Mongodb TTL Index not expiring documents from collection

I have TTL index in collection fct_in_ussd as following

db.fct_in_ussd.createIndex(     {"xdr_date":1},     { "background": true, "expireAfterSeconds": 259200} )   {     "v" : 2,     "key" : {         "xdr_date" : 1     },     "name" : "xdr_date_1",     "ns" : "appdb.fct_in_ussd",     "background" : true,     "expireAfterSeconds" : 259200 } 

with expiry of 3 days. Sample document in collection is as following

{     "_id" : ObjectId("5f4808c9b32ewa2f8escb16b"),     "edr_seq_num" : "2043019_10405",     "served_imsi" : "",     "ussd_action_code" : "1",     "event_start_time" : ISODate("2020-08-27T19:06:51Z"),     "event_start_time_slot_key" : ISODate("2020-08-27T18:30:00Z"),     "basic_service_key" : "TopSim",     "rate_event_type" : "",     "event_type_key" : "22",     "event_dir_key" : "-99",     "srv_type_key" : "2",     "population_time" : ISODate("2020-08-27T19:26:00Z"),     "xdr_date" : ISODate("2020-08-27T19:06:51Z"),     "event_date" : "20200827" } 

Problem Statement :- Documents are not getting removed from collection. Collection still contains 15 days old documents.

MongoDB server version: 4.2.3

Block compression strategy is zstd

storage.wiredTiger.collectionConfig.blockCompressor: zstd

Column xdr_date is also part of another compound index.

Renew Expiring SB & WF Certs

My service bus & workflow certificates (AppServerGeneratedSBCA) are expiring in Feb.

I have created 2 self signed certs and followed steps from: Changing my Workflow Manager Farm Certificates to replace the expiring certs.

Now, when I run Get-WFOutboundCertificate, it outputs with:

The underlying connection was closed, could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

Is this the correct method to renew these certs? Or, how can I renew AppServerGeneratedSBCA instead?

Indian with UAE resident visa expiring in 2 months while applying for Schengen Visa

Me and my family are planning for a week long trip to Austria, Hungary & Czech Republic(max. no of stay).

We will be returning from there on October 28th, 2019 and my wife’s UAE Resident Visa is expiring on January 1 2020(2 month validity as per the Checklist I have seen). But rest of the family got their visa till mid year of 2020.

Will this be a problem in the visa application?

Commerce Dunning and how to send notification to users with credit cards expiring soon

I am using Drupal Commerce with Commerce Card on File and the Commerce Recurring Framework to bill recurring payments.

There is a desire to send email notifications to users stating their credit cards are about to expire (First message is in one month, second message is in two weeks, etc.)

I found which addresses this very issue.

Recommendation is:

“Dunning is the module that you want. Once the charge fails because of an expired card the user is notified and the charge is automatically retried. Of course, you could always extend it to notify before the charge as well if desired.”

How would this work? Commerce Dunning,, does not fire until after the payment fails.

Thank you

Setting passwords for domain users, not expiring them, and not allowing them to be changed

We are in a mid-sized enterprise environment and are looking at forcing specific passwords for all users. I’ve found nothing recent or relevant about this.

1) The main reason is to ensure personal passwords (often compromised) are not used in our environment. Go ahead and use your LinkedIn password for your bank account, just keep it out of my environment.

2) IT is familiar with generating long, full charset, but still highly memorable passphrases. Whereas a user facing a 14 character minimum might immediately forget what they just entered. correct horse battery staple, baby!

3) Entropy. What’s better than generating your own passphrase? Having a password nerd admin who knows what “random” actually means do it for you.

4) The company culture supports it. Users are coddled. Help Desk staff keeps an encrypted list of passwords because users assume we can log in as them on a whim. In our case, the risk of someone in IT setting the world on fire doesn’t lessen by setting passwords. That risk is inherited by the trust bestowed upon us by users. They want (ugh, need) IT to have their password.

5) Microsoft has just changed their tune about password expiration policies, placing more weight on length and charset. More of a selling point to the change. “Ok you don’t have to change your password as often, but in exchange we’re going to set a secure one for you”

6) All accounts still sit behind MFA, maximum login attempt policies, etc. No reason to stop using common sense now.

This all wreaks of a “we know better than you” mentality but other than that, what are the pros and cons?

Do i still need to cancel my existing visa which is expiring before my flight?

I have an existing Schengen visa given by Netherlands and expires on April 27, 2019. I am applying again for a visa going to france, my flight schedule is on April 29-may 6 2019. Do I still need to process the cancellation of my existing visa where in fact it is expiring before my flight. Some said existing visa should be cancelled before you can apply for new visa.

Can a US permanent Resident with an expiring Filipino passport traveling to Mexico be denied?

I am a US permanent resident with a Filipino passport and I will be traveling from US to Mexico City on March 13th. I just looked at my Filipino passport and saw that it expires on March 14th – one day after I land in Mexico. Would I have any trouble leaving/entering US or Mexico? I read online that I may not need a valid passport to enter the US because of my permanent residence card and that Mexico does not require a 6-month valid passport just valid on entry. Just wondering if anyone here may have answers. Thanks!

Java Expiring map example

I have an usecase where I load the data from CB on the startup of the app, where I build the hashmap with . When a request is made to the app, it checked for the key in the map to load the object and makes downstream calls to another service based on the fields from the object value.

Now, there are apis on the app where we can modify the CB data in datastore, which means the map on the app needs to be refreshed. Is there any way that I can load the map every once in 5 hours or 10 hours…where I delete the key/values of the map and rebuild it.

Please point me to any examples.

I looked at the Guava CacheBuilder but I am guessing it loads the values for the existing keys. In my case, the keys need to be purged too and reload the entire map from data store

cache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder().refreshAfterWrite(2,TimeUnit.SECONDS).               build(new CacheLoader<String, String>(){                 @Override                 public String load(String arg0) throws Exception {                     // TODO Auto-generated method stub                     return addcache(arg0);                 }                } 

Can’t start instance after trial expiring, upgrading, enabling billing, adding money

The error I get is that of this question and not of this other question. The OP in first question, however, says he solved his problem by paying for the service. I also thought payment was the problem with me, but upgrading the account, enabling billing and adding money to the account (I added $ 50 today and my instance is a g1-small) did not allow me start the instance. I can’t create a snapshot of it either. I can’t create another instance in the project either.

C:\gcloud>gcloud compute instances start screenshot-1 ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.start) HTTPError 400: The resource 'projects/screenshot-203117/zones/us-east1-b/disks/screenshot-1' is not ready 

It’s been a few hours already. Should I wait? What should I do? I can’t even get my files from the instance.