My internet domain expired because the website owner died [closed]

I purchased a domain name that I was intending to use. I paid for its renewal twice. However, I just found out that the owner of the webspace ( died – cancer – and he was apparently too sick to get around to renewing.

I try now to renew the domain through someone else, but I am repeatedly told that the domain name is taken. I think Chuck originally was sending the domains to someone else for renewal.

How long will it be before the domain expires, and then can be reused? The domain is mine.

A lot of my windows drivers have expired dates for the certificate, and some are not even signed, is this normal? [migrated]

I just gathered all the drivers in my system32/drivers folder and checked their certificate (my windows is updated and its a windows 10 x64)

But i found that so many of them have expired certificate! and some are not even signed! (pictures included)

so my questions are :

  1. Is this normal? if not, what should i do? and if not, then why are the expiration date expired?

  2. How are these drivers are able to get loaded when they have no certificate or its expired? my system is W10 x64 with secure boot enabled, i thought you can only load signed drivers with valid certificates?

  3. What is the role of these countersignatures put in simply? i tried reading MSDN and other websites but couldn’t understand whats the need of this?

here are some examples

WindowsTrustedRTProxy.sys (countersignature is also expired) :

enter image description here

winusb.sys (no certificate) :

enter image description here

Expired domain finder

I need help for the expired domain finder? I want to search a expired domain in Forbes wih the topic casino.. Is this the right way to add the URL from google in the  Edit load section? I try but does not work probartly. Any Suggestions?

[Image: edit-load-jpg.136000][Image: sreen-jpg.135999]

Recover posts and pages from expired domain (no xml x-port pre expiration)

Hey guys! Quick question, what is the easiest way to recover posts and pages from an old wordpress site? I have the database files, the wordpress site files captured pre-expiration, but the client did not export the XML to import into the new site pre-expiration. Do I just pull the specific tables in database and transmute to new? These files are from an old php version as well.

SQL Server evaluation period has expired

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit

SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (RC1)

SQL Server Version: Developer Edition

I’m unable to start the SQL Server service due to the following error, “SQL Server evaluation period has expired”. What’s strange about this is I’m already using SQL Server Developer edition. Can anyone make sense of this?

Below are screenshots of the error and proof of my version.


enter image description here



enter image description here

Event Viewer:

enter image description here

Log File:

enter image description here

I keep getting this notification from Bitdefender: chrome.exe attempted establish a connection relying on an expired certificate to

Every two fucking minutes I get four notifications like this and it has been going on for two days. It’s driving me mad. Can anyone help me get rid of this? I don’t even own Toby, I didn’t even know what it was until this.

I also get a lot of this: chrome.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an expired certificate to We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since web pages must renew their certificates with a certification authority to stay current, and outdated security certificates represent a risk.

What even is Nottfo?

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