Is there an in-setting explanation for how dragons breathe fire?

I’m currently in the process of writing a new campaign setting in which many classical mythical creatures have been rendered extinct for various reasons, one such creature is the dragon.
My initial idea was that some sort of event or evolutionary flaw in the past stopped dragons being able to breathe fire, making them far easier for adventurers and dragon hunters to kill off, similar to how the Dark Souls series made dragons extinct by removing their scales (the things which made them immortal), perhaps a plague removes the dragons’ ability to breathe fire, weakening them?

In an attempt to make this less jarring to players than just saying “they get ill, no breathe fire now”, I’d like to base the effect off of dragon lore that exists across the various editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Is there any in-setting lore explanation for why dragons breathe fire/acid/(insert damage type here)?

I know 5e is particularly sparse in dragon-lore, so I’m hoping some veterans from older editions might know more about these classical creatures!

Explanation needed with Django and AMP logic using 1 url

I’m using AMP at one of my parts of the website with Django template and python, my question is what will happen to a page (*SEO wise) if I take and break an AMPed page (only on desktop) and leave the page AMPed on mobile?!

To be more specific, I have made a full AMP page for both mobile and desktop which use the url (/example-amp-url) and now I need to add a widget to the page which is rendered with js and not AMPed at all but render it only on desktop.

Any one knows how it would impact on my SEO? Because for now in my site-map this page is AMPed both on mobile search and on desktop page (if Im losing the AMP on desktop it is fine but if I lose both its a huge problem thats why Im afraid to test it)

Is there some theoretical verification or explanation of why KDTree gets slower when the dimensionality gets higher?

This post and this post indicate that when the dimensionality gets higher, KDTree gets slower.

Per scikit-learn doc, the KDTree becomes inefficient as D(dimensions) grows very large (say, $ D>20$ ): this is one manifestation of the so-called “curse of dimensionality”.

Is there some theoretical verification or explanation of why KDTree gets slower when the dimensionality gets higher?

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Solving recurrence relation with square root (need explanation)

Actually this question has been answered in this

But I am not able to understand in one place, and I could not comment over there. That’s why here I want to know the explanation.

$ T(n) = T(\sqrt n) + n$ to solve this recurrence relation, $ n = 2^m$ then it can rewritten as $ S(m) = S(m/2) + 2^m$ . This rewrite part I can’t understand.

Please explain.

Any explanation for why X fails every couple of weeks ? Ubuntu 18.10

I am running Ubuntu 18.10 on an i7-8 with 32Gb RAM and an NVIDIA RX-2080. We installed and x failed after a while. I had installed NVIDIA drivers. It seemed like the nouveau driver started running, no idea why. A couple of weeks later the resolution suddenly went to hell one morning, and the machine is barely responding.

Now it happened again. We blacklisted the nouveau driver, still didn’t work, re-installed NVIDIA. Now that the machine works again, can anyone explain why this happens, and whether blacklisting is likely to solve this problem? Is there anything else I can do?

Lorewise is there an explanation to improved spell capacity?

I have been glancing through the epic feats and i ran into a feat called Improved Spell Capacity which allows a caster to cast up to 25th level spells. As far as my lore knowledge goes after the events of Karsus’s Folly mortal wizards were banned from casting spells higher than ninth spell slot with epic spells working as a way to circumvent the ban by adding restrictions to a spell but this feat seems to eschew all of that. What i wish to ask is are there any lore reasons stated that explains why an epic wizard can cast spells of such magnitude?