Colombian embassy but no luck so far.