nslcd ppolicy expired password notifications

I have an openldap server with ppolicy enabled and working. We started using nss-pam-ldap libraries on the linux clients to authenticate users. It all works fine for logins, notifications and change of expired passwords.

To have more options for groups and password filters we are now testing the nss-pam-ldapd by https://arthurdejong.org/nss-pam-ldapd/ installed with apt-get.

Through the /etc/nslcd.conf file we created our filters and it works great, however, we do not get any password expired notification when login in with expired passwords managed by the ppolicy objects. It just respond Login incorrect.

Is this correct? We have done many tests with the config file without success. Can anyone help? has anyone succeed to get a prompt to change password after login in with expired passwords?

The nss-pam-ldapd package provides nslcd, libnss-ldapd, libpam-ldapd.

How to generate an access token using OAuth 2.0 for another app that never expired

I’m using OAuth 2.0 with Laravel (Passport) in order to grant access to my frontend app to the API. Access tokens generated this expires after a while.

Now, I have a second app that has to consume the same API but sessions in this app must not expire. I need to get tokens with no expiration for this app. Right now, I implemented a walkaround consisting of a personal access token with a 10 years life span. However, what I would like to get is a long-living token from the OAuth service.

The problem with the walkaround is that I get a new personal access token whenever I log in, but the long-living one still remains alive. I’m afraid of anybody stealing me the token and getting access to my API indefinitely, so saving the long-living access token in my front-end app isn’t an option.

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I hope that can I get family reunion visa for Germany after I’m banned from Slovenia for six months because of expired passport while going to Austria

I am Gaius Chike Nwankwo (a Nigerian) I live in Croatia and my wife a Croatia citizen lives and works in Germany recently I was caught with my expired passport by Slovenia police while going to Austria to renew my passport and they issued me six months banned from Slovenia and now I want to apply for Germany family reunion visa to join my wife in Germany I hope the banned will not affect my family reunion visa?

UK visa from US: forgot to add prior expired passport

I have filled in the UK visa online application form and in the “passports” section – I entered only the current passport and the last passport info. I have one more passport from 15 years ago that I didn’t enter. What can I do now? Should I submit the passports anyway? I am going for biometrics in 4 days and then have to ship to Newyork. What is recommended?

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